What Does Your Handbag Says About You?

A great bag not only accentuates your outfit, but also tells the fashion type you love to follow. Different women like different types of handbags. Moreover, what they have to carry in their handbag also dictates the type of handbag women buy. The way you carry your bag reveals a lot about your personality. It tells whether you are carefree, practical, show-off, or very relaxed. So, let us have a look at how the way you carry your handbag on a daily basis reveals about your personality. 

1. On the shoulder 

If you carry your bag on the shoulder, then you are a multitasker. This means that you do a lot of things together. You may have to attend meetings and after-hour parties. And for this, you stuff your handbag with a lot of things, such as show invitations, chocolates, gum, floss, lipstick, etc. No matter if you are unorganized, you are effortlessly on the move, which means that your hands are free every time. Moreover, if you keep your bag near to your body, then you are a practical person and have utilitarian motives.  It shows that you prioritize your freedom of movement as compared to the flaunting elements. However, if your bag swings freely and is open, then it indicates that you like to display it and prioritize easiness. Although, when you keep it closed, buckled, and place it at the front of your body, it allows the passerby to see the color, fabric, shape, or brand of your bag in a better way, but it would not be as convenient. 

2. In the elbow’s crook 

If you carry your handbag in the crook of your elbow, then you are certainly a sophisticated lady. Although, this is not a very comfortable position of carrying a bag, it nevertheless requires some polish. If you do so, you like to show yourself as a modern day lady and you are fond of structure in every form. This way of carrying a bag shows a priority on position and status. Moreover, this manner shows off the brand of the bag that you are carrying, in turn telling your status to other people. 

3. In the hand 

If you hold your handbag in your hand, then you are a showoff. You want to tell people that you have bought a new bag and so you make it on full display by holding it in your hand. You do not want to put your hand or arm in your handbag’s way; therefore you hold it in your palm. This will make all the eyes in the street turn on you. 

4. Going bag-less 

If you do not carry a bag at all, then it shows a status level, where other people handle your everyday issues like schedules and money. This type of personality is very self-assured as compared to others, as she simply relies on her staff so that she can walk with attitude. So, this is what the way in which you carry your handbag reveals about your personality. No matter how you carry your handbag, you must always do it in a manner in which you are most comfortable.

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