5 Do’s and Don’ts to Sell on Instagram

Post and Promote

While building a potentially leading brand it is important to stay in the eyes of the audience and post consistently while your profile grows.

The great thing about Instagram is that it allows you to use link space and when the product is real to be launched, blog post or landing page that needs promotion, add your link in your biography gap.

Questions and Engaging others

The shortcut to engage more audience is to let them have a part in your new product. Ask questions about shapes or colors – the more flexible elements of product development or if post what should it be about or what to include in. Feel free in including any kind of hashtags or open discussions or just interactions in order of making friends.

Relevant #Hashtags and Behind the Scenes

While appropriately using hashtags it will lead you in front of new eyes and share the news of your product. Carefully choosing hashtags for the next action that you might take will make your profile grow, generate possibilities how may other find you, which hashtag or how they might search for you will make your success come easier.

It sometimes is hard to choose how to display your product behind the scenes or before officially launching it. People often post photos of their product on their desk or behind the scenes of a ceremony.


Instagram may be a lot of help for you and your company so it is recommended to be used wisely. It might be a new chapter of your company’s growth or success of a new product or post or just boost inspiration for new things.


Maintaining accounts and business may be imbalanced but it is important to stay at the very top of the analytics and keep track of followers, put some likes or comments on photos.


Over-posting is a chain of actions that can easily annoy anyone so it is important to stay in front of others but without annoying your audiences. It is recommended for businesses to keep their profile balanced and post 1-3 posts in order not to come annoying or boring.


Bots are created to repeat actions and often come annoying. Nowadays business companies spend less time on social media and allow bots to do their daily thing such as adding comments and follow. The bad thing is that they get very obvious and it gives a feeling like you want to fool everyone but in fact, you can’t.

Irrelevant content

The main idea is to boost the profile along with the product or any sort of business that you are developing but it is common to go off track and post irrelevant things to your product which is the opposite of the Do’s list.

It is not like any other social network

Instagram is selling your product visually to your audience. The most important thing is to create an eye-catching image to sell the product to your audience not just posting texts or how your product could look like. Once the product is ready, sell it with some awesome images.


As previously said the product should be first bought visually. Instagram is a visual tool so many people may not read or notice what the text below means so it is recommended not to do so. When they are window shopping on Instagram when they see something they like then strike with details about the product include start and end dates or sales or give them promotional codes, stores, and locations.

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