Use Instagram Carousel to Impress your Followers

Instagram is always in the process of developing and launching spanking new features that will help users organize their feeds better and enjoy a richer experience. One of the latest additions to the tools that you can add to your social media arsenal are Instagram carousels. This feature allows users to make customizable slideshows that make it possible to launch numerous content without flowing followers’ feeds. When used properly, this new feature will offer you opportunities to impress your followers and drive your engagement to the roof!


Gone are the days when you would need to post individual photos in order to capture the context or the story of a particular experience. With an Instagram carousel or slideshow, you will be able to bulk all of these photos together and give your followers the option to peruse through them at their own prerogative.

All that you need to do is to press the slideshow button and to upload your photos in correct order. In one post, you will be able to document an event, tell a story, or even share messages to your followers, without flooding their feeds with one photo after another.


While there is a certain charm that comes with seeing an Instagram feed that shows collections of photos taken during a specific photo shoot, uploading and captioning these photos one by one will take up tons of your time. With the introduction of this feature, you can now upload photos simultaneously and use the same caption for all of them! Your followers will also be able to look through your photos in a convenient swipe-able format, thereby eliminating the risk that they will get irritated by seeing tons of your photos exceedingly on their feeds.


Beauty influencers, rejoice! You no longer need to worry about squeezing your instructional video within the time limit that Instagram videos allow. With a slideshow, you can now guide your followers through a step by step process, by using up to amazing and exciting photos! Doing this will make your tips and instructions much easier to follow and understand. This means that more of your followers will not be able to learn from you and build a relationship with you!


When it comes to working with brands, you have to make sure that you ease into the process and slowly introduce your partners to your followers. Seeing you using and promoting a certain product may turn people off, since this kind of blatant post is easy to pinpoint as an influencer advertisement. If you were to launch your new partnership with a teaser, however, your followers will more likely bite into it. So, go ahead and use slideshows to give them a sneak peek of the next big brand that you will be working with! Your followers will surely find your post interesting and your brand partners will surely love you for it!

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