How to Become Successful Instagram Model

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Back in the day modeling meant something completely else. Nowadays, you can become popular as an Instagram model, with your perfect feed. All the old rules are gone – everybody can be a model if they wish.

This fortunate transformation happened because of Instagram. Yes, that one social network makes many girls famous whether they planned it or not.

Even though everybody can become a model now, the most-followed people on Instagram are actual models – Cara Delevingne, Gisele Bundchen, Candice Swanepoel, etc.
These are some steps you should take if you want to become the new Instagram model.

Defining your Personal Style

The decision to become a popular model didn’t come at night, I suppose. You probably have a thing for fashion, style, and runways, so you have decided to try if you can do it.

Define which kind of model you would like to be. Are you representing a new fashion or something retro? Your style will definitely attract different brands to work with you.

Create a Portfolio

Turn your feed into a kind of a portfolio. Even you won’t be sending photos to fashion agencies, you need to show off your feed to other brands on Instagram, so they can hire you.

Combine professional with self-made photographs. In that way, you will show that you are creative, but also that you know how to act in front of a real camera.

Collaborations Search

You should always search for models and photographers that are more popular than you. Not only that they have more followers, but check out their engagement as well.

You can make deals with them, exchange photos or make a collab. If people that are more popular than you decide to mention you on their profile – then you will definitely gain more followers.

Always Engage with Audience

Instagram became very personal. Famous people tend to interact with their followers referring to them personally and not as a bunch of unknown people. Ask for their opinion, make Instagram polls or different kinds of giveaways. People love to participate to get free gifts. They will surely continue following you if you are personal enough with them.

Post Stories

Stories became popular since their appearance on Instagram. Many Instagram models use their Stories to publish some important news and to post something that is happening at the moment. Fashion weeks are now different with this feature – all bloggers are going live or publishing directly from fashion shows.

Value is Important

Always think about how you can increase the engagement rate and your post quality. You should pay attention to promotions and how you actually need to do them. Connect with people in a real way and everything will come back to you.

Look for new followers, and make sure you engage with them as much as they interact with you.

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