How to Gain more Followers on Instagram?

The major concern about having an Instagram profile is the lack of followers and support. It is hard sometimes stormy how to gain more, what strategy or trick to use to trigger targeted audiences to get their attention. It is both common for a marketing and personal intention, the more followers you have the bigger you grow and your potential. One of the influential ways to be more specific about firing your message and be able others to see it is when you use hashtags. Using hashtags is a great way to be more specific and increase your exposure and draw attention to your audience. It is more common and easy to become a hashtag abuser which will create the opposite and wrong effect of what you wanted to use as an easy trick.

There is a list of rules when using hashtags such as:

Choose one specific theme in which your audience is interested in and spend some time making it beautiful. Be specific with your hashtags and find the ones that are fit for the photo. When using hashtags there is fundamental purpose of the content and tagging appear. Speaking of Instagram, hashtags are more focused on the description of the photo rather than the purpose. Before you use hashtags, do some research and follow guides that can improve the usage of hashtags otherwise it will be easy to be misunderstood.   If gaining more followers is with a business purpose, there are several things to do such as host a takeover, fit your brand in a certain space and able for the community to see. Hosting is one of the processes where it requires a member, influencer or employee or it could be anyone with a certain rank where the headline will be kept for the whole day. With this strategy, there is a large opportunity to be more welcome and engaging to others and have positive opinions in social media. Holding contests is an engaging way to get everyone’s attention because everyone wants free things. From a business aspect throwing stuff for free is not a budget raiser, but the real budget-raiser in this strategy is no matter the prize will be worth it is a great marketing exposure and advertising.
Rewarding your current followers is also attracting new ones.
Your photo captions also play a role in helping you gain more followers. Ask questions. Asking questions create a space where the community to wonder more of a good answer how to fit in. Tag location. Make sure almost big percent of the photos are with location. That way the audience are able to see the location from the photo and are encouraged to do the same. By that for a business purpose, the audience are able to see the location of the product and also get to know the brand better as the same for a personal cause – to know the user better. Be more creative. You can express creativity throughout making video which is one of the most popular things on social media. Making a video attracts more viewers and followers to see the subject if it’s fun and innovative, smart or funny, tragic or it is a tour in someone’s business like showing products, tutorials or other content. Contest. Running a contest is a fun way to engage followers. Audience drives insane when there is a contest and their competitive mode is on. Through contests, there is a possibility that you can reach out to much more people than any other strategy. For example, there is a war between cosmetics or fashion designers. There are getting more competitive and more creative, they innovate and through the art of competition to themselves. Not only they compete among themselves, they also encourage and inspire a lot of audiences to expose themselves what they truly are capable of.

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