How to Get Back to Your Sleep Routine After Holidays

routine after holidays

Holidays are officially over. Now is the right time to come back to your routine, sleep habits and restart your body and mind after holidays.

Some say that good morning starts in the evening. So, that actually means that your right evening routine can affect how your next day will start. Many people don’t actually know how important sleep is. After long Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve, and other holiday celebrations your body can be exhausted and prone to flues.


In this post, you will find out how to organize your evening in order to sleep better and have the perfect day tomorrow.

Set Next Day Priorities

Always set your next day priorities before going to bed. You can write them down in your phone, or in the planner. It is crucial to get them out of your head onto the paper, so you don’t think about them during the night.

Writing down priorities in your journal or planner is a great way to relax. You empty your head from all negative thoughts and set goals for the next day. You shouldn’t waste your energy writing them down in the morning, so it is actually great to do it in the evening.


Do What You Love

We all learned how important sleep is, but sometimes it is not enough. After a hard day at work, you want to relax and do something you love and enjoy. That can be anything you love doing – reading a book, making a mood board or coloring. Just make sure you practice it.

Try writing down the list of things that make you happy. You can see how much you can fill them up every day.

Be creative, draw, learn a new language or just work out. Make sure you do this every time you feel exhausted from work.

Prepare Your Evening

What represents the perfect evening for you? Is it a face mask and fashion reading or having a good time with your friends and family? Whatever your perfect evening is you should organize it and enjoy it. Sometimes, you should even think about spending your evening alone, do a manicure or visit your hairdresser.

However, there are many factors you should consider – putting kids to bed, walking the dog or other responsibilities. That is why a good organization is very important.


Social Switch Off

This might sound like a cliche or mission impossible to some of you, but forgetting about your phone for even an hour before going to bed is a perfect idea. It is proven that blue light from devices can affect your sleep/wake cycle. With new phones, you can turn on the ‘do not disturb’ mode and stop receiving notifications while you sleep.

Repeat Things In The Evening

Doing the same things every evening will help your brain prepare your body for sleep. For instance, drinking a cup of tea or taking a warm shower will slow you down, giving your brain the sign it is time for bed. Journaling before bad can help you with organizing your thoughts and sleep better.

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