Winter Outfits and Accessories: Elevate your Looks

With February on our doorsteps, we kinda wish winter to end. Dealing with winter outfits can become boring, and we totally get it. Eventually, you end up wearing your cozy, warm knits, with a few layers of wardrobe. But the question is – how to elevate your looks without spending so much money on buying new stuff? We got the answer – use your accessories. It might sound pretty simple, but that is just the way it is.

Whether it is a belt or a statement bag, you can always count on these accessories to upgrade your winter outfits. Let’s see how our favorite bloggers and influencers use their accessories in the winter time.


From handle to belt bags – this year you can look utterly trendy with any of these bags. Belt bags are not reserved for tourists and the 90s anymore. Since the last year, they are very trendy and super stylish accessory many girls wear with their winter outfits.

If you are sick of big tote bags, we have good news for you. This winter, choose small saddle or baguette bag a la Fendi or Dior. Wear them with your knit dresses, blazers or flowy blouses.


This winter, don’t hesitate to wear gold jewelry. Oversized is totally stylish, so combine your favorite pieces together. If you are wearing a turtleneck, try stacking a few necklaces. Along with that, add big hoops, they are always in style.

On the other hand, pearls are always kind of jewelry you can come back to. Whether it is a winter or summer, pearl necklace should be your choice. You can style it with a striped sweater, turtleneck or classy V-neck knit.


Whether you are turned to classy or trendy, belts are an unavoidable accessory in your wardrobe. From those wide ones in neutrals to gold hoop chains belts – you can style and upgrade your winter outfits with them. If you like to wear blazers, don’t hesitate to put a belt on.

Make your winter looks even more interesting with belt bags and your knit dresses with hoop chains belts.

Hair Accessories – Pins, Headbands

Headbands a la Blair Waldorf are back! And we can’t be happier about it! This winter embraces your inner Gossip girl character and wears velvet headband. Bows, hair pins, and hair slides are some of the accessories that you must give a try this winter season. Thanks to some brands, they are reborn again.


Wearing a silk scarf is one of the safest and possibly chicest ways to look classy and sophisticated. You can wear it around your neck, but we suggest something even posher. Wear it around your head to embrace your inner Hollywood star.

For cold days, opt for a furry coat, cotton knit, and silk scarf. Learn from the best – Pernille Teisbaek is the Scandinavian girl with perfect winter outfits.

So, next time you wonder what to wear and not to look the same, turn to this short style guide for inspo. I hope it will help you to elevate your winter outfits.

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