Winter Capsule Wardrobe: All Items That You Need

winter capsule wardrobe

What if I tell you it is possible to maximize the time you spend in bed in the morning and get ready for only 30 minutes? Don’t believe me? If you are wondering how is this even possible, the answer is pretty clear – creating a perfect winter capsule wardrobe. It will save you a lot of time, choosing, mixing clothes that you have already tried and decided not to wear. Avoiding all those I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear moments, all you need to do is to pick perfect items that you can combine with everything. Scroll down to see what these items are and how to combine them.


Bright Colored Knits

winter capsule wardrobe

Even though bright colored items might seem hard to combine, with other neutral winter capsule wardrobe items you can style them pretty easy. For this fall and winter seasons try bright yellow, pink, or green knits. They go perfectly with jeans, skirts while you can be unique and style them over a floral dress.



winter capsule wardrobe

Berets made a huge comeback last year, but this year they are definitely at the peak of their popularity. Many stylish girls were seen wearing this accessory – so why don’t you try it? It gives you certain Parisian chic, makes your outfits interesting, and after all, it keeps you warm. Red beret will undoubtedly make you like you are born and raised in Paris, while you can also choose some neutral shade like grey or brown.


Checked Pants

winter capsule wardrobe

Checked fashion items also made a huge comeback last winter. They were all around and on runway shows. Personally, I purchased a pair of checked trousers last year, and I am convinced I will wear them this season too. They are versatile, you can style them with any other item you already own, including knits in bright colors. When it comes to shoes, checked pants are perfect to wear with ankle boots, flats, and even sneakers.


High-Neck Dresses

winter capsule wardrobe

Winter season doesn’t mean you should put aside all your dresses. Instead of wearing ruffles, mini lengths, and V-necks opt for high-neck dresses and midi hemlines. With ankle boots and a cozy coat, you won’t have to worry about the cold.


Camel Coat

winter capsule wardrobe

A camel coat is one of those basic and timeless staples that you need to buy ASAP. You can wear it for more than six months and not be bored of it. Camel coat mixes with (almost) every other piece – you can wear it as an everyday item, and for special occasions.


Leather Skirt

winter capsule wardrobe

Even if you don’t believe it, you can still get away with cool leather mini skirt even in cold winter weather. Worn it with tights, and cozy ankle boots. Leather mini skirts always add that cool factor to all your outfits.


Perfect Ankle Boots

winter capsule wardrobe

Always make sure your boots are clean. You need to find some wipe-clean booties that you can wear every day. For this season, go with unexpected white shaded boots with block heel.


I hope those winter capsule wardrobe items will help you avoid long preparations in the morning.

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