What Our Loved Instagram Stars Were Like in High School

Your favorite Instagram stars may be stars now, but what their social status was in high school is a whole other discussion. A discussion we’re going to have right here, right now! Feel free to join in.


Queen G is getting a lot of attention nowadays, but she was nobody in high school. Oh, God, who am I kidding!? Of course, she was Miss Popular! Back in the day, Gigi’s greatest passion was volleyball. She actually went to Junior Olympic qualifiers for volleyball. Quite expected, Gigi Hadid was the school’s captain of the volleyball team. Her high school friends remember her as honest and modest Gigi, so it is no wonder that everyone loved spending time with her. Good game, Gigi!
Unbelievable truth: Gigi was actually the last one of her friends to get the first kiss.



If you ever watched Hannah Montana (which you probably did), then you have a close insight of what Miley was like in high school. Similar to the role she played in Hannah Montana, Miley also loved to pull some tricks on her professors in real life. Although many people refer to high school as boring and torturing, Miley had it the other way: the funniest experience ever! She and her best friend used to switch names. Whenever there was ‘a new professor in town’, Miley used to introduce herself as her best friend, and her best friend used Miley’s name. I guess this was before Hannah Montana; after the show aired I hardly doubt Miley could lie about her name that easy.



We are all familiar with Taylor Swift’s struggles through high school. Sadly, many teenagers nowadays are facing the same problem Taylor had- bullying. On the plus side, Swift is now the biggest inspiration and motivation for young girls and boys to toughen up and get through the troubles.
Years ago, Taylor was not the favorite person in the room. Not because of something she did, but because others were feeling more powerful than her. And now, things have changed. In your face, bullies! BTW: Thanks, Taylor, you are the purest form of a role model.



A throwback to Taylor Swift’s high school days: Taylor’s friends once lied to her that the shopping trip that they’ve planned weeks ago is off. Later that day when Taylor and her mom went to the mall, they saw her friends in Victoria’s Secret. Years after, Swift performed at Victoria’s Secret fashion show.
I don’t wanna teach you about how Karma works… You get my point here.



Whatever prank you’re thinking of right now- Cara did it! Some people go to school to learn, others go to have fun. Cara is with the others. Luckily for her, she always managed to get out of trouble even though she was the one causing it. Not everyone would dare set off the fire alarms. And I certainly wouldn’t dare to put eggs in people’s shoes after gym class. But she did.


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