What is Lykke: Why You Need to Know About It

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It is a big probability that you already have heard for hygge. Now, it is the right time to get to know another Danish word, that many can’t even translate – lykke. While hygge means feeling cozy, wrapped in a blanket and drinking tea, lykke means happiness and improving the quality of your life.

Turns out that Danish people are some of the happiest in the world. If you want to live a life like them, then scroll down to follow these lykke rules to live fulfilled and happy life, without complains and regrets.

Practice Togetherness

In this era we are living at, people are more turned to social media, staying in, or just avoiding people in general. Well, Danish people suggest to hang out more. Try to turn off your phones when hanging out with friends. Also, make interesting gatherings, with food involved. You can cook together or order. Since candlelights and food play a big role in living a hygge life, this should become your new habit.

When It Comes to Money…

All that you need is money for your basic needs and vacations. Once you reach that stadium, when you know that you don’t need money to be happy, you will actually succeed. No, you don’t need to compete with everybody. Don’t buy things – buy experiences. Go to concerts, travelings, make memories together with the people you care about.

Be Kind

Danish people make a difference between being friendly and being polite. They expect people to be kind no matter what they do. So, next time when you ask somebody something like ‘do you need anything else’, just do what you wanted to offer them. If your friend is feeling down, don’t hesitate to bring him or her some comfort food to make them feel better.

Trust is Important

Maybe some of you noticed if visited Denmark that you can leave your bike wherever you want, and you will find it at the exact spot after visiting a supermarket. Crazy, right? Danish people plead for trust among all the people and the community. Empathy is something we should all learn from them.

Health and Being Happy

Danish people take care of both their physical and mental health. They are very active, ride a bike everywhere, walk, go out in nature as soon as the sun gets out. Even though they eat what they want, as part of their hygge lifestyle, you won’t see them sitting around the whole day. Try to move every day, to go out for a walk or just to walk your dog. Take care of your both physical and mental health in order to be completely lykke.

Free Time

If you constantly let your work affect your free time and ruin your night, there is a big chance you can have a mental break. Danish people have the privilege to work from home and have more time for themselves. However, it is also about the way they think. When they work, they work, but when they left the office – their time off starts. Turn off your devices, disconnect a bit, and enjoy a cup of warm tea or hot chocolate.

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