Want to use Instagram for Business? Here’s how!

Whether you are sharing an Insta story, a photo or just commenting, the world will know about it. It’s on Instagram after all; everybody is hooked on this app. Just imagine what impact the world’s attention will have on your business. No such thing as bad publicity, but marketing your company on Instagram is just the kind of publicity you need; good publicity is always better than bad! Things get trickier here; how does one build a good Instagram for business? Worry not, friends, here’s where we take the scene.

Here’s how your business can get the most out of Instagram, step by step.


We are not trying to explain to you how to create an Instagram account. You are not from the middle ages, for god’s sake. But, your personal profile is in no way the profile you should be using to promote your business. Jane Doe is your name, not the name of your business! Even if you are so precious that you or somebody else named a business after you, a private profile and a business profile are two different things. Let me explain by giving an example: You sell condoms, but you have six kids. Really!? KEEP PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL APART. Promoting condoms while your 3-year-old is chewing on one is not the marketing strategy you need.


Do we really have to go over this all over again? No customer likes to see a picture of your newborn or your cat doing magic tricks on your business profile.  The Instagram profile photo you choose for your business profile should be the logo of your company. Nothing less, nothing more. Keep in mind that your profile picture will be cropped into a circle, so finding an image that will look good in that shape is crucial.


Don’t over think this; your username should be the name of your company. Moreover, your username on Instagram should match the username you are using on other social media profiles- that is again, your company’s name.
The bio you write online is what the world will know you by. Explain what your business is about, what is your mission and goals. Furthermore, explain what people can find on your profile, what you will do for them.


In order to gain followers, you have to follow people yourself. Choose your target audience and hit the follow button. Find influencers in your industry, find customers and follow them. Don’t be afraid to see how other companies in your industry get all the attention. You can borrow a few tricks from them.


While people enjoy watching cute puppies and kittens, this is not the content you should be posting on your business profile; unless you are a vet. Decide on the time you will be making your posts; it is important for you to maintain a regular posting schedule. But nobody likes seeing the same post over and over again, 24/7. Don’t bore your followers. Instead, use your content as a tool to attract them to come back to your profile.

Understanding how Instagram for business works is crucial to the success of your company. Follow these rules and let’s make a brand out of your company.

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