How to Use Friday Like Successful Women

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Since Monday morning we all look forward how to use Friday. And that is absolutely normal unless you really love your work.

Usually what all people have in mind about Friday is that they should spend it daydreaming about the upcoming weekend. And that is where they make a huge mistake.

If you want to learn how to use Friday for wrapping up things, and preparing again for yet another Monday morning, then check out these successful women pieces of advice.

Friday = Monday

As soon as you remember that Friday is just another working day, the easier you will handle with Mondays. You need to get yourself out of that daydreaming circle you got caught in and continue with your work. Try to turn Friday to your advantage – spend it by being productive, not the contrary.

Start Something New

New project on Friday? Yes, it sounds pretty strange, I know, but you will surely realize why successful women like to enroll themselves into something new and big on Fridays.

Instead of just wrapping up and closing your weekly projects, make the most of the quite working day to start something new. Friday is typically the quietest day in the week – few emails, interviews, and even fewer meetings. Use that silence to do a big project you have been planning for a long time.

Plan For Next Week

Instead of doing nothing and plan only your weekend getaways, try to plan your next week. You can also use some time to clean your workspace as well as your email inbox. It is the same as you do your Sunday cleaning at home – you will notice a huge difference how Monday morning will from now feel like.

Hardest Things Come First

If you have decided to use Friday in the best possible way, instead of contemplating and daydreaming, then you should start with hard tasks. Use Friday morning time for that big project we were talking about, or finish something that project you have been avoiding for a whole working week.

If you opt to finish harder things first, you will find yourself more relaxed after your lunch break.

Arrange Your Meetings

Fridays should be your out-of-office meeting. Instead of sitting the whole day in front of a computer, make Friday an interesting day for both colleagues and yourself. You can choose between park picnics or grabbing a cup of coffee – let your office be on the open space. You can collaborate with your colleagues or clients on important projects, even if you are outside the office.

Leave Office on Time

You should kick yourself out of the office right on time. You can always go home earlier, but the question is – will you really finish that work from your couch?

Instead of postponing work for Monday, use Friday as much as you can, but leave when you think you should. That way, you can ensure the time you have earned.

How do you use Friday? Let us know in the comments below.

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