Ulyana Sergeenko: Street-style star & couture designer

When Ulyana Sergeenko hits the streets, you’ll know it. Whether she’s attending a fashion event or she’s just out for a walk, this girl gets all the attention.

Ulyana Sergeenko is one of the most talented fashion designers of today. She has her own brand which is adored by celebrities worldwide, but she walked a long road before getting there.  Ulyana started her ‘career’ long ago in manual workshops in Kazakhstan. She had no intention whatsoever to settle for that. Education is the best way to move upwards in the world. After finishing her studies at the Faculty of Philology in St. Petersburg, she got into modeling for a short period of time. Once she got the chance to be a fashion editor at “Glamour” Russia, Ulyana Sergeenko knew that this was the breakthrough she had been waiting for.

In 2011, Ulyana decided it is time to conquer the world. She founded her own fashion house in Russia and launched the first autumn/winter collection the same year. What’s admirable is the fact that she finished the whole collection with the assistance of only five people! Oh, do you know where she got the idea to launch the brand? Sergeenko was (is) a couture client that had her dresses made by world-renowned designers. However, she noticed that a lot of her design instructions were later copied by designers for their collections. The girl wanted some credit! And that’s how “Ulyana Sergeenko” (the brand) was born.

Sergeenko’s creations are a breath of fresh air for those who breathe fashion. She finds a way to incorporate the rich Russian culture in her designs. Detailed clothes with modernist and antique elements are Ulyana’s trademark.

Despite her passion for fashion, Ulyana Sergeenko never truly gave up literature. No, if you take a deeper look at her designs you will notice the hidden literary references. She believes books only broaden her horizons and give her the needed inspiration. Anna Karenina and Scarlet O’Hara are her favorite fictional characters that shaped her talent.

Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Rihanna, Dita von Teese – they all name Ulyana Sergeenko as one of their favorite fashion designers. No surprise there!

Ulyana Sergeenko is not just a fashion designer. She’s a street-style absolute star and in a way, a fashion revolutionist back in Russia. The former Soviet Union did not exactly give her, or any other girl, the chance to express their fashion sense. Clothes were not as important as the military doctrine in the USSR. Ulyana had to find a way around the strict school rules. School uniforms made her sick, so she always changed the designs. Luckily, her daughter who inherited Ulyana’s sense of styling can easily follow her dreams!

“She’s fond of fashion, and she’s making a lot of sketches, which sometimes I use because some of them are very original. And she’s making dresses for her dolls” – Ulyana said about her daughter.

You can see that her fashion sense comes naturally. She’s not forcing it. She was born with it!