Instagram has good looking guys a-plenty, and you may be a bit overwhelmed searching through all that goodness to find the ideal guys. Not to worry, we have compiled a list of hunky, handsome, well-rounded gents who bring more than their good looks to the table. Ambition and drive sets them apart as they each reach for goals in their chosen fields. Follow them as they challenge and inspire you to live your own dream.


Featured at age 16 in Hype Magazine as an up and coming Hip Hop artist, Luciano is no stranger to the limelight. He has already done stage performances to crowds numbering in the thousands and has founded his own label. With looks and style influenced by his Jamaican and Haitian parentage is now looking to branch out into modelling as another outlet for his creativity.


Dian may be young, but he knows how to dream big dreams and set about achieving them. This handsome and hunky teen is currently an accomplished fitness model. He is striving to become a WBFF pro fitness model and compete in the WBFF.  We can see it all happening for this guy and hope you follow along on his amazing journey.


Jay is a singer, dancer, fitness model, actor and crossfitter. Bet you think that sounds like a lot – but it’s just the beginning for this powerhouse of health and fitness. He coordinates a boot camp program to help others strive for and reach their fitness goals. This Dominican living in Miami has changed his life through fitness and wants to help others so the same.


Tattooed bulging muscles are the first impression you get of fitness model Jason, but this handsome hunk is much more. He is taking his body on a journey to ultimate fitness and invites you along for the ride. As a personal trainer, athlete, and bodybuilder he offers advice on diet and training to those who are willing to take up the fitness challenge.


Ocean County, New Jersey is home to aspiring model Dylan. This clean cut example of youthful energy is very active in different spheres of social media and has amassed an Instagram following of 37 thousand and climbing. His uploaded photos are often samples of his work and also show just how this laid back guy enjoys living life.


Dominican Nikel’s easy smile is hard to miss as he shows his lighter side in most of his pics. His 15 thousand plus followers on Instagram appreciate that he lets them into his daily routine with frequent uploads.  Tattooed and muscular, he is set to take on the fashion industry and invites offers to do clothing promotion.


Influencing through social media is a main drive for this often goofy guy, who is quite active on YouTube. He has perfected different looks and styles, and is sure to be a hit in his chosen field – modelling. With a well-toned physique, his most outstanding attribute is perhaps the camera-loving symmetry of his handsome face.


Jason is a many-time champion in fitness competitions. His titles include Manhunt Singapore 2012 winner, and Manhunt International 2012 Mr Physique and 4th runner up.  This completely ripped personal trainer is co-owner of a fitness gym in western Singapore. He has an Instagram following of 27 thousand and enjoys wide recognition in South East Asia.


Christopher is originally from Virginia, but has fallen in love with the energy and pace of New York. He is a model, musician and photographer with sexy curled lips and a definite fashion forward style. Having studied Fashion Design and Merchandising at university he has launched his own line called Vivre Désir.


Vincent has the ‘bad boy’ look completely nailed, perhaps a testament to his Italian heritage. This sexy Californian hunk also does ‘sweet-faced heartthrob’ very well, thank you very much.  He shows off his abs (and more) on his Instagram page which is full of glimpses into his work as a model and his daily routines.

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