Top 10 Instagram Do’s for Businesses

Instagram is widely used by people across the world. No matter if it is for personal purposes or for business purposes, Instagram has become a favorite of many users as compared to other social platforms. The reason behind this is that Instagram has universal content and is more anonymous than other social media platforms like Facebook. This shows that Instagram is a very appealing social media platform, particularly for businesses that want to grow their brand and the image of their brand. Instagram is an ideal social platform to make your brand identifiable. However, you need to follow some guidelines before you use Instagram for your company’s benefit. If you do not use this photo-sharing platform the right way, then it may take longer to get your brand recognized. You need to market your brand properly on Instagram by posting nice and unique pictures with clever captions. Moreover, the pictures should be trending at the time when you post them. So, if you want to become an Instagram master, read these 10 do’s to make your business grow through Instagram. 

1. Use high-quality photos 

You should post high-quality photos on Instagram with a consistent style. You can also edit your images. However, make sure that you use a similar set of filters in order to provide a more professional feel to your Instagram account.  

2. Use hashtags 

Use trending and famous hashtags to categorize your Instagram content. Additionally, you can use hashtags to track content generated for a contest or by your users.  

3. Design beautiful quotes 

Write beautiful quotes on your Instagram account and share them on your feed of Instagram for variety. You can design your quotes using Photoshop or any other app especially meant for this purpose. You can also use your quotes as hashtags in order to receive additional views on Instagram.  

4. Follow and interact 

You must follow and interact with users in your niche on Instagram. The key is to be social on Instagram.  

5. Share 

Share content about your business, such as sneak peeks of the upcoming releases from your brand, behind the scenes of your company, etc. This will allow your customers to know better about your brand and company.  

6. Time your posts 

You should time your Instagram posts by checking the time when your users are the most active on this photo-sharing platform. Plus, you should post at least one time in a day.  

7. Write a good bio 

Write a nice bio for your Instagram account. Make sure that you include the link to your company’s website in your profile of Instagram.  

8. Write good captions 

Add a nice caption to every post. You can also include hashtags in your captions. You can also ask questions in your captions in order to engage with your customers. Captions can enhance the appeal of your picture.  

9. Tempt users 

Make sure that you give some reason to your customers to ensure that they follow you. You can offer rewards to your followers every now and then. You can also start a contest, offer goodies, or give a promotion to lure your users. Ensure that you share valuable content with your followers.  

10. Track your results 

Ensure that you track your results in order to see how your efforts work. You can track your posts’ performance on Instagram and see what material engages users the most. You can also see the most efficient time of your audience. So, use these top 10 do’s in order to promote your business on Instagram. By using these tips, you can grow your brand and make it more popular.

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