Top 10 Instagram Don’ts for Businesses

Instagram is a great social media network for your company’s visibility and branding. You can curate and share images as well as videos on this social networking platform in order to attract customers for your brand. By posting unique and great content, you can enhance the experience of any Instagram user who visits your company’s account. However, it is imperative that you use this photo sharing platform in the right way to benefit from it. Just like there are marketing guidelines for all other social media platforms, Instagram too has some set of rules for businesses, which are important to create an authentic and continuously growing Instagram feed. In this article, you will learn about the top 10 Instagram don’t for your business, which you should avoid in order to be on the right path to maximize the social media presence of your business through Instagram. 

1. Do not post irrelevant content

Make sure that your posts focus on your brand and are related to the interests of your target followers or audience. Context is important, which means your content should be relevant. You should not post irrelevant content to boost attention or get engagement.  

2. Do not over post 

Although it is important that you post on Instagram every day, you should avoid posting too much on Instagram. If you post a lot, you can annoy your customers. You should just post 3 posts at the maximum in a day, unless you have an audience that reacts better to more posts.  

3. Do not ignore your profile 

You should not ignore your Instagram profile and must pay attention to it. Write a good bio of your company, which describes it well to your customers.  

4. Do not like your own posts 

You should not like or favorite your own posts on Instagram even if you like them. Instead, you should encourage your staff to like and share the material of your company.  

5. Do not use follow bots or auto-commenters 

You must not use follow bots or auto commenters for your business Instagram account as they can annoy your customers. Generic auto comments and getting followed repeatedly by the same person are vexatious. 

6. Do not ignore networking 

Make good connections on Instagram and thus grow your brand by building quality relationships and networking on Instagram. This way your brand can get popular and you can get recognition.  

7. Do not overshare 

Although, you must share your posts on Instagram, make sure you do not share too much information with your followers or audience. For instance, if you post pictures or hints of a new product that you are going to launch, then you can destroy the whole product launch.  

8. Do not be spammy 

Do not spam your followers or customers on Instagram. This means you should not post the same information again and again or not inundate your followers with lots of content. If you do this, you can lose your followers and even become a nuisance for them.  

9. Do not connect with everyone You should not follow everyone who follows your Instagram account. Only connect with people who can represent your business or you in a good way.  

10. Do not delete negative comments You should not delete negative comments about your company on Instagram, but rather you should acknowledge what problems your customers are having with your product(s). It will make your customers happy and satisfied as well as prevent your company from a PR problem later on.

Avoid these 10 don’ts of Instagram and make your business grow through this social media platform.

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