The Best-Dressed Ladies of 2017

It’s the final countdown! With New Year just around the corner, it is about time we took a moment and appreciate the best fashion moments in 2017. Let’s turn our attention to the ladies who rocked the BESTEST outfits this year. Although not an easy task, we managed to make this list. And let me tell you this – It was a stiff competition!

Here come the best-dressed ladies of 2017!


You can’t really make a list about fashion and not put Gigi on it! It is against the rules. After all, she probably made it to the best-dressed rubrics in at least 2017 magazines worldwide. This fashion diva did not only wear some pretty amazing clothes, but she also got to make them in collaboration with Tommy freaking Hilfiger. Not a bad year to be Gigi Hadid.



If you thought that Zoe is just Lenny Kravitz’s daughter, you might want to think again. The “Big Little Lies” star had a successful year, and her appearances on the red carpet did not go unnoticed. Let’s check some of her best stylings.


What to say about the woman who has repeatedly been crowned as the most powerful fashion influencer? The title speaks for itself. Everything Rihanna wears is being sold out in no time! Although media ‘roasted’ her this year for the few extra pounds, Riri doesn’t give a damn. Her fans don’t either. And they are the only people whose opinion is relevant.



Amal Clooney has become a mother this year. Her twins Alexander and Ella keep her pretty busy, so we didn’t get to see much of Amal. However, that little we’ve seen was totally worth it! Hopefully, the twins will be willing to share next year. So rude. Hey, we want a piece of her too.


Do you remember the days when Lady Gaga used to wear meat? Not a memory we gladly look back on. But you know what they say: “New year, new me!” As the years passed, Gaga was really becoming a new person. She got to the point where she’s one of the best-dressed people in the world! That’s what I call progress.


Zendaya has been a true fashion inspiration for all generations. Although she’s only 21-years-old, her style seems ageless. It is both youngish and classic; making it age appropriate for women aged 7 to 77. Zendaya chose the best stylist out there – Law Roach! He’s really earning his money. Take a look at some of her best looks this year.


Selena had an interesting year. Break ups, make ups, health issues. But she managed to find the time for looking perfect. Hey, she changed six outfits in one day! You can see them here, and below let’s take a look at her other bold choices. We can’t ever get enough of Gomez!


What do you think? Do these ladies deserve being called the best-dressed ladies of 2017? Whose styling is your favorite? Looking forward to your comments below!

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