The Best Apps to Keep You Organized

keep you organized

Let’s talk about organization and success. It’s the best time for it – January is not even over yet, so it is not too late to find out the best apps to keep you organized.

I don’t know about you but I can’t leave without a planner and a few apps that I keep close in my smartphone. They keep me not only organized but calm as well. I write down all my wishes, deadlines, books I read/want to read, recommendations I have got, etc. Otherwise, I couldn’t remember all the stuff. Sometimes I feel my head is just drowning in the amount of important and not so important information, so it is good to get them out of your head from once in a while.

No matter if you are more paper and pen or millennial smartphone kinda girl. It is important to find things that keep you organized. Here are some suggestions for successful women.


If you get many movies, books, or restaurant recommendations from your friends, now you can actually keep track of them all. Soon is an app that helps you make your to-do lists for creative things. You can add your own, but when log in you get few lists in general. For instance, movies you want to see – click on the list, search or add a new movie from the trending list. You can do the same with books, music, restaurants, hotels, etc.

I find this app useful for tracking my readings, and for not forgetting any recommendation I have got!


Not all the girls keep the tracks of their periods. Personally, I find it truly helpful and do it for many years. I tried all the apps out there, but none of them I like as Clue. It is super simple to use, you have many options to list, PMS, periods, and sex. You can track your ovulation days, as well as your mood changes. So, next time you feel a bit strange and you don’t know why, check out the app – maybe your PMS is coming.

Google Drive

From Google calendar which is one of the most used apps, to the Google photos – you need everything to keep your phone in order. We all had these sorts of situations – our devices crush and we don’t have any backups. What to do? Let Google Drive do everything for you. You can access your work wherever you go – while traveling or at home. Connect your devices and you will see a big difference – these apps will definitely keep you organized.


Trello keeps you to-do lists short by creating a board for each project. Within each board, you can add lists, and on each of those lists, you add cards which you can always organize, shuffle and share with people you decide. You can also show your creative side and color everything for easier search. If you are tired of those classic apps that keep you organized, then you should definitely give Trello a try.

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