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Fall Fashion Starter Kit: All Items That You Need

Fall Fashion Starter Kit: All Items That You Need

What would you choose – blindly following trends or building your wardrobe with basic staples? Sometimes it is better to combine these two to get fantastic results. Falling in the middle is the best possible option that you can get in the fashion world. When fall knocks on the door, you have to be ready. That is why you need to prepare your best items to warm your up. All that you need is ultimate fall fashion starter kit. Let’s see what’s inside.


Isn’t the blazer perfect outerwear? It can be used as a jacket, or even below a coat when it is too cold outside. When buying the blazer, try to choose the classic cut and some basic color. Navy blue and black will always be in style so you can wear your blazer until it is ripped off! In fall it goes perfectly with jeans, wide leg pants, and pleated skirts.


If you think it is impossible to wear dresses in fall when the weather becomes colder, then you were wrong. Knit dresses are perfect for that. Whether they are long, short or midi, they work perfectly with thigh-high boots or stilettos. They can be your new workwear – chic and very comfortable.


Every girl needs a chunky sweater to feel warm and cozy when the rain starts. Whether color you choose it will be good. Beige, soft pink, and lilac are perfect shades to go with for fall. They are both versatile and trendy.


Cardigans are suitable for those days when the weather is not here nor there. When it is too much for a coat, but it is not so warm to go in your blouse only. Dresses, as well as formal wear like button-downs, can be combined with warm cardigans.


Black booties are must-have in your closet for the fall-winter season and they have to be in your fall fashion starter kit. It is good to have a backup like brown or white ones, but the blacks are the ones you will actually wear the most. They are versatile, and you can choose the heel – block heel would definitely be the trendy and smart pick.


Switch from your white jeans to the dark one. You won’t like the stains from the rain! Colored jeans are great because it can be your workwear staple as well. You can decide to wear it with your basic white tee, and it will still look fantastic.



Along with booties, there should be a place for tall boots in your closet. They are the perfect companion for cold weather – wearing them with skirts will make you cozy, even on a cold rainy day! Suede and leather materials should be your choices.


Light and fashionable, duster coat is a sporty version of the trench coat. It usually comes without buttons, only with the belt. You can style it with both sneakers and heels. Pick some neutral color like beige, black or grey.

What’s inside your fall fashion starter kit? Tell me in the comment section below!

How to Organize Your Closet for Fall: Tips and Tricks

How to Organize Your Closet for Fall: Tips and Tricks

Whether it is just you or the transitional season you should definitely organize your closet from time to time. It will help you realize how much clothes you got (in reality) so you can’t pull that same old I don’t have anything to wear phrase. Sometimes, when our clothes are not tied up, and it is kind of messy in our closets, you can’t really see what is hiding back there. I have prepared some ultimate tips and trick on how to organize your closet and clear up your headspace as well!


Empty everything! Let all the clothes that you have from your closet and put it on the floor, on your bed or anywhere else. That way you can also have a better look at the space so you can remodel it the way it suits you at the moment. This is also an excellent opportunity to clean everything.

Try to declutter through every stuff that you have gotten out from the closet. This part can be stressful because it is natural that you want to keep (almost) everything, but the point is to leave something that you really need.



If there are some things that you haven’t worn for 12 or more months, you need to let them go. If you become emotional, let it aside for some time and then see if there is anything you can wear that item with. If not, put it in the goodbye box.


This 12-month rule can apply to your underwear as well. Opt for the panties that you wear the most – comfy and sexy ones. However, don’t keep the ones that are getting old or frayed. You can also roll them so they will be easier for you to find them.


It is always better to hang your clothes within categories and subcategories. For example blouses, pants, skirts, and dresses or long-sleeve, strapless and others. I like to place my clothes facing the same way. This trick makes it easier to browse through your items.


Don’t hide your bags inside your closet. Put them somewhere visible so you won’t forget about having some! They shouldn’t be kept one inside the other. In that way, they can be damaged and reshaped.



Put the clothes in the order you need to wear it. So, on the top should be your underwear, socks and then shirts, sweaters, and your jeans.


If you are not so good at keeping your clothes organized, then you should use dividers. Put the ones you use the most up in the front rows.


These accessories are easily forgotten. They can be thrown in some dark corner of your closet, and even when you need them – you can’t find them. That is why you should let them be hanged somewhere visible so you won’t find them only when you organize your closet.


All those minimalistic gold and bronze trays are great for keeping your pieces of jewelry on them.

How to Add Safari Vibe to Your Summer Outfits

How to Add Safari Vibe to Your Summer Outfits

Making your outfits interesting in summer is not so hard. There are plenty of items that you can mix and patterns that you can combine. However, this year everybody from fashion industry was talking about famous safari style. Olive green, khaki and brown are the earth tones that describe this style the best possible way, so it is no surprise that they are very dominating this season. The question we will solve in this post is how to add safari vibe to your summer outfits. Trust me, your looks will appear fabulous, and you will be ready for all your seaside travels.


Brown and khaki tones are very easy to work with – they match perfectly with one another as well with all other shades. Suede wrap dress seems like a perfect summer staple. It will definitely make a statement, whatever you choose to match it with. The Vogue Turkey editor opted for a khaki button down which is bit oversized and flat sandals.


Olive green tote bag combined with long khaki duster jacket seems like a perfect summer combination. This blogger shows us her combination for a trip to Africa, but you can quickly mix and add safari vibe to this combo for your everyday wear on the hot city concrete.


Stripes are an unavoidable part of any summer outfit. French girls made it famous, and we can’t thank them enough for doing that. This fashion blogger though styles her black-and-white striped top with olive green wide leg pants. The combination seems very casual and chunky. With a comfortable pair of espadrilles, this can be your perfect everyday outfit.


Oversized button-down shirt with stripes in black, white and beige looks very comfortable and cute. You can style it with beige shorts and round everything off with sandals or block heel mules. Black belt with an attractive buckle will be a fantastic detail that will provide you with that famous safari vibe.


Vogue Australia editor Christine Centenera likes basic and earth-toned shades. You will not see her wearing pink, blue or some other bright and trendy colors, but her black outfits are impeccable. She is also known for her olive green and khaki looks – layered skirt and safari button-down shirt seem like two perfect items to go with.


Nothing can beat a classic white dress that has a button-down front. Because of this, it has safari vibe that you will adore. Match it with your white crossbody bag and add patterned silk scarf in the form of a turban.


When it comes to accessories, they can also help you to add safari vibe to your outfit combinations. This street style star matches her animal printed bag with a classic white tee and high waisted wide leg pants. You can opt for lace-up or Roman sandals to finish off with the lovely casual combination.


If you thought that khaki is not so easy to color to combine, then let this outfit proof you wrong. As you can see, this oversized button-down shirt is combined with high waist wide leg pants and burgundy belt which is surprisingly long, but it looks beautiful!


How to Rock Boho Style in Summertime

How to Rock Boho Style in Summertime

Boho never goes out of style. For some people, bohemian is the way of living their life. If you ask for a definition – everyone will say that it implies avant-garde, creative and pretty relaxed lifestyle. In the summer, all I want is to wear light, maxi dresses, and lovely comfy sandals or mules. And you can do that while still looking very bohemian. Some of the main characteristics of chic boho style are floral print, maxi dresses, chunky sweaters and oversized tops. Along with these items – turquoise rocks and oversized pieces of jewelry. I have prepared a style guide to show you how to rock this way of dressing in the upcoming summertime.



Big rocks in many different colors are what makes boho style so unique and exciting. As you can see, the main rule when it comes to jewelry is more is more! Stacked rings made of different materials and shapes in combination with many colorful bracelets and necklaces seem perfect.

This summer doesn’t be afraid to wear massive rings and earrings. They will make a statement, while you will look absolutely chic and boho.



Long skirts and maxi dresses look lovely in combination with flip-flops, mules or wedge shoes. The main moto of boho style is to feel comfy all the time. Denim is allowed as well, but don’t hesitate to show off your long bare legs. Sun-kissed skin, sand in your hair and sea salt on your skin are enough for this summer to be perfect. And when you are thinking about the way of dressing let the boho be on your mind – relaxed and colorful.

Combination of transparent lace and floral print on this lovely maxi dress is what makes it fantastic and very bohemian. You can style it for a pool party, beach walks or for everyday events. You can opt for both platform heels or modern mules.

If you are a fan of lace, then don’t hesitate to wear this transparent white crochet lace dress. It is open, but it is summertime! You can wear cutouts and deep necks for an extra dose of ventilation. Belt your maxi dress with brown boho belt and highlight your waist.

When I have said colorful dresses and skirts, I definitely haven’t meant that white is not allowed. There is nothing better than an off the shoulder top or dress in the hot summertime. This white look combined with cute massive jewelry will give you that chic boho look, that many girls try to achieve.

If this way of dressing wasn’t your thing, I hope that after this article it will be. Boho as hippie or classy way of dressing will never go out of fashion. So, you know what t do – put on your floral maxi dress, some comfy shoes and go out in nature!

Style Guide: How to Wear Wrap Dress

Style Guide: How to Wear Wrap Dress

Now when wrap dress is back in fashion, there are no words that can explain the joy chic and stylish girls experience while wearing it. It is one of the most comfortable dresses along with the fact it is very classy and fashionable. Summer is definitely the right time to show off your creativity and sense for fashion. I have prepared a guide where I will try to show you some of the best ways to style the wrap dress.



The white color is timeless and never goes out of style. This wrap dress can be the perfect choice for many different situations – elegant, casual or you can wear it as your workwear. Black chunky mules seem very comfortable and appropriate for your office hours.



If you are somewhere at the seaside don’t hesitate to wear deep v-neck wrap dress like this – it looks terrific. When on vacation you don’t need to worry about what is appropriate and what isn’t. Make sure to pair everything with straw or basket bag, as this fashion blogger did.



Ruffle sleeves intend to make every dress look exciting and unique. The wrap cut and the length of the dress will make you a star of every event you decide to go to. When it comes to shoes, you can style this dress with almost everything – flats, sandals, mules and high heels.


There were a lot of fashion stories about this particular green dress. If you are following trends, fashion bloggers and street style photos you probably have seen it many times. Girls were styling it differently – with heels, sneakers, and mules. It would definitely be smart for you to try it too.



Gingham pattern was on the peak of its popularity a few seasons ago. Since then its reputation hasn’t collapsed. This lovely orange dress is excellent for market days, picnics and many other casual occasions. You can wear it with mules, sandals or flats.



Nothing can beat a good red wrap dress, right? Olivia Palermo wears this lovely dress with black ankle booties. You can switch to something more summerish – sandals or flats. Floral dresses are best to wear not only in summer but during all seasons.


This might seem like an unusual combination, but it is actually fascinating and chic. This silky wrap dress can be your choice for many different events. As you can see this girl style it with socks and sneakers, but you can opt for high heel sandals or pointy-toes.



Orange was definitely one of the colors of this season. You won’t make a mistake if you pick orange wrap dress and decorate it with lovely gold jewelry. Puff sleeves will provide you with a great dose of ventilation. A fisherman bag would be perfect detail to finish off this look.


I hope that you have found some fashion inspiration by reading this article. Do you own a wrap dress? Tell us in the comments below how do you wear it.

Fashion Books Every Stylish Girl Need to Read

Fashion Books Every Stylish Girl Need to Read

Summer, sunbathing, cocktail in your hand, and a good book – is there anything better? If you are into fashion as much as I am, then you probably want to read all possible fashion books out there. Well, don’t worry. I have sorted them out for you. You just need to pick the first one and to start reading. What can I guarantee you? You will catch with a lot of stylish advice, adventures and life stories that many fashion girls experienced. These fashion books will not be only educational and fun while reading, but they can serve as a great table decoration. Let’s start!



If you are following her blog, then you must adore her witty sense of fashion and her perfect sense of humor. Personally, this was the first fashion book that I have bought.

In this book, Leandra talks about her growing up, her love and personal life – everything connected with some pieces of clothes. In the end, she describes us how she ended up working in the fashion industry.



If you would love to read about a life of an American girl in Paris – I suggest buying this wonderful book. How Kate managed to live Paris dream, after graduation from Princeton and how she became one of the most known names in fashion journalism – you can find out from her stunning and very engaging story.



It girl Alexa shows us how to become one ourselves! She describes us her childhood, growing up and connecting with fashion. This bestseller is not that without reason! She is absolutely fantastic, funny and she really knows how to make you laugh. ALong with book, I suggest following her on her Instagram.



I don’t know about you, but I found myself pretty obsessed with French style. I love seeing their effortless and chic way of dressing and their relaxed way of lifestyle. In this book, you will find all that and more! These 4 women and empowered, stylish journalists, models and most of all they all live Parisian way of life.



Along with French girls, there are Scandi fashion bloggers. These women showed us how to style monochrome and minimal but in the best possible way! Pernille Teisbaek has released her first book full of photos and fashion pieces of advice.


If you are following Garance on social media or you are reading her blog, then you are experienced with her perfect writing skills and beautiful way of telling stories. This bestseller will provide you with a lot of style guides, bits of advice and tips. You will enjoy in Garance’s photos, candids from travelings and beautiful illustrations.



Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley are my personal style icons. I grow up watching their style upgrading as well, and that is why their book is so significant. While reading this, you will enjoy photos, interviews, many fashion secrets, and their influences that these two girls prepared for us in two fashion books with different covers.

Forget About Sneakers: Style Kitten Heels

Forget About Sneakers: Style Kitten Heels

From now on, you can forget about your super comfy shoes. The kitten heels have taken the throne. They are absolutely one of the most comfortable heels that you will ever try to wear. And trust me, you will be amazed by their ability to make you feel cozy and super stylish and modern.
Even though the heels have always been very high and not so practical, this year’s fashion has shown us wearable items that are equally stylish and ready-to-wear every day. Let’s have a look at the shoes that have replaced the sneakers.


Oversized jeans are probably the most comfortable pants ever. As you can assume, when wearing these kinds of jeans you won’t feel presses or uncomfortable. Style them as an elegant item with this lovely sleeveless turtleneck and add kitten heels for a super comfortable office look.


Two-toned kitten heels were very famous when Coco Chanel showed them to the fashion world. Today, you can style them with a modern twist. Follow this French girl rules and style your comfy two-toned slingbacks with the all-black-everything outfit.


Black and white combinations are timeless. When you add ruffles to all that you get a stunning outfit combination for office hours, cocktail parties and other sophisticated events. Add a pinch of gold or silver in the form of necklaces and bracelet.


If you ask me, I love to wear jeans all the time. Summer is the perfect time for flowy tops, prints, and splash of colors. However, if you are not into these things, try classic – black and white flowy top with straight jeans and kitten heels. This is perfect everyday look.


Along with shimmer kitten heels, you can add a bold detail like this colorful and printed coat. This combination is perfect for workwear, or dinner with your friends. The classy and casual look was never easier to achieve.


The black top and jeans combination is perfect for both everyday wear or your office looks. Mules might seem like the ‘ugly shoes’ to you, but trust me – you will fall in love with them quickly after trying them on. Give this outfit some detail like an interesting bag or some gold jewelry, and you are ready to go!


I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t a fan of any kind of animal print. However, I have learned that details in this not-so-popular print can be fascinating and can give you that chic look that you have always wanted to achieve.


This Scandinavian fashionista shows us the best way for wearing all-black outfits. With the addition of leather, this look can be perfect for elegant events. Slingback heels are a classic detail that will make you feel comfortable and chic.


Forget about classy black heels and try red ones! Even if you decide to wear them with jeans and white button down, your outfit will still be fabulous and ultimately chic. This can be your new workwear inspiration.


Instead of black, try wearing navy-blue. It seems even more sophisticated and glamorous than black – you will be amazed by the results. Mules with the bow detail appear perfect with this look.

Workwear Inspiration: What to Wear to Your Office

Workwear Inspiration: What to Wear to Your Office

Being in your office for 8 hours is hard. However, outfits are here to make your working hours easier and better. Good outfits are known as mood-lifter. Bright colors, prints, and flattering cuts are just some of the things that you should think about when choosing your outfit. I will show you what to wear to your office while looking chic and comfortable. Most of these combinations are bright, colorful and printed. In that way, you can be sure you will look absolutely flawless and stylish. Get ready for some workwear inspiration. Let’s start!


Silk is one of the most flattering and sophisticated materials that you can find on the fashion market. It is also very expensive looking, so you should definitely consider wearing one for your office. Navy-blue and white works perfectly together. Don’t forget to put a detail like this beautiful gold belt, and to color your nails in red. This will be comfy and sophisticated look for your working hours.


The all-grey outfit that is comfortable and flattering at the same time is something you have to try at your working place. It is chunky and loose but also very chic and fashionable. Metallic details like these lovely pointy-toe booties are fantastic pieces to go with. Gold and silver dominated last fashion season so you won’t make a mistake if you choose the boots like this.


Wearing leather was never easier! Forget classic and choose rather some other color than black. I suggest trying emerald green. Match it with the sweater in the same shade of green. Gold Oxford shoes are a bold detail that you should definitely try with this combination.


In the end, you can always choose classic combination like this. Parisians are the best in combining black and white outfits – why don’t you follow their fashion rules? White button-down and black high waist pants are perfect items for your new workwear inspiration.


Wearing pink suit is something that you should definitely try this spring. It seems interesting, and you won’t look like a Barbie, that is for sure. On the contrary, pink suits appear chicer than ever before. You can style them with basic black pieces and round everything off with kitten heel mules. In the end, you will get a fantastic and comfortable outfit combination.


Ruffle sleeves are perfectly flattering and stunning looking. White and black combinations are timeless. With right details or different cuts and materials, black-and-white outfits can be exciting and never dull. Cropped chino pants are one of the pillars of workwear style. In this combination, you will feel chic with the lovely Parisian vibe.


Everybody was thinking and talking about pastels this year. And everybody tried pastels as well! So, what are you waiting for? You can find some workwear inspiration like this in almost every retail store. This girl wears silky pastel green combination. She adds sparkly earrings and small unique bag.


Mix prints and leisure materials. You will definitely look lovely, and you will feel comfortable and flattering. This girl matches the colors, but she does excellent work in mixing prints. Strappy sandals will round off with a look in the best possible way – giving you the specific romantic workwear look.

Style Guide: How to Wear Denim Skirt This Summer

Style Guide: How to Wear Denim Skirt This Summer

Denim is one of those materials that never goes out of style. It is on the fashion scene ever since Levis has found it and made a famous pair of blue jeans. This summer all the girls will wear a denim skirt. Not only one kind of skirt, but many different types – midi, short, button-down, and vintage. If you were thinking about buying a denim skirt, but you didn’t know how to style it, here is the opportunity to find out. Scroll down to see many different outfit ideas for hot summer weather.


Classy and polished – that is how you will look while wearing this outfit. You can think about wearing this as your workwear. It seems perfect for hot temperatures on the city concrete. You can choose between wearing this white button-down-denim skirt combo with heels or flats. It is on you.


Don’t be afraid of wearing slits. They can be deep, but if you style them right, they don’t have to look provocative. You can take notes from this girl and style this denim skirt with striped turtleneck blouse. It seems pretty chic and sophisticated. If you think where to style it – just think about pool parties and outdoor weddings.


As you can see, Hawaiian shirts are not always bad and funny looking. You can be chic and stylish in this tourist-favorite item as well! This Fashionista decided to style her button-down floral print Hawaiian blouse with high waist denim skirt. You have to admit it looks super nice and interesting!


Layering in fashion is something that you need to know. Doing it right can make your outfits perfectly interesting and sophisticated. Look at this outfit combination in the photo above. It seems pretty brave that this girl layered her long striped button down with this short denim skirt, right? However, she gets a polished everyday look perfect for hot summer temperatures.


So many trends in the photo, right? I present you: slingback heels, denim skirt, and ultimate summer trend straw bag. For breezy summer nights style this Parisian look with a brown tweed blazer and round everything off with polka dot slingbacks.


Off the shoulder, tops are a perfect summer staple. They are the best to wear in bright colors and prints. However, you can make your off-the-shoulder top of your button-down shirt! It seems perfect and very chic in combination with a mini denim skirt.


If you ask me what way of dressing is the most appropriate for summer, I would definitely vote for bohemian vibes. This outfit proves that boho way doesn’t always have to be colorful. You can wear your maxi denim skirt with chunky and oversized blue blouse and some gold pieces of jewelry.


Not all the denim skirts have to be blue. They can be black as well. If you are a fan of black and white combinations, then you can always go with these kinds of outfits. White tee and black mini skirt will make you feel comfortable and most of all – very chic.