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White Blouses Everyone will Rock this Year

White Blouses Everyone will Rock this Year

White blouses never leave the world of fashion because they are always requested by women of all age groups and professions. Starting from schoolgirls to business women everyone likes wearing white shirts and blouses in casual life. Lately, these outfits have become more popular due to the provided luxurious designs and styles. We are happy to represent the best white blouses for 2018 to let you know what’s trendy for this year.
Organza Shirt with Pearls It was long ago we haven’t used the subtle organza fabric in our style. This super feminine fabric is back in the new collections of shirts. We see lovely white shirts made of organza and beatified with tender pearls. This combination is ideal even for prom looks. You can choose such a luxurious blouse for special events and parties.
Chiffon Blouse with Lace Details Chiffon and lace combinations have always been successful. These two fabrics complement each other and create incredible styles for blouses and shirts. It goes without saying that white lace is one of the most beautiful fabrics you can ever meet. It makes any chiffon blouse even more luxurious and exquisite.
White Blouse with Black Lace As for black lace, it is an ideal choice for those who want to highlight the beauty of their white shirt as well as draw attention to its design. Black lace and white fabrics are the classiest contrasts that go well with a number of classic skirts, pants and suits. They bring balance to your elegant style.
White Shirt with Black Touches Besides lace details designers also use other fabrics in black color to beautify white shirts. Thanks to modern solutions we get a variety of cute styles and creative designs for white blouses. There are many ways to keep white shirts more attractive with black touches and we are glad we have so many offers from a number of fashion houses.
White Shirt with Bows Do you like bows? They are in thing in 2018 and are widely used in the latest designs of white shirts. Used both as style statements and new tie ideas, bows add a girlish effect to any boring white shirt. They can bring out your feminine elegance especially if you match them with short haircuts or updo hairstyles.
White Ruffle Blouse Ruffles, ruffles and again ruffles. They won’t leave you alone until you decide to own one. Let it be one of these white ruffle blouses. Different styles of ruffles are ready to change up the design of common white shirts and blouses. From the simplest styles to the most festive effects, ruffles work well for any occasion. You can match them both with jeans and suits.
White Blouse with Wide Sleeves Some loose and light sleeves are always great for hot days. White blouses with wide transparent long sleeves or classic medium sleeves are becoming more and more popular for this spring. They are so lavishing and cozy to wear in casual life.
How to Add Safari Vibe to Your Summer Outfits

How to Add Safari Vibe to Your Summer Outfits

Making your outfits interesting in summer is not so hard. There are plenty of items that you can mix and patterns that you can combine. However, this year everybody from fashion industry was talking about famous safari style. Olive green, khaki and brown are the earth tones that describe this style the best possible way, so it is no surprise that they are very dominating this season. The question we will solve in this post is how to add safari vibe to your summer outfits. Trust me, your looks will appear fabulous, and you will be ready for all your seaside travels.


Brown and khaki tones are very easy to work with – they match perfectly with one another as well with all other shades. Suede wrap dress seems like a perfect summer staple. It will definitely make a statement, whatever you choose to match it with. The Vogue Turkey editor opted for a khaki button down which is bit oversized and flat sandals.


Olive green tote bag combined with long khaki duster jacket seems like a perfect summer combination. This blogger shows us her combination for a trip to Africa, but you can quickly mix and add safari vibe to this combo for your everyday wear on the hot city concrete.


Stripes are an unavoidable part of any summer outfit. French girls made it famous, and we can’t thank them enough for doing that. This fashion blogger though styles her black-and-white striped top with olive green wide leg pants. The combination seems very casual and chunky. With a comfortable pair of espadrilles, this can be your perfect everyday outfit.


Oversized button-down shirt with stripes in black, white and beige looks very comfortable and cute. You can style it with beige shorts and round everything off with sandals or block heel mules. Black belt with an attractive buckle will be a fantastic detail that will provide you with that famous safari vibe.


Vogue Australia editor Christine Centenera likes basic and earth-toned shades. You will not see her wearing pink, blue or some other bright and trendy colors, but her black outfits are impeccable. She is also known for her olive green and khaki looks – layered skirt and safari button-down shirt seem like two perfect items to go with.


Nothing can beat a classic white dress that has a button-down front. Because of this, it has safari vibe that you will adore. Match it with your white crossbody bag and add patterned silk scarf in the form of a turban.


When it comes to accessories, they can also help you to add safari vibe to your outfit combinations. This street style star matches her animal printed bag with a classic white tee and high waisted wide leg pants. You can opt for lace-up or Roman sandals to finish off with the lovely casual combination.


If you thought that khaki is not so easy to color to combine, then let this outfit proof you wrong. As you can see, this oversized button-down shirt is combined with high waist wide leg pants and burgundy belt which is surprisingly long, but it looks beautiful!


Polka Dots in Fashion

Polka Dots in Fashion

Polka dots are our grandmas’ favorite style as they hold a nostalgic touch in them. This retro inspired style is refreshed for 2018 and we are offered a number of solutions for polka dots from fancy fashion houses. Let’s see what polka dots do in fashion and why they have become so popular. We see 2018 polka dots trends on the streets and on the runway equally and the fact is that each uses their own creativity with this cute and feminine style.

Cool Combos

Nowadays fashionable women prefer combining two types of polka dots. They differ in sizes and color mixtures. You can wear a lovely black blouse with small white polka dots along with a trendy white skirt with large black polka dots (or the vice versa. This is a pure example of a retro style and it goes well with stylish sunglasses and red lips. Try to complete it with matching mules, accessories and retro hairstyles.

Red Polka Dots

Besides the white and black combinations we meet red polka dots on different shades and fabrics. These are rather fun and eye-catching styles that you can choose for your casual looks. Many women sometimes even rock trendy swimsuits with red polka dots. You can combine them with leather belts, skirts or other accessories for a complete modern look.

Ruffle Outfits with Polka Dots

What do you think about ruffle dresses? Don’t they look too chic and feminine? Now, look at the best examples of ruffle dresses with polka dots. This crazy style is so beautiful and attractive. It carries all the charm of our lovely vintage style and tends to showcase your femininity with all its power. You can also consider shirts with ruffles and polka dots.

Pastel Polka Dots

Our favorite style of polka dots appears in pastel shades. These are mostly pastel colored outfits with white polka dots but we call them pastel polka dots. Of course, you can meet polka dots in light blue, mint green, lavender, light pink and yellow hues but in the majority of cases they are in white accompanied by pastel colored fabrics. Compared to black, red or other bright polka dots pastel polka dots are more exquisite and girlish. They are ideal for spring and summer. If you like, you can match them with suitable accessories of the same colors. Pastel colors are in thing these days and they are used quite often by stylish famous ladies.

Polka Dots Accessories

From cute earrings to subtle scarves polka dots are everywhere in fashion. It has never been so easy to find stylish accessories with polka dots. Your choice is wide and your grandmother may be jealous for you. Gift her some lovely scarves or belts with polka dots and she will love you even more. Handbag trends, shoes, watches, sunglasses with polka dots are considered as the most attractive for 2018. Just make sure you stay tender with them and avoid too much use of the same color combination or the heavy matching of accessories.


How to Choose Earrings for Your Face Shape

How to Choose Earrings for Your Face Shape

The majority of women wear any earring style they like without matching it with their face shape. Stylists recommend choosing earrings according to your face shape like hairstyles, haircuts and makeup ideas. The right chosen pair of earrings can highlight your best features and draw attention to the most beautiful parts of your face. Earrings are a good way to add softness, more femininity and charm to your face. They make women so eye-catching and attractive. That’s why it’s important to know how to choose earrings for your face shape.

Earrings for Oval Face Shape

We start with the most beautiful face shape that goes well with almost all hairstyles, haircuts and earring styles. Women with oval face shape stand out with lovely cheekbones that need to be highlighted with the right worn earrings. So, you can wear almost any style you like but triangular designs are the best for your face. Even the simplest studs look awesome with oval face shapes.

Earrings for Triangle Face Shape

If you have triangle face shape, that is to say, your forehead is the widest part of your face and the rest goes down narrower with pointy chin, then you must opt for earrings that bring a kind of balance for your features with them. This face shape is similar to heart face shapes and requires earrings that can de-emphasize the wide forehead, and create the illusion of a wider jawline. Consider wearing tear drop or chandelier earrings as they work the best with triangle or heart shaped faces.

Earrings for Round Face

Earrings have the power to make your face look wide, thin, long or fat according to your face shape. Women with round face shapes usually look for haircuts and hairstyles that can make it thinner and longer. Earrings can do it for you too. Think of drop or dangle earrings that can easily elongate your face and make it look slimmer, longer and nicer. You must definitely avoid large circular earrings, hoops and button studs as their main function is to highlight the roundness of your face. You may also avoid wearing drop earrings as they showcase the roundness.

Earrings for Square Face

Taking into consideration the fact that square shape is the harshest for women, we must do our best to find out the most sophisticated earrings that can soften it. Square face is structured with similar width of forehead and jawline. His means that you need to choose earrings that can soften the hard edges of the face. So, opt for earrings that are medium to long in their sizes and come with rounded edges. You may consider circular and hoop earrings but avoid square studs or any kind of earring with a square shape or design.  It will only highlight the square shape of your face and its harsh edges. Pay attention to the hairstyles you match with your face shape, as they play a great role in your look.

Party-Ready Headpieces

Party-Ready Headpieces

Holiday accessories are always fascinating and engaging. They grab out attention and make the wearer so eye-catching. Since it’s summertime, we have decided to take a look at some of the best party-ready headpieces to make your holidays, birthday and beach parties, wedding ceremonies and special events more beautiful and interesting. These accessories can refresh your prom look and keep all eyes on your stylish appearance. It’s always great to have several headpieces and hair accessories at hand to style your locks in a fancy hairdo. Even the simplest carefree hairstyle becomes fantastic with a trendy hair accessory.

Boho Chic

We have spoken about Bohemian hairstyles and hair accessories many times because they continue to stay big trends in the fashion world. These days we see a number of boho inspired headpieces from the simplest leather and flowered options to luxurious crystal headbands. They all come with feminine touches and look lovely both on short and long hairstyles. Fashionable brides often opt for Bohemian accessories to highlight their true beauty. So, make your choice between floral, leather, svarovski crystal headbands or starbloom, pearl and feather bobbies. They are suitable for wedding, beach and other parties.

Vintage Headbands

Large, bead-embroidered, plastic and metallic, brass and ribbon headbands are making a huge comeback. They are all vintage and retro inspired headpieces that go well with matching hairstyles such as teased and textures half-updos, finger waves, pixie cuts and curly hairdos. Many stylish celebrities are big fans of vintage accessories. We have seen posh models rocking stunning headpieces inspired by vintage effects.

Butterfly Clips

Remember our childhood hair clips? They had the delicate shape and design of butterfly and looked so beautoful on hair. 2018’s biggest hair accessory trends are butterfly clips. They have kept the seam design and style but come with modern effects and high-quality materials. These headpieces are mainly sparkling and glossy. They are ideal for party hairstyles. Nostalgia-inducing hair accessories like butterfly clips have been shown at the latest London Fashion Week. They are going to become so popular, that we won’t be surprised to see them more and more frequently at parties. Such headpieces go well with frizzy, curly, wavy and textures hair.

Crystal Bow Clips

Another trend between hair clips are crystal bow clips made of various crystals of various shades from transparent white to darkest black and brightest red to lightest  turquoise. You can choose party-ready bow clips right from the latest string of hair accessories. They come in different sizes to please all tastes, hair types, lengths and styles.

Feather Hair Clips

At last but not least, we are provided with modern feather hair clips for 2018’s biggest parties. These fun and chic accessories that hold so much mystery and interest in it are also ideal feminine headpieces with bright hues and old Indian eternity. Besides natural feather clips you can also use metallic feather hair clips. They are chic, girlish and very tender. From the smallest feather clips to the largest styles there are cool ideas of this hair accessory for any special event.

2018 Short Hair Trends

2018 Short Hair Trends

Short haircuts are becoming more and more requested in salons because many women prefer cozy and stylish haircuts. Check out our list of the best short hair trends for 2018 if you have decided to cut off your locks into a fancy style. Before choosing any haircut make sure it works well with your face shape and highlights your best features. You may opt for one style and combine it with other trendy styles like adding bangs, spikes or layers. The choice is up to you; try to make it wisely.

Grown Out Pixie Haircut

The latest cool version of the pixie cut is the one with grown out bangs and side parts. This textured and voluminous haircut is more versatile and flexible for a number of stunning styles. Compared to the common pixie the grown-out one is more feminine and provides with more texture to style and play with. From color combination to wavy hairstyle ideas you are welcome to experiment with all the possible pixie hairstyles. It is a practical haircut for casual days and looks unique for special events when styled with festive touches.

Silver Pixie Hair

Another great solution for pixie haircut is the light silver or pastel blue shade. Women with this brave hairstyle grab attention and stand out in the crowd. It goes well both with dark and light skin tones and doesn’t ask eye hue. If you like you can ask your hairstylist to combine two different tones of grey and silver to achieve a more interesting effect. For example, the bangs can be dyed in a light grey tone and the rest of the hair can be colored in pure silver shade. As a result, you’ll get a trendy two-tone hair color.

Short Bob with Bangs

If before we were offered blunt bobs with blunt bangs, today we see sharp and asymmetrical bobs with matching straight bangs. This haircut is the bold version of the classic bob. It suits most face shapes but you should be careful with bangs. They are long enough and if you don’t have the matching face shape you’d better avoid bangs. All in all, the haircut is new and interesting. It is styled in the super straight style that showcases all the beauty of the cut. The stylist has combined short and long sharp cuts to achieve these modern bangs. You may keep your hair in a dark or light monotone shade considering black, dark brunette, platinum blonde and burgundy hues.

Short Tousled Bob Haircut

Bob haircuts with fly-away strands and natural-looking messy waves are the biggest hair trends for 2018. They come in various styles to please all tastes and interests. If you haven’t found the perfect short haircut for your hair yet, you may try this style. It is fun, chic and very attractive. Don’t forget about fresh hair colors.

Short Natural Hair

And here is a trendy short haircut for women with Afro-American hair type. It’s the short natural bob cut worn on tight curls. This haircut is very popular among black women. They like it because it’s cozy and stylish at the same time. Although such haircuts are not that unique for black women, stylists have found great ways to make them fancier and softer. They offer light and warm hair colors or highlights according to your skin tone and eye hue.

Cozy Travel Outfit Ideas for Women

Cozy Travel Outfit Ideas for Women

The outfits women choose for traveling greatly differ from what men take with them. This regards both the quantity of clothes and styles. However, it’s not always we make wise choices and sometimes take odd outfits with us that become useless during traveling. They just take additional place in our luggage. Check out our collection of cozy travel outfits for women and choose the best outfits for your vocations from now on. We’ll help you stay comfy and fashionable at the same time.

Feminine Chic

Many women prefer wearing outfits that are both feminine and comfortable. Of course, when we say feminine we usually imagine dresses and skirts as they are the typical feminine outfits forever. In fact these outfits look perfect either with high heels or ballet flats but since we are looking for an ideal match for our vocations we may consider skirts and dresses combined with comfy sneakers. This combination is feminine, fashionable, beautiful and very cozy at the same time. You can have a series of summer dresses and skirts and match them with your favorite sneakers. As for accessories, take a large summer hat with you, sunglasses, a trendy handbag full of all the essentials for traveling and some cute scarves, earrings, bracelets and watches.

Sporty and Stylish

The classic idea of casual travel style is generally the combination of a cotton T-shirt or a sweater (depending on the season), a high-quality denim or any other pair of trousers made of soft fabric, a matching jacket, comfortable breathing travel shoes such as sneakers, a cap, sunglasses and a backpack. Perhaps you often use this style for traveling but let’s focus on some details to make it fresher and more stylish. So, consider wearing your T-shirt tucked into jeans with a belt. Choose cut-off frayed jeans to showcase your sneakers as well as to stay cozier. Opt for trendy backpacks or large handbags, high-quality sunglasses and a breathing cap. In spite of the fact that many consider this a kind of boyish style, it’s perfect for traveling and always makes you feel confident.

Modern Traveler

Do you like light fabrics and super modern travel outfits that keep your body safe from the harsh rays of the sun or are quite suitable for rainy days? Let’s try modern jumpsuits for our next trips. They are different styles of jumpsuits for every taste, body shape and weather conditions. You can wear jumpsuits from spring to autumn with great pleasure. They look elegant and go well with a number of feminine accessories. While some like denim jumpsuits others go for cotton and other light fabrics to stay cool. The choice is up to you. Make it wisely and find the best matching of sandals or medium heels for this look.

Beach Style

Finally, here is the most important style for you to consider for traveling. It’s the beach style. Well, in the majority of cases it’s recommended to take shorts and stylish crop tops with you if you have decided to go for a beach vacation. This combination is ideal for those who prefer wearing their swimsuits under the clothes. You just take off the shorts and the top and you are ready for the beach. Match this style with summer hats, sunglasses, beach wavy hairstyles, beach bags and sandals/ flip-flops.

2018 Latest Denim Trends

2018 Latest Denim Trends

When denim first appeared in the fashion world everyone knew it’s forever. It seems as if we can’t live without this fabric and denim pieces are our most favorites. In fact, denim doesn’t ask age, sex and tastes. It suits everyone and is practical for all occasions. Let’s take a look at the triumph of the latest denim trends for 2018 to choose the best jeans options for our everyday life and street looks. Say goodbye to your old denim outfits but don’t throw them away. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll wear them as modern pieces because every new thing is the updated version of old.

Denim with Fringes

Here is one example of an old-fashioned denim idea that has become so popular these days. Holiday jeans with fringes at the tips are the most eye-catching and fascinating trends of denim. They are not new in the fashion world, but everyone wants to stand out with them in the crowd. They grab attention and look quite interesting compared to the majority of denim trousers, jackets or other pieces. We also see denim jackets with fringes that differ from the rest of options with their creative solutions and unique design. And the most incredible denim trends with fringes are handmade denim purses and bags that are so cozy and beautiful.

Wide-Leg Denim Jumpsuits

What about denim jumpsuits? We have seen many ideas of jumpsuits for the previous season and this time our smart designers have decided to experiment with wide-leg denim jumpsuits. These are other denim styles with the old and gold retro touches and look quite comfy for your everyday street style. The way they look and the way they hug your entire body is so simple yet so attractive. Consider wearing cut-out jumpsuits as the latest denim trends for 2018.

Deep Blue Denim Jackets

It’s the time for the deepest blue denim jackets. These fresh and expensive-looking pieces of denim are so popular these days. They come in a variety of styles from short to long and from tight to oversized but the fact is that they are loved both by men and women. You can bring out your skin tone and the beauty of your face with deep blue denim as it suits all skin tones and goes well with all hair colors. The deeper the blue shade of your denim, the fancier you’ll look. You can rock it with light denim jeans and other denim outfits to create a well-balanced and beautiful contrast.

Asymmetric Denim Skirts

Special for those looking for unique and eye-catching skirts there are uneven or asymmetric denim skirts that are usually designed with two different pieces of denim. Stylish designers mix faded and deep blue denim to create lovely contrasts for asymmetrical skirts. The result is awesome. So, update your denim outfits and chose only the latest trends. Match them with your everyday outfits and feel the convenience of denim for all seasons. It’s perhaps the best fabric in the world.


Vintage Floral Trends 2018

Vintage Floral Trends 2018

Floral ascents and details always had a great role in fashion. Women using more floral effects for their spring and summer looks tend to grab more attention by their femininity and subtleness. Since every trend undergoes changes by the time today we’ll focus on the latest floral trends for 2018 to find out what’s new and what we can use to look more stylish with floral details.

Vintage Flowers for Accessories

Vintage inspired hair combs, wedding crowns, scarves, brooches and cute summer accessories are all inspired by pastel-colored flowers that hold the super tender touch in them. These accessories tend to highlight your femininity and inner subtleness. They look nice with many summer looks and go well with modern accessories and outfits too. You can create your own vintage look with flower embroidered accessories. Even the simplest flower-shaped pair of earrings can bring out the beauty of your face.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are mostly seen on soft and sophisticated dresses, skirts and blouses as well as on summer bags, clutches and prom outfits. These pieces are mainly into vintage styles and look very beautiful in small and cute combinations of vintage floral prints. You can find from darkest and brightest to the lightest and loveliest combinations of flowers with different fabrics and materials. These solutions seem to be the best for modern outfits, bags and clutches. Many women prefer wearing vintage florals for prom and match them with suitable floral printed accessories. The result is more than fabulous.

Vintage Floral Cases

Lately hone cases have become a popular way of style statement. We like to change up our case according to seasons and trends. This time you can give a try to the best vintage floral cases that come in millions of shades, color combos and effects. We can’t enough of these sophisticated and cute cases that hold so much brightness, positivity and beauty in them. You may choose several floral cases and update your phone case according to your mood and accessories you choose to wear on this or that particular day. Try to stand out with your super girlish style even when the thing is about phone cases.

Vintage Floral Sneakers

And yes, we love to see vintage flowers even on our sporty shoes. Real fashionistas show us how to rock vintage florals this summer. They rock cozy and high-quality sneakers in various styles of vintage flowers.  Even guys opt for this unique style to grab attention and break down stereotypes. It’s always pleasant to look down and see flowers around you.so, let them be printed on your sneakers. In some cases these flowers are embroidered and not printed, that’s why they make those sneakers richer and luxurious.

Vintage Floral Nails

Finally, here is something for those looking for trendy nail art. Vintage floral nails are all the rage these days. They are prom-ready styles that make you festive, and grab attention thanks to their well-balanced color mixtures.  They look so ravishing and luxurious that it seems as if the wearer won’t ever change it.

Best Beach Bags to Choose for This Summer

Best Beach Bags to Choose for This Summer

Beach vocations and pool parties are perhaps the most expected events of summer. We wait for it for many months and when days get warmer we take all the necessary with us and go to the beach. Today we’ll found out the best beach bags where we are supposed to put all our holiday essentials. Starting from your bikini to the SPF cream, here are the most convenient beach bags where you can put more items than in your common bags. It is obvious, that beach bags are the largest and most comfortable to take with you.

Straw Basket Bags

There are some seriously chic options of straw basket bags that seem to be perfect for the beach. These bags have enough space for all your beach essentials and they look trendy in their modern styles and designs. We have seen many fashion houses representing new straw basket bags for this summer. So, you can make your choice between St Tropez’s colorful designs, Figue’s embroidery detailing or Zara’s fringed tote. All straw basket bags come with cool convenience and go well with the majority of beach accessories.

Tropical Shopper Bags

Shopper bags are other cozy and large bags to consider for the beach. Instead of heavy leather styles you can choose light tropical shopper bags with bright prints and shades. They go well with the warm weather and create a brighter atmosphere around. You can opt for medium to large sizes depending on the quantity of your items.

Canvas Beach Bags

Many moms go for canvas beach bags as they come in the largest sizes and provide with mush room for all items both for parents and kids. These bags are seen in a number of styles and sizes. They are usually more fascinating in their creative solutions and designs. Every fashion house has its special offer of canvas bags for the beach. You can find them in resort collections. Try to do some research for summer canvas beach bags 2018 and you’ll surely find something new and more creative. From the simplest solutions to the most eye-catching styles, there are millions of versions of canvas bags to choose for the beach.

Waterproof Beach Bags

The transparent waterproof beach bags are probably the best beach bag ideas. Of course, their main advantage is the waterproof feature but it’s not the only benefit they stand out with. You can put other small bags in this large bag or you may fill it with all the possible beach essentials without the worry that they may get wet. Some people even prefer taking food with them using waterproof beach bags. There are smaller options for kids too, so you can take care of your kid’s beach stuff as well.

Nylon Beach Bags

Choose monotone nylon tote handbag if you are looking for a classic and elegant beach bag. This is a high-quality and waterproof fabric that comes in a number of colors but looks stylish in monotone effects. Nylon beach bags are quite popular and they are ideal for the beach. You can use them in everyday life as well, as shopper bags.