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Instagram Fashionistas to Follow for More Inspiration

Instagram Fashionistas to Follow for More Inspiration

Instagram is a huge platform where everyone expresses themselves and tries to gain more popularity. Only successful Instagram accounts become popular and requested in public. Today well take a look at some of the most stylish Instagram fashionistas to follow for more inspiration. If you think your style needs an update then check out the accounts of these stunners and follow their latest updates.

Chloe Miles

So, the first beauty on our list is Chloe Miles. She is a big lover of retro effects and styles and those with the same passion love the way she dresses up and styles her hair. This lady looks very fashionable even in the oldest retro outfit. The secret is hidden behind her cool art of combining old things with newer touches. She knows how to play up with retro things and makes them so fresh and interesting.

Lauren Johnson

Follow Lauren Johnson if you feel as if you need a piece of “cool girl” inspo. She will teach you how to stay free and fashionable at the same time. Her style is cozy, effortless yet so chic and unique. Her lavishing beauty inspires many women and the fact that she stands out with natural beauty makes her even more attractive. This girl has a lot to tell you about fashion.

Casey Carlson

Check out Casey Carlson’s Instagram account and you’ll like her harmonious boho style. She belongs to free people and follows up the true Bohemian chic. Her photographs are made with great passion and they represent not only her personal style but also character and energy. She shows the well-balanced harmony between a woman and the nature. This makes her so popular and inspiring.

Anine Bing

Anine Bing is a true fan of classic outfits and elegant combinations. Her modern style makes her a real fashionista. It seems as if she has a personal stylist but her way of dressing is not that unusual. It’s just neat, very well-balanced and eye-catching. She pays a lot of attention to her hairstyles and accessories, which are always matched wisely with her outfits. Anine can give you millions of street style ideas for every season. Keep up with her cool lifestyle.

Zoe Lazerson

Another representative of the beautiful harmony between a woman and the nature is Zoe Lazerson. Looking at her photos one may think that she is just a passionate traveler who likes to be taken photos. However, we see her love towards denim and the cool way she rocks it. Her hairstyles, makeup ideas, accessories and dressing trends are very glamorous and stylish. Zoe looks different in each photo and that’s her secret of gaining more followers on Instagram.

Asiyami Gold

Here is Asiyami Gold who shares her interesting lifestyle and fashion tips on Instagram with her followers. She is known as a cute blogger who grabs attention with her unrepeatable facial features and face impression. This lady makes you love the life you live and adds more color to it. She likes wearing bright hues and her dark skin tone ideally represents all the bright shades we see.

Gigi Hadid’s Hottest Outfit Collection

Gigi Hadid’s Hottest Outfit Collection

Young, beautiful and talented; that’s all a woman wants to sparkle in the crowd. Gigi Hadid is one of the most popular models in America and she is an inspirational girl for many women of all age groups. This cute beauty knows how to show off her true charm and femininity. Today we’ll take a look at Gigi Hadid’s hottest outfits that can leave you speechless. These are perhaps her most beautiful looks that can give you new dressing ideas for prom.

White Two-Piece Dress

We have seen Gigi in a number of white dresses from long and romantic lace pieces to two-piece combinations. White suits her skin tone and goes well with her light her. Using two of the biggest trends in fashion she has created a luxurious and gorgeous look. Here she shows off her mile-high model legs and draws attention to the chest due to the bold cropped top. There is no need to mention that her short bob haircut makes her even more attractive.


Mini Dress with Deep V-neck

Gigi was rocking a lovely mini dress with deep V-neck at her 21st birthday. This look of her is so simple yet so luxurious. It ideally brings out all her beauty and makes her so lavishing. This look is still trendy because it’s a mixture of current trends; deep-V-neck, prints and knee-length stylish boots. Her bold makeup and natural-looking wavy hairstyle soften down her overall style and make it so chic and girlish.


Mermaid Jumpsuit

Every celebrity has their favorite piece of jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are the most comfortable outfits for any occasion and the best thing about them is that you can always stand out with your unique style rocking new and trendy jumpsuits at a party. So, Gigi gives us a cool idea on how to rock a prom jumpsuit. She wears a golden mermaid jumpsuit with matching clutch and accessories. Thanks to her harmonious combination of colors, hairstyle and makeup she really looks like a mermaid run from a fairy-tale.


Two-Piece Yellow Outfit from Ralph Lauren

Everyone was talking about this look of Gigi Hadid when she appeared at London launch party for her Maybelline makeup collection. This two-piece yellow outfit from Ralph Lauren seems to be created just for Gigi. She sparkles in it with all her power and fab. Her cute updo hairstyle allows us to see the true beauty of the dress and long kimono/jacket. The created look seems to be unrepeatable making Gigi glow like the sun.


Dark Navy Blue Dress

Gigi looks incredibly fabulous eve in the simplest mini dress. Here we see her in a cool dark navy blue dress that’s unzipped at the bottom showing off her thighs. She certainly looked unforgettable during the whole evening. The simple half-updo hairstyle brings out her face and draws attention to her neck and chest.


Stained Glass Versace Gown

And we never forget about the most luxurious looks of our stunners. Look at this fantastic stained glass gown from Versace worn by Gigi Hadid. She is truly the queen of the party in this fancy style. It’s one of Gigi’s most memorable moments seen at Met Gala. It goes without saying that she has chosen the best hairstyle for this look.

Meet Lynette Jurczyk

Meet Lynette Jurczyk

Name: Lynette Jurczyk

Instagram: lynettejurczyk

What’s your story?
Hello! I am a high school senior from Connecticut. I have always loved two things, one being school and the other being modeling/photography. The joy I get from being able to represent brands and create great content for them is absolutely incredible, so I am here hoping to get into contact with more brands and create more beautiful content.

Why do you want to work as a model or brand ambassador?
It’s an extremely rewarding experience to be able to create beautiful content for brands. I also just love the community and how models lift each other up, it’s very inspiring. One day I also hope to travel as a model, as I love to travel but simply can’t afford to that often.

What are your other career goals and passion?
I hope to have a successful career that supports my lifestyle. I also will be attending college soon to become a dermatologist PA , so modeling will definitely not be my only job in the future.

Tell us about your lifestyle? How do you maintain your looks and physique?
I am very into skincare, I have always loved it (which is why I want to be a dermatologist PA ), so I do a lot fo research on new brands and I have a very religious regimen of products that I know work for me. I also have a high metabolism naturally so even as a child I was always super skinny, but now I actually work with one of my older friends who is an aspiring physical trainer to get really toned

What are your hobbies? What fills your days? What do you do for fun?
Normally, I am in school. But other than that I love swimming, boating, and anything else involving lakes or beaches. In addition to that I also love just hanging out with my friends and family.

What are your favorite brands? What brands do you want to work with? What kind of campaign do you want to be a part of?
I love PacSun, they are my ultimate favorite brand. In addition to them, I also like Forever21, Zaful, Revolve, Urban Outfitters, Mamonde, Herbivore, and Sephora. Id love to work with clothing or makeup brands.

How much time do you spend online?
All the time

What part of this career interests you the most?
photography, traveling, and trying out brand products

What’s your personal motivation?
Modeling helps me stay fit and be conscious of my appearance.

Modeling experience?
I take photos all the time, and I am a brand influencer for brands such as breezy swimwear and brave and bliss. I am also an affiliate for Zafl

Do you have existing partnerships with brands?
I influence for breezy swimwear and brave and bliss. It is commission based but I also get paid for 1 additional post.

New Hairstyle Trends from Celebs

New Hairstyle Trends from Celebs

Hairstyle trends come and go by the time but the best styles stay forever. If you have tried out all the possible hairstyles then you are in the right place to opt for something new for your upcoming prom look. Check out the newest hairstyle trends from celebsand refresh your prom hairstyle ideas with gorgeous touches.  Try to highlight your inner brightness and femininity with the right chosen hairstyle and makeup combination. Here are the best Cannes Red Carpet beauties with the most eye-catching hairstyles.

Kristen Stewart Hairstyle

Look at Kristen Stewart showing off her super trendy updo hairstyle that’s mingled with a kind of pixie effect. This bold and unique hairdo is typical only to this ravishing lady that likes to surprise everyone with new hair ideas. She has also added some fresh caramel highlights to her dark locks to make the hairstyle even more eye-catching. The waves on the top and sleekness on the sides create a well-balanced contrast that suits her smokey-eye makeup and black outfit.

Kendall Jenner Hairstyle

One of the most memorable hairstyles at the Cannes 2018 festival belongs to Kendall Jenner. This young beauty likes to wear simple yet chic hairstyle and this sassy updo with long face framing bangs is going to become a big trend for 2018. She has gone for a bit middle parting to get a classic touch. Her dark shade compliments her white outfit and makes her stand out in the crowd. You can rock this updo hairstyle for any occasion you like. It allows you to bring out your facial features.

Sara Sampaio Hairstyle

Sara Sampaio is one of those lucky women that enjoy healthy and shiny hair. Her long tresses look more beautiful in wavy hairstyles and this time Sara decided to go for a bit of retro. Her long finger waves ideally go with her red lips and subtly highlighted eyes. She has chosen a good shade for her dress to keep all eyes on her dark locks.

Shanina Shaik Hairstyle

We have seen Shanina Shaik in a number of hairstyles at different festivals but this time she was just smashing with her sparkling outfit and natural-looking curly hairstyle. She has kept it simple by wearing subtle makeup and messy hairstyle. The side swept bangs make her face more beautiful, and allow us to stay admired by her attractive look. As a result, her hairstylist has provided her with a lovely summer hairstyle.

Naomi Campbell Hairstyle

And here is Naomi Campbell with a classic low ponytail hairstyle. This year, the majority of updo hairstyles are matched with the elegant middle parting. So, Naomi has gone for a simple center parted ponytail with sleek and straight finishes. This is not the first time we see her in an elegant hairdo but since she has appealing facial features and beautiful eyes, she can go for all kinds of updo hairstyles to showcase her true beauty. Her soft makeup completes the desired fancy style.

#TB to when Karlie Kloss gave us major inspiration

#TB to when Karlie Kloss gave us major inspiration

Karlie Kloss, as any other model, is someone many people look up to. She is one of the most recognizable models of today, Yes, she does make money (once again, as any other model) out of her fabulous psyche.  But, if every beauty queen out there spent her money the way Karlie Kloss spends them, the world would be a much . MUCH better place to live.

What makes Karlie Kloss step out from the model crowd? Other than her unique beauty (lol, once again, as any other model) and personality, Karlie Kloss’ secret is – her soul (like any other model – NOT). I guess it is true what they say; beauty really comes from within.

Back in 2015, Karlie Kloss put her beauty into a worthy cause. Percentage of her funding went to giving scholarships to young women. While we are going through the past, let’s mention not forget to mention this. She modeled for Dior, Marc Jacobs, Gap, Victoria’s Secret and many other. Karlie Kloss has been on the covers of world-renowned magazines and has been praised for her beauty all over social media. Here, we face the same question again. What makes her different than any other beauty queen?
While many would settle for their famousness and already- built public character, Karlie Kloss, the model, took a 2-week coding class. Motivated by her learning experience, she knew she had to share her achievement with others.

But she did not only share and brag about her experience; she shared her money too. In an effort to encourage your women to take coding classes, Karlie Kloss offered 20 scholarships. Why don’t I just quote her; nothing I can say can top her words.


And here’s how she offered her help to 20 other young women:


Many would wonder, what’s Karlie goal here? Many would also say that she was (is) doing all this for publicity. But many would also argue with that (like me). Her goal is to put her best in creating an equal world, where everybody gets a fair chance at success.

Given the fact that people know Karlie Kloss as a model and nothing more than that – this may come as a surprise. Karlie Kloss nailed math in school and she was what many would call a geek. She started her career at the young age of 13, and by 2014 she already made it to Forbes’ list of highest paid models.

Karlie Kloss is more than just another pretty face. She is, and never fails to be, A MAJOR INSPIRATION.  Say what you will, but one thing is for certain. This girl knows the secret code to being an inspiration!

Purple: How To Wear Color Of The Year

Purple: How To Wear Color Of The Year

Whether you like it or not, purple is Pantone color of the year. It has exploded in street style fashion. Girls were ahead of Pantone game and started wearing this shade in all possible ways. It’s been powering runways as well. Purple looks lovely and very flattering. This year it is more blue-based, so it seems very pretty and has pastel vibe.

In this post, we will check out how to style purple sweaters dresses, coats and jackets.

Spoiler alert: wonderful outfit ideas ahead!



These sweaters are oversized, attractive and guess what – purple! Let’s check out how to style these lovely and chic sweaters. I can just tell you that they are ideal for every day.

Navy-blue chino pants are mixed and matched with purple pastel sweater. It is one excellent and casual combination, perfect for everyday wear. You can consider this to be your new workwear inspiration.

If you want to wear something more eccentric than this previous one, then check out this one. This matchy look looks lovely and very interesting. Cut of the sweater is pretty unusual, with side straps.

I know that you are wondering about this hat. I can say that transparent trend is huge this spring! This hat is a great accessory if you want to show off your sense for style. Matchy pants and sweater are looking fresh and polished.

Song of Style owner and chief Aimee appears fantastic in this lovely and chic mix. Jeans and purple sweater are casual staples. However, the furry blue coat is bit elegant and very sophisticated.

Long and comfy – two words describing this long purple sweater. It is a bit eccentric, so be careful where you want to wear this.



Let’s see some wonderful purple dresses!

For matchy look, mix your trendy socks boots and light purple dress. This girl opted for the black leather jacket as an amazing spring item. If you need an outfit for a night out, then you should definitely choose this one.

Knit dresses are most flattering ones. They are perfect for fall, winter, and spring. Versatility is one of their main characteristics.

Along with knitting dresses, wrap dresses are also very versatile and flattering. This Scandi blogger shows us how purple can look good in combination with the furry brown coat.



Lovely and warm, these jackets will steal your hearts and make you cozy on cold winter days.

Puffer jackets were one of the most worn pieces this winter. Warm and fluffy, these jackets look very nice. Surprisingly, girls were wearing it with elegant staples, like this floral dress and many others.

Trench coats are eternal and chic staples that you need to have in your closet. Whether they are long or short, they will be your favorite pieces for years.

As you can see, pairing puffer jacket with leather pants is not impossible anymore. This girl even wears super high heels and elegant white bag.

Wedding Gowns SS 2018

Wedding Gowns SS 2018

Every season we are provided with new wedding gowns and more fashionable solutions. If you are planning to get married this spring or summer then check out our collection of the trendiest wedding gowns for SS 2018. We’ll help you find the best wedding dress for your big day. It’s the day when you seek for perfection and a magical look. Luckily, there is always something suitable for any taste and preference.

Black Touches on White Gowns

Lately we see many fashion houses offering super white wedding gowns with black touches. This trend is meant only for braves who look for extravagant and unique solutions for their bridal look. Soft and subtle black belts, bows and flowers tend to grab more attention. They make the white dress even more eye-catching and interesting. Modern fashion houses such as Marchesa, Elizabeth Fillmore, Vera Wang, Reem Acra and Romona by Romona Keveza come with unique examples of wedding gowns with black accents.

Deep V-Necks

V-necks continue to rock the triumph of trendy wedding gowns. They are becoming more popular thanks to many stylish celebrities who tend to keep this trend so required. Wedding dresses with deep V-necks are very feminine and attractive. They highlight all the beauty of the wearer and draw attention to her neck, face and of course breasts. In some cases this cut goes down the belly button creating a posh and brave look. Deep V-necks are seen at Berta Bridal, Francesca Miranda, Houghton, Viktor and Rolf, Monique Lhuillier, Naeem Khan and Oscar de la Renta SS 2018 fashion shows.

Wedding Gowns with Extreme Sleeves

Our lovely sleeves are back with modern twists and touches. Nowadays we see many tender wedding gowns with transparent sleeves that create a mysterious and interesting style for brides. Those extreme sleeves combined with super subtle fabrics are more than ravishing for those who want to showcase their true beauty and femininity. They are seen between Francesca Miranda, Galia Lahav, Reem Acra, Theia, Vera Wang bridal collections. The touch of tenderness is completed just in wedding gowns with long and extreme sleeves.

Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Gowns

Another stunning trend that continues to be so requested is the off-the-shoulder style. It’s seen not only among common prom dresses but also in trendy wedding gowns for SS 2018. We can learn how to rock them this year from fancy Anne Barge, Alyne by Rivini, Christian Siriano, Elie Saab, Marchesa. These fashion houses represent the best off-the-shoulder styles that you can combine with wedding dresses.

Wedding Gowns with Side Cutouts

What about the side-cutouts. While V-necks showcase too much skin, side cutouts tend to draw attention to your beautiful ribs. These are romantic and lavishing styles that allow you to use your own fantasy while creating your bridal look. You can combine different fabrics to achieve a fantastic and unique style. Try to go for some unusual layers, cuts and triangle-shaped ideas in order to stand out with a new style. Take an example from Amsale, Lazaro, Sabrina Dahan and Randy Fenoli Bridal.

Trendy Clutches 2018

Trendy Clutches 2018

Would you like to complete your style with new accessories? Stay with us because today we’ll discover the best clutches for 2018. A trendy bag or clutch can change up your entire look adding a style statement and a fancy touch to it. Women with sporty style can transform into elegant ladies with the right chosen classic outfits and clutches and women with too glamorous styles can go for a bit sporty with cozy clutches. So, check out our list to find your style.

Tiny Belt Clutch

Perhaps one of the most convenient clutches out there is the belt clutch. It’s a big bag trend for 2018 and is widely used by women of all age groups. It’s an ideal choice for everyday use and is often seen on streets. You can use it for your shopping, morning walks and traveling. It’s quite easy and safe to keep your money, keys and phone in such a tiny clutch.

Hoop Handle Clutches

What about modern handles for your clutch? Choose this style to look neater and more elegant. Generally, hoop handles are combined with leather pieces and tend to serve quite long. So, buying such clutches you make sure you have chosen a high-quality item for your beauty tools, cell-phone and money. There are also more luxurious options for prom looks and special events.

Bow Clutches

It seems as if bowl travel in the world fashion. They become either hair accessory trends or outfit completions. This time we see bows on clutches. They usually serve as handles and look quite creative. Bows hold a kind of girlish touch, that’s why they are loved by the majority of fashionistas. They look even nicer in subtle and soft fabrics.

Cobalt Blue Clutches

Cobalt blue is a pleasant shade that looks beautiful on various fabrics. It’s a lovely color for small and cute purses. Nowadays we see many fashion houses representing cobalt blue bags and clutches. They are both practical and for special occasions. You can match cobalt blue clutches with cobalt blue earrings, rings and watches to complete your bluish look. In case, you like using different hues of the same color, you can go for light and dark blue combinations creating a harmonious mix.

Box Clutches

Sometimes box-shaped items are the most comfortable to take with you. Between them you can find box clutches for 2018. These unique and cozy bags are accompanied with beautiful trims and embellishments. They are sometimes beautified with images, prints and lace pieces. It’s recommended to make your upcoming prom clutch choice between box clutches as they are both convenient and luxurious.

Furry Purses

Designers have created a lovely purse idea special for cold days. Now, you are welcome to match your furry pieces with furry clutches and purses fall and winter 2018. Besides the ordinary black, white or brown shades, you can also rock colorful fur clutches for a brighter and more stylish appearance. They are soft and will never make you feel any discomfort.

Top 5 Most Followed Models on Instagram

Top 5 Most Followed Models on Instagram

Among thousands of successful models some are just the hottest, the most beautiful, the most popular and requested. Taking into account the fact that Instagram is a great platform for modeling, we can say that any beautiful Instagram user dreams of building a modeling career  just on this popular platform. While some take the first steps others gain millions of followers in several hours because they already have a worldwide fame. Let’s see who are the top 5 most followed models on Instagram that rule this online platform and make it so interesting for many users.

Bella Hadid (15M+ followers)

So, on the first place of the most followed models we see Bella Hadid. This stunner has always been in the center of attention with her sharp and mysterious face expression that attracts millions of fans. She is famous not only thanks to her beauty but also or her outstanding femininity mixed with smartness. Bella has been named Dior make-up ambassador in 2016 when she was just 20 years old. Being a famous model for rich fashion houses such as Balmain, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta she continues to be one of the most required models in the world.

Emily Ratajkowski (15.1M+ followers)

The next on our list is Emily Ratajkowski. This is another stunner with sparkling eyes, attractive smile and smashing body shape. She is also a talented actress but many know her as an American top model. Today she is the new face for the luxury hair product company Kérastase Paris. This lovely lady often shares her beauty secrets with her followers and all women worldwide.

Gigi Hadid (35.9M+ followers)

It goes without saying that Gigi Hadid is one of the most beautiful and famous models in America. Although she and Bella Hadid are sisters and both are gorgeous, Gigi gains more popularity day by day thanks to her fame. Once she told that her mother was a model too. Well, now you know the sisters’ secret to success in the modeling world. She also says “I’m not as feminine in my everyday life. I’m really competitive—I’m an athlete and played volleyball all through high school—so working out is fun for me”. All the feminine and girly stuff we see on her is mainly the result of her career and working style. Unlike her slim body shape she also tells that burgers and fries are her weakness. Fans love her for her talent of mixing the ordinary life with the luxurious modeling career. It makes her so simple yet so ravishing at the same time.

Cara Delevingne (40.7M+ followers)

The second place belongs to our unique model and actress Cara Delevingne. Her fans and Instagram followers are always entrained with her fascinating style, way of thinking and attitude. The way Cara lives and works are unique and inspiring. Would you like to know the story behind her thick and eye-catching eyebrows? Well, they make her differ from the rest and are her visit card as a unique model. Once Cara said “my favorite feature is my eyebrows. But to be honest, I was forced to like my eyebrows. I absolutely despised them originally, and I wanted to shave them off. But my mother was just like, ‘You’ll regret that for the rest of your life. Don’t you dare touch them! I didn’t”.

Kendall Jenner (83.7M+ followers)

Gigi’s bestie rocks the first place of the top 5 most followed models on Instagram. There is no doubt that Kardashian sisters are the most famous women in the world, but Kendall’s beauty is something very different, capturing and luxurious. She is not as glamorous as Kim but she is lovelier for many fans. She has a kind of unrevealed beauty secret that keeps her so requested and mysterious. Just look at her eyes. They hold all her charm.