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Fall Fashion Starter Kit: All Items That You Need

Fall Fashion Starter Kit: All Items That You Need

What would you choose – blindly following trends or building your wardrobe with basic staples? Sometimes it is better to combine these two to get fantastic results. Falling in the middle is the best possible option that you can get in the fashion world. When fall knocks on the door, you have to be ready. That is why you need to prepare your best items to warm your up. All that you need is ultimate fall fashion starter kit. Let’s see what’s inside.


Isn’t the blazer perfect outerwear? It can be used as a jacket, or even below a coat when it is too cold outside. When buying the blazer, try to choose the classic cut and some basic color. Navy blue and black will always be in style so you can wear your blazer until it is ripped off! In fall it goes perfectly with jeans, wide leg pants, and pleated skirts.


If you think it is impossible to wear dresses in fall when the weather becomes colder, then you were wrong. Knit dresses are perfect for that. Whether they are long, short or midi, they work perfectly with thigh-high boots or stilettos. They can be your new workwear – chic and very comfortable.


Every girl needs a chunky sweater to feel warm and cozy when the rain starts. Whether color you choose it will be good. Beige, soft pink, and lilac are perfect shades to go with for fall. They are both versatile and trendy.


Cardigans are suitable for those days when the weather is not here nor there. When it is too much for a coat, but it is not so warm to go in your blouse only. Dresses, as well as formal wear like button-downs, can be combined with warm cardigans.


Black booties are must-have in your closet for the fall-winter season and they have to be in your fall fashion starter kit. It is good to have a backup like brown or white ones, but the blacks are the ones you will actually wear the most. They are versatile, and you can choose the heel – block heel would definitely be the trendy and smart pick.


Switch from your white jeans to the dark one. You won’t like the stains from the rain! Colored jeans are great because it can be your workwear staple as well. You can decide to wear it with your basic white tee, and it will still look fantastic.



Along with booties, there should be a place for tall boots in your closet. They are the perfect companion for cold weather – wearing them with skirts will make you cozy, even on a cold rainy day! Suede and leather materials should be your choices.


Light and fashionable, duster coat is a sporty version of the trench coat. It usually comes without buttons, only with the belt. You can style it with both sneakers and heels. Pick some neutral color like beige, black or grey.

What’s inside your fall fashion starter kit? Tell me in the comment section below!

How to Organize Your Closet for Fall: Tips and Tricks

How to Organize Your Closet for Fall: Tips and Tricks

Whether it is just you or the transitional season you should definitely organize your closet from time to time. It will help you realize how much clothes you got (in reality) so you can’t pull that same old I don’t have anything to wear phrase. Sometimes, when our clothes are not tied up, and it is kind of messy in our closets, you can’t really see what is hiding back there. I have prepared some ultimate tips and trick on how to organize your closet and clear up your headspace as well!


Empty everything! Let all the clothes that you have from your closet and put it on the floor, on your bed or anywhere else. That way you can also have a better look at the space so you can remodel it the way it suits you at the moment. This is also an excellent opportunity to clean everything.

Try to declutter through every stuff that you have gotten out from the closet. This part can be stressful because it is natural that you want to keep (almost) everything, but the point is to leave something that you really need.



If there are some things that you haven’t worn for 12 or more months, you need to let them go. If you become emotional, let it aside for some time and then see if there is anything you can wear that item with. If not, put it in the goodbye box.


This 12-month rule can apply to your underwear as well. Opt for the panties that you wear the most – comfy and sexy ones. However, don’t keep the ones that are getting old or frayed. You can also roll them so they will be easier for you to find them.


It is always better to hang your clothes within categories and subcategories. For example blouses, pants, skirts, and dresses or long-sleeve, strapless and others. I like to place my clothes facing the same way. This trick makes it easier to browse through your items.


Don’t hide your bags inside your closet. Put them somewhere visible so you won’t forget about having some! They shouldn’t be kept one inside the other. In that way, they can be damaged and reshaped.



Put the clothes in the order you need to wear it. So, on the top should be your underwear, socks and then shirts, sweaters, and your jeans.


If you are not so good at keeping your clothes organized, then you should use dividers. Put the ones you use the most up in the front rows.


These accessories are easily forgotten. They can be thrown in some dark corner of your closet, and even when you need them – you can’t find them. That is why you should let them be hanged somewhere visible so you won’t find them only when you organize your closet.


All those minimalistic gold and bronze trays are great for keeping your pieces of jewelry on them.

Instagram Fashionistas to Follow for More Inspiration

Instagram Fashionistas to Follow for More Inspiration

Instagram is a huge platform where everyone expresses themselves and tries to gain more popularity. Only successful Instagram accounts become popular and requested in public. Today well take a look at some of the most stylish Instagram fashionistas to follow for more inspiration. If you think your style needs an update then check out the accounts of these stunners and follow their latest updates.

Chloe Miles

So, the first beauty on our list is Chloe Miles. She is a big lover of retro effects and styles and those with the same passion love the way she dresses up and styles her hair. This lady looks very fashionable even in the oldest retro outfit. The secret is hidden behind her cool art of combining old things with newer touches. She knows how to play up with retro things and makes them so fresh and interesting.

Lauren Johnson

Follow Lauren Johnson if you feel as if you need a piece of “cool girl” inspo. She will teach you how to stay free and fashionable at the same time. Her style is cozy, effortless yet so chic and unique. Her lavishing beauty inspires many women and the fact that she stands out with natural beauty makes her even more attractive. This girl has a lot to tell you about fashion.

Casey Carlson

Check out Casey Carlson’s Instagram account and you’ll like her harmonious boho style. She belongs to free people and follows up the true Bohemian chic. Her photographs are made with great passion and they represent not only her personal style but also character and energy. She shows the well-balanced harmony between a woman and the nature. This makes her so popular and inspiring.

Anine Bing

Anine Bing is a true fan of classic outfits and elegant combinations. Her modern style makes her a real fashionista. It seems as if she has a personal stylist but her way of dressing is not that unusual. It’s just neat, very well-balanced and eye-catching. She pays a lot of attention to her hairstyles and accessories, which are always matched wisely with her outfits. Anine can give you millions of street style ideas for every season. Keep up with her cool lifestyle.

Zoe Lazerson

Another representative of the beautiful harmony between a woman and the nature is Zoe Lazerson. Looking at her photos one may think that she is just a passionate traveler who likes to be taken photos. However, we see her love towards denim and the cool way she rocks it. Her hairstyles, makeup ideas, accessories and dressing trends are very glamorous and stylish. Zoe looks different in each photo and that’s her secret of gaining more followers on Instagram.

Asiyami Gold

Here is Asiyami Gold who shares her interesting lifestyle and fashion tips on Instagram with her followers. She is known as a cute blogger who grabs attention with her unrepeatable facial features and face impression. This lady makes you love the life you live and adds more color to it. She likes wearing bright hues and her dark skin tone ideally represents all the bright shades we see.

The Best Ways to Style Mules: Style Guide

The Best Ways to Style Mules: Style Guide

When you are not into open-toe sandals or flip-flops, then don’t hesitate to try the shoes that became popular in a very short time. Mules are the new obsession for many girls now, so I have decided to show you how you can style them as well.
On the street style stars, you could see mules as a part of many different combinations. Some girls like to wear them in a classy, casual way, while the others break the boundaries with mixing unpairable. There are a variety of materials that the mules are made of. Satin and pastel palette are definitely some of the most important things to look when purchasing a pair. However, if the bright colors are your thing, then there are definitely some cool combinations that you need to try.

Let’s check out some of the best combinations that all trendy girls would try.


Yellow and blue combinations were always to-much for me. However, when I see the mix like this, I can’t say anything but BEAUTIFUL! This girl decided to pair knit with a fine pleated skirt like it is the most casual thing in the world. Blue mules with silver detail are classy but also very eccentric.


All-white-everything is one of the best combinations for spring and summer. However, you can definitely continue to wear this lovely outfit in fall in winter. With mules, this combination gets a new twist. As you can see bronze and white make a fantastic combination that you could not resist to wear.


Even with the most casual outfits like this one, you can add some bright and interesting detail. If I were you, I would opt for these lovely red mules to complete and to bring life to this lovely white outfit. It will be a perfect office or evening look.


Orange was and still is one of the most challenging colors to wear. It was also one of the fall-winter colors last year. We have seen a lot of inspiring and fashionable combinations that were made of orange items – blazers, pants, and mules. They look perfectly even in the simple white-shirt-jeans combo.


Pastels are so dominant for some time now, that it is a shame if you haven’t buy anything in lilac, mint green and baby pink color. Believe it or not, blush pink and mint green make a perfect combo. If you don’t believe me, check out this lovely outfit below!


If you are a more silent type and you don’t like your outfits to scream colors wherever you go, then you can always opt for navy-blue combinations. This chic Italian girl proves that she can look equally good in classy as well as in eccentric outfits.


Mules are definitely French approved footwear. They look perfectly stylish and they can be a perfect detail to every combination. Editor and chief from Vogue wears them like this – don’t hesitate to copy her style.

Boho Chic Accessories for Every Casual Look

Boho Chic Accessories for Every Casual Look

Whatever you wear with your outfits to make them more fashionable and eye-catching, there is always a series of accessories you have never discovered. Leaving aside all your jewelry, embellishments and style statement items here we represent the best of boho chic accessories for every casual look. Boho chic has become one of the most favorite styles in fashion. It always comes with interesting solutions and accessory ideas worthy to wear in any season and for any occasion.

Bohemian Headwraps / Headbands

There are thousands of beautiful and stylish headbands in the world of fashion but women make their choice between bohemian head wraps and headbands. Many brides opt for floral and futuristic headbands for their cozy and casual-kind wedding look instead of posh and luxurious crowns. These headbands are very exquisite and feminine. They go well with subtle dresses and look fabulous for any special occasion where you want to stay beautiful and casual at the same time.

Bohemian Bracelets

The next big trend from Bohemian accessories is the lovely set of leather, turquoise and ethnic-like bracelets inspired by old Indian tribes. These bracelets stand out with their cool combination of hues, interesting patterns and mysterious details. It seems as if they come from ancient times and only the wearer owns such priceless items. You can add a personal touch to these bracelets with DIY ideas. Bohemian bracelets ideally go with street style outfits and sporty clothing.

Bohemian Rings

As for Bohemian rings, they mainly come in combinations of silver, turquoise and other expensive stones. You can find boho rings of all sizes and geometrical shapes. There are even triangle-shaped designs for these unique accessories. Some choose bracelet+ring combination as a more modern version of rocking the lovely boho chic.  Here you see some of the latest examples that grab attention with their beauty and harmonious balance. If you like wearing multiple rings at the same time, then boho rings are your cup of coffee.

Bohemian Necklaces

The many mixtures of old and new styles are obviously reflected on the trendy pieces of Bohemian necklaces. They are usually in layered designs, which give them a fascinating and attractive touch. You can see coin boho necklaces, silver pieces, well-balanced combos of various expensive stones etc. The list is endless.

Bohemian Sandals

Perhaps the most comfortable sandals you can ever meet are Bohemian sandals. From simple fringed styles to the brightest patterns there is a wide range of Bohemian sandals for summer 2018. Like the rest of accessories, boho sandals also bear ethnic designs and rich color combinations. Each can easily find the desired pair of sandals between Bohemian designs.

Bohemian Bags

When it comes to the choice of bags, we give preference to the design and coziness. Luckily, Bohemian bags are both practical and beautiful. Of, course, they can’t be called classic and formal but we wear them with great pleasure in everyday life. Handbags made of leather and styled with fringes are the most favorite trends of 2018. Other options include beach bags, casual clutches and unique wallets.

6 Fat-Burning Foods: How to Boost Your Metabolism

6 Fat-Burning Foods: How to Boost Your Metabolism

Summer is here, and that can mean only one thing – now it is time to show off our perfect beach bodies. If you think you are not quite ready, don’t worry. I have gathered some of the best fat-burning foods to help you boost your metabolism while not being in the gym.

From avocado and egg to the berries and green tea, all these fat-burning foods are fantastic for building your muscles, and what is even more important they will reduce the cravings (is this even possible, girls?).

Incorporate these fat-burners into your daily routine, and you will immediately feel better!



Avocado works like this – it uses monounsaturated fats, which are very heart-friendly, to burn fats! It comes as a perfect energy booster for training. Avocado is also full of antioxidants, and powerful vitamins.
They will reduce your stomach bloat and water retention. According to the studies, 40% of participants that have eaten half of the avocado for their lunch haven’t eaten a few hours after that. Isn’t that perfect?



Eggs are a perfectly natural combination of animal protein and healthy fats. They contain nine essential amino acids and polyunsaturated fats. Eggs keep you energized for a long time during the day.
Make sure to buy farm-fresh eggs. They might be more expensive, but it is worth the cost.



Berries are tasty, and they help you reduce the cravings. They are loaded with fibres, an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that boosts your immune system works.  Strawberries can protect you from some types of cancer, while blueberries are loaded with vitamin C, vitamin K, and manganese. Raspberries help in the regulation of your blood sugar. Blackberries contain quercetin – an antioxidant that reduces the risk of heart disease.



The best type of olive oil that is produced by natural methods is extra virgin olive oil. All these fat-burning foods when prepared can lose their effects. That is why it is the best to use this type of oil when burning calories or dieting.

Olive oil is full of monounsaturated fats, as well as with vitamins K and E. This oil is convenient for massage as well.



When you decide to have a cheat day full of chips, and other not-so-healthy food, you should detoxicate yourself with a grapefruit juice. Why? Grape is full of soluble fiber which helps in maintaining your blood sugar levels as well as insulin spikes after eating so many junk food.
When consumed before a meal, it serves as a suppressant – which means that the body will digest it longer.



If you are planning to reduce coffee, and switch to something else, then you should definitely opt for a green tea. It has less caffeine than regular black coffee, so it is a perfect substitution.
The benefits of green tea are brain function improved, fat-burning potential and many others. This tea also reduces free radicals in the body. Studies have shown that it is perfect protection from some types of cancer.


Which of these fat-burning foods is your favourite? Do you use something else to boost your metabolism?