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Style Guide: How to Wear Wrap Dress

Style Guide: How to Wear Wrap Dress

Now when wrap dress is back in fashion, there are no words that can explain the joy chic and stylish girls experience while wearing it. It is one of the most comfortable dresses along with the fact it is very classy and fashionable. Summer is definitely the right time to show off your creativity and sense for fashion. I have prepared a guide where I will try to show you some of the best ways to style the wrap dress.



The white color is timeless and never goes out of style. This wrap dress can be the perfect choice for many different situations – elegant, casual or you can wear it as your workwear. Black chunky mules seem very comfortable and appropriate for your office hours.



If you are somewhere at the seaside don’t hesitate to wear deep v-neck wrap dress like this – it looks terrific. When on vacation you don’t need to worry about what is appropriate and what isn’t. Make sure to pair everything with straw or basket bag, as this fashion blogger did.



Ruffle sleeves intend to make every dress look exciting and unique. The wrap cut and the length of the dress will make you a star of every event you decide to go to. When it comes to shoes, you can style this dress with almost everything – flats, sandals, mules and high heels.


There were a lot of fashion stories about this particular green dress. If you are following trends, fashion bloggers and street style photos you probably have seen it many times. Girls were styling it differently – with heels, sneakers, and mules. It would definitely be smart for you to try it too.



Gingham pattern was on the peak of its popularity a few seasons ago. Since then its reputation hasn’t collapsed. This lovely orange dress is excellent for market days, picnics and many other casual occasions. You can wear it with mules, sandals or flats.



Nothing can beat a good red wrap dress, right? Olivia Palermo wears this lovely dress with black ankle booties. You can switch to something more summerish – sandals or flats. Floral dresses are best to wear not only in summer but during all seasons.


This might seem like an unusual combination, but it is actually fascinating and chic. This silky wrap dress can be your choice for many different events. As you can see this girl style it with socks and sneakers, but you can opt for high heel sandals or pointy-toes.



Orange was definitely one of the colors of this season. You won’t make a mistake if you pick orange wrap dress and decorate it with lovely gold jewelry. Puff sleeves will provide you with a great dose of ventilation. A fisherman bag would be perfect detail to finish off this look.


I hope that you have found some fashion inspiration by reading this article. Do you own a wrap dress? Tell us in the comments below how do you wear it.

Workwear Inspiration: What to Wear to Your Office

Workwear Inspiration: What to Wear to Your Office

Being in your office for 8 hours is hard. However, outfits are here to make your working hours easier and better. Good outfits are known as mood-lifter. Bright colors, prints, and flattering cuts are just some of the things that you should think about when choosing your outfit. I will show you what to wear to your office while looking chic and comfortable. Most of these combinations are bright, colorful and printed. In that way, you can be sure you will look absolutely flawless and stylish. Get ready for some workwear inspiration. Let’s start!


Silk is one of the most flattering and sophisticated materials that you can find on the fashion market. It is also very expensive looking, so you should definitely consider wearing one for your office. Navy-blue and white works perfectly together. Don’t forget to put a detail like this beautiful gold belt, and to color your nails in red. This will be comfy and sophisticated look for your working hours.


The all-grey outfit that is comfortable and flattering at the same time is something you have to try at your working place. It is chunky and loose but also very chic and fashionable. Metallic details like these lovely pointy-toe booties are fantastic pieces to go with. Gold and silver dominated last fashion season so you won’t make a mistake if you choose the boots like this.


Wearing leather was never easier! Forget classic and choose rather some other color than black. I suggest trying emerald green. Match it with the sweater in the same shade of green. Gold Oxford shoes are a bold detail that you should definitely try with this combination.


In the end, you can always choose classic combination like this. Parisians are the best in combining black and white outfits – why don’t you follow their fashion rules? White button-down and black high waist pants are perfect items for your new workwear inspiration.


Wearing pink suit is something that you should definitely try this spring. It seems interesting, and you won’t look like a Barbie, that is for sure. On the contrary, pink suits appear chicer than ever before. You can style them with basic black pieces and round everything off with kitten heel mules. In the end, you will get a fantastic and comfortable outfit combination.


Ruffle sleeves are perfectly flattering and stunning looking. White and black combinations are timeless. With right details or different cuts and materials, black-and-white outfits can be exciting and never dull. Cropped chino pants are one of the pillars of workwear style. In this combination, you will feel chic with the lovely Parisian vibe.


Everybody was thinking and talking about pastels this year. And everybody tried pastels as well! So, what are you waiting for? You can find some workwear inspiration like this in almost every retail store. This girl wears silky pastel green combination. She adds sparkly earrings and small unique bag.


Mix prints and leisure materials. You will definitely look lovely, and you will feel comfortable and flattering. This girl matches the colors, but she does excellent work in mixing prints. Strappy sandals will round off with a look in the best possible way – giving you the specific romantic workwear look.