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The Best Ways to Style Mules: Style Guide

The Best Ways to Style Mules: Style Guide

When you are not into open-toe sandals or flip-flops, then don’t hesitate to try the shoes that became popular in a very short time. Mules are the new obsession for many girls now, so I have decided to show you how you can style them as well.
On the street style stars, you could see mules as a part of many different combinations. Some girls like to wear them in a classy, casual way, while the others break the boundaries with mixing unpairable. There are a variety of materials that the mules are made of. Satin and pastel palette are definitely some of the most important things to look when purchasing a pair. However, if the bright colors are your thing, then there are definitely some cool combinations that you need to try.

Let’s check out some of the best combinations that all trendy girls would try.


Yellow and blue combinations were always to-much for me. However, when I see the mix like this, I can’t say anything but BEAUTIFUL! This girl decided to pair knit with a fine pleated skirt like it is the most casual thing in the world. Blue mules with silver detail are classy but also very eccentric.


All-white-everything is one of the best combinations for spring and summer. However, you can definitely continue to wear this lovely outfit in fall in winter. With mules, this combination gets a new twist. As you can see bronze and white make a fantastic combination that you could not resist to wear.


Even with the most casual outfits like this one, you can add some bright and interesting detail. If I were you, I would opt for these lovely red mules to complete and to bring life to this lovely white outfit. It will be a perfect office or evening look.


Orange was and still is one of the most challenging colors to wear. It was also one of the fall-winter colors last year. We have seen a lot of inspiring and fashionable combinations that were made of orange items – blazers, pants, and mules. They look perfectly even in the simple white-shirt-jeans combo.


Pastels are so dominant for some time now, that it is a shame if you haven’t buy anything in lilac, mint green and baby pink color. Believe it or not, blush pink and mint green make a perfect combo. If you don’t believe me, check out this lovely outfit below!


If you are a more silent type and you don’t like your outfits to scream colors wherever you go, then you can always opt for navy-blue combinations. This chic Italian girl proves that she can look equally good in classy as well as in eccentric outfits.


Mules are definitely French approved footwear. They look perfectly stylish and they can be a perfect detail to every combination. Editor and chief from Vogue wears them like this – don’t hesitate to copy her style.

Workwear Inspiration: What to Wear to Your Office

Workwear Inspiration: What to Wear to Your Office

Being in your office for 8 hours is hard. However, outfits are here to make your working hours easier and better. Good outfits are known as mood-lifter. Bright colors, prints, and flattering cuts are just some of the things that you should think about when choosing your outfit. I will show you what to wear to your office while looking chic and comfortable. Most of these combinations are bright, colorful and printed. In that way, you can be sure you will look absolutely flawless and stylish. Get ready for some workwear inspiration. Let’s start!


Silk is one of the most flattering and sophisticated materials that you can find on the fashion market. It is also very expensive looking, so you should definitely consider wearing one for your office. Navy-blue and white works perfectly together. Don’t forget to put a detail like this beautiful gold belt, and to color your nails in red. This will be comfy and sophisticated look for your working hours.


The all-grey outfit that is comfortable and flattering at the same time is something you have to try at your working place. It is chunky and loose but also very chic and fashionable. Metallic details like these lovely pointy-toe booties are fantastic pieces to go with. Gold and silver dominated last fashion season so you won’t make a mistake if you choose the boots like this.


Wearing leather was never easier! Forget classic and choose rather some other color than black. I suggest trying emerald green. Match it with the sweater in the same shade of green. Gold Oxford shoes are a bold detail that you should definitely try with this combination.


In the end, you can always choose classic combination like this. Parisians are the best in combining black and white outfits – why don’t you follow their fashion rules? White button-down and black high waist pants are perfect items for your new workwear inspiration.


Wearing pink suit is something that you should definitely try this spring. It seems interesting, and you won’t look like a Barbie, that is for sure. On the contrary, pink suits appear chicer than ever before. You can style them with basic black pieces and round everything off with kitten heel mules. In the end, you will get a fantastic and comfortable outfit combination.


Ruffle sleeves are perfectly flattering and stunning looking. White and black combinations are timeless. With right details or different cuts and materials, black-and-white outfits can be exciting and never dull. Cropped chino pants are one of the pillars of workwear style. In this combination, you will feel chic with the lovely Parisian vibe.


Everybody was thinking and talking about pastels this year. And everybody tried pastels as well! So, what are you waiting for? You can find some workwear inspiration like this in almost every retail store. This girl wears silky pastel green combination. She adds sparkly earrings and small unique bag.


Mix prints and leisure materials. You will definitely look lovely, and you will feel comfortable and flattering. This girl matches the colors, but she does excellent work in mixing prints. Strappy sandals will round off with a look in the best possible way – giving you the specific romantic workwear look.

6 Instagram Tips Every Beginner Must Know

6 Instagram Tips Every Beginner Must Know

Although it is hard to believe, it is actually true; there are people who are not on Instagram. WTF guys, what do you do all day if you’re not scrolling on Instagram? I have a reputation for being open-minded, not judgemental, and very understanding. They say don’t judge what you don’t understand. Well, people not being on Instagram I do not understand. And I am judging so hard! To avoid mine (not like you care) and the world’s judgments, it is time you downloaded the app. As an apology for judging you, I will present you with 6  Instagram tips every beginner must know.


People usually want to see posts that evoke emotions in them. Happiness is the best feeling in the world, and black, grey or dark colors don’t exactly scream happy. The more colorful the picture, the more likely are the chances of that certain visitor returning to your profile. If you’re sad or nostalgic, of course, you can share that on Instagram too. But for starters, let’s keep things happy!


While filters are a trend that will never go out of style, natural-looking pictures will always win over any filter. This doesn’t mean that you should never use a single filter. You are just starting your Instagram career; filters will be the most interesting thing to you. But try to limit their usage.


Hashtags are a great shortcut towards generating more visitors on your profile. However, bloating your captions with hashtags, sometimes even those who are irrelevant, will not increase your reach. On the contrary, you will bore people to unfollowing you.


How in hell are people supposed to know that you are on Instagram if you never post anything? New, engaging content on regular basis is a must for beginners. But 10 new photos a day is the biggest mistake ever! A post a day is just enough to keep your followers entertained. We all have our lives; we don’t have to see every second of yours.


Your most loyal followers want to feel appreciated. Ignoring those good fellows who regularly like and comment on your photos will eventually drive them away. Don’t push your luck. Reply to their comments and give back the love you receive. Visit their profiles and give them a like here and there.


Since Instagram is so popular, it’s only logical for people to make a business out of offering Instagram users to buy followers. But this is not the way to go. The bought followers are often fake and inactive. Imagine what your profile would look like with 30K followers and only 30 likes and comments on your photos. You’ll be giving out the fake vibe, and fake is not trending right now.

Are you ready to embark on your journey through Instagram? If yes, feel free to tell me your Instagram ID in the comments below. I’d be happy to press follow and check up on you whether or not you followed my pieces of advice!