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MTV Awards 2018: 5 Best Red Carpet Looks

MTV Awards 2018: 5 Best Red Carpet Looks

2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards are perhaps the most exiting events for celebrities and famous stars. Everyone does their best to sparkle with all their beauty and charm. Each female celebrity tries to create an image and look that’s unrepeatable and incredible. Starting from the hairstyle to the chosen outfit we see both creative and fashionable solutions. While some keep up with the latest trends others appear in unique and sometimes even unusual styles. Let’s take a look at the 5 best red carpet looks from MTV Awards 2018.

Kim Kardashian

Almost always Kim is among the top listed best dressed beauties at various events. This time, again we see her in a fancy and stylish look. Recently Kim shows her passion towards simple yet chic styles that highlight the beauty of her body and face. At the MTV Awards 2018 Kim was fashionable Afro-American box braids hairstyles combined by sleek and straight finishes. Thanks to her long glossy skirt and white crop top her dark hair has become more eye-catching. It goes without saying that this color combination is ideal for her tanned skin tone. As for shoes, she has kept them simple and sassy without additional accessories and eye-grabbing details.

Camila Mendes

Here you see Camila Mendes wearing a black printed gown by Elisabetta Franchi at MTV Awards 2018. This lovely feminine outfit was one of the bests during the evening. It is a cozy and beautiful prom dress you can choose for parties. Her medium skin tone and dark hair perfectly compliment the darkness of her dress and shoes. All her concentration was on the dress that’s why she has kept her makeup and hairstyle so simple yet trendy.

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore was sparkling in a mini and attractive dress from Alberta Ferretti. It seems as if she wanted to impress us with her personal style and taste. Taking into account the fact that the dress is quite short yet modest on the top part, we can say that she has found a great balance to look harmonious and no that bold. The silver shade of her outfit highlighted with glossy stones and futuristic design make her style unique and ravishing. This gorgeous low ponytail allows her to draw attention to her face and eyes.

Aubrey Plaza

One of the most girlish and gorgeous looks we have seen at the MTV Awards 2018 belongs to Aubrey Plaza. While some think that a dress is luxurious when it’s a floor-length and shiny, Aubrey Plaza prove that the true beauty is in simplicity. This stunner appeared in a short magic dress with golden prints and long sleeves that work well with silver shaded high heels. Her side-pulled waves with sleek top and elegant style looks even more harmonious with this dress thanks to her light brown hair color with some golden highlights.

Olivia Munn

And we appreciate Olivia Munn’s lavishing jumpsuits in dark green velvet fabric. This daring look of her has made her the most eye-catching star at the event. Her medium layered haircut with some loose waves at the tips looks well-balanced with the shade of outfit in its brown tone. Like the majority of celebrities Olivia Munn has also gone for a simple and gorgeous combination to keep all eyes on her stunning appearance.

Style Guide: How to Wear Wrap Dress

Style Guide: How to Wear Wrap Dress

Now when wrap dress is back in fashion, there are no words that can explain the joy chic and stylish girls experience while wearing it. It is one of the most comfortable dresses along with the fact it is very classy and fashionable. Summer is definitely the right time to show off your creativity and sense for fashion. I have prepared a guide where I will try to show you some of the best ways to style the wrap dress.



The white color is timeless and never goes out of style. This wrap dress can be the perfect choice for many different situations – elegant, casual or you can wear it as your workwear. Black chunky mules seem very comfortable and appropriate for your office hours.



If you are somewhere at the seaside don’t hesitate to wear deep v-neck wrap dress like this – it looks terrific. When on vacation you don’t need to worry about what is appropriate and what isn’t. Make sure to pair everything with straw or basket bag, as this fashion blogger did.



Ruffle sleeves intend to make every dress look exciting and unique. The wrap cut and the length of the dress will make you a star of every event you decide to go to. When it comes to shoes, you can style this dress with almost everything – flats, sandals, mules and high heels.


There were a lot of fashion stories about this particular green dress. If you are following trends, fashion bloggers and street style photos you probably have seen it many times. Girls were styling it differently – with heels, sneakers, and mules. It would definitely be smart for you to try it too.



Gingham pattern was on the peak of its popularity a few seasons ago. Since then its reputation hasn’t collapsed. This lovely orange dress is excellent for market days, picnics and many other casual occasions. You can wear it with mules, sandals or flats.



Nothing can beat a good red wrap dress, right? Olivia Palermo wears this lovely dress with black ankle booties. You can switch to something more summerish – sandals or flats. Floral dresses are best to wear not only in summer but during all seasons.


This might seem like an unusual combination, but it is actually fascinating and chic. This silky wrap dress can be your choice for many different events. As you can see this girl style it with socks and sneakers, but you can opt for high heel sandals or pointy-toes.



Orange was definitely one of the colors of this season. You won’t make a mistake if you pick orange wrap dress and decorate it with lovely gold jewelry. Puff sleeves will provide you with a great dose of ventilation. A fisherman bag would be perfect detail to finish off this look.


I hope that you have found some fashion inspiration by reading this article. Do you own a wrap dress? Tell us in the comments below how do you wear it.

Forget About Sneakers: Style Kitten Heels

Forget About Sneakers: Style Kitten Heels

From now on, you can forget about your super comfy shoes. The kitten heels have taken the throne. They are absolutely one of the most comfortable heels that you will ever try to wear. And trust me, you will be amazed by their ability to make you feel cozy and super stylish and modern.
Even though the heels have always been very high and not so practical, this year’s fashion has shown us wearable items that are equally stylish and ready-to-wear every day. Let’s have a look at the shoes that have replaced the sneakers.


Oversized jeans are probably the most comfortable pants ever. As you can assume, when wearing these kinds of jeans you won’t feel presses or uncomfortable. Style them as an elegant item with this lovely sleeveless turtleneck and add kitten heels for a super comfortable office look.


Two-toned kitten heels were very famous when Coco Chanel showed them to the fashion world. Today, you can style them with a modern twist. Follow this French girl rules and style your comfy two-toned slingbacks with the all-black-everything outfit.


Black and white combinations are timeless. When you add ruffles to all that you get a stunning outfit combination for office hours, cocktail parties and other sophisticated events. Add a pinch of gold or silver in the form of necklaces and bracelet.


If you ask me, I love to wear jeans all the time. Summer is the perfect time for flowy tops, prints, and splash of colors. However, if you are not into these things, try classic – black and white flowy top with straight jeans and kitten heels. This is perfect everyday look.


Along with shimmer kitten heels, you can add a bold detail like this colorful and printed coat. This combination is perfect for workwear, or dinner with your friends. The classy and casual look was never easier to achieve.


The black top and jeans combination is perfect for both everyday wear or your office looks. Mules might seem like the ‘ugly shoes’ to you, but trust me – you will fall in love with them quickly after trying them on. Give this outfit some detail like an interesting bag or some gold jewelry, and you are ready to go!


I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t a fan of any kind of animal print. However, I have learned that details in this not-so-popular print can be fascinating and can give you that chic look that you have always wanted to achieve.


This Scandinavian fashionista shows us the best way for wearing all-black outfits. With the addition of leather, this look can be perfect for elegant events. Slingback heels are a classic detail that will make you feel comfortable and chic.


Forget about classy black heels and try red ones! Even if you decide to wear them with jeans and white button down, your outfit will still be fabulous and ultimately chic. This can be your new workwear inspiration.


Instead of black, try wearing navy-blue. It seems even more sophisticated and glamorous than black – you will be amazed by the results. Mules with the bow detail appear perfect with this look.

6 Instagram Tips Every Beginner Must Know

6 Instagram Tips Every Beginner Must Know

Although it is hard to believe, it is actually true; there are people who are not on Instagram. WTF guys, what do you do all day if you’re not scrolling on Instagram? I have a reputation for being open-minded, not judgemental, and very understanding. They say don’t judge what you don’t understand. Well, people not being on Instagram I do not understand. And I am judging so hard! To avoid mine (not like you care) and the world’s judgments, it is time you downloaded the app. As an apology for judging you, I will present you with 6  Instagram tips every beginner must know.


People usually want to see posts that evoke emotions in them. Happiness is the best feeling in the world, and black, grey or dark colors don’t exactly scream happy. The more colorful the picture, the more likely are the chances of that certain visitor returning to your profile. If you’re sad or nostalgic, of course, you can share that on Instagram too. But for starters, let’s keep things happy!


While filters are a trend that will never go out of style, natural-looking pictures will always win over any filter. This doesn’t mean that you should never use a single filter. You are just starting your Instagram career; filters will be the most interesting thing to you. But try to limit their usage.


Hashtags are a great shortcut towards generating more visitors on your profile. However, bloating your captions with hashtags, sometimes even those who are irrelevant, will not increase your reach. On the contrary, you will bore people to unfollowing you.


How in hell are people supposed to know that you are on Instagram if you never post anything? New, engaging content on regular basis is a must for beginners. But 10 new photos a day is the biggest mistake ever! A post a day is just enough to keep your followers entertained. We all have our lives; we don’t have to see every second of yours.


Your most loyal followers want to feel appreciated. Ignoring those good fellows who regularly like and comment on your photos will eventually drive them away. Don’t push your luck. Reply to their comments and give back the love you receive. Visit their profiles and give them a like here and there.


Since Instagram is so popular, it’s only logical for people to make a business out of offering Instagram users to buy followers. But this is not the way to go. The bought followers are often fake and inactive. Imagine what your profile would look like with 30K followers and only 30 likes and comments on your photos. You’ll be giving out the fake vibe, and fake is not trending right now.

Are you ready to embark on your journey through Instagram? If yes, feel free to tell me your Instagram ID in the comments below. I’d be happy to press follow and check up on you whether or not you followed my pieces of advice!

How to Become Popular on Instagram

How to Become Popular on Instagram

Many people use Instagram not just for fun but to have many followers and become popular. While some get the desired fame in a few days or even hours, others don’t get even a minimal success in years. Today we will find out how to become popular on Instagram by several easy steps.

Build a Unique Instagram Feed

When we say unique we don’t mean every type of abnormal photos and stuff. Uniqueness gains more attention when it’s more interesting than the rest of the feed, when it’s more beautiful than the rest of the offers and when it’s more fascinating than what the majority of us see. So, your first and most important task is to create an engaging and unique Instagram profile that looks great. If you focus on photography, then make sure ALL of the posted photos are of high quality and look stunning. They should be original and bring out your personal taste. Try to concentrate on 15-20 o your best photos and upload them once you create your Instagram profile. In case you have fewer photos, you’d better wait for a while until you have enough quantity of photos that are both beautiful and hold a meaning. They must be eye-catching. People usually like to follow photographers that have their own creativity and use their fantasy to capture fantastic moments. Avoid any kind of similarity and try to come up with something new and more original each time you post a photo. According to many photographers there are several types of photos that gain more attention and popularity. For example, beach, sunset photos, reflection and silhouette photos as grab most of the attention. They can easily make you popular on Instagram. As a rule, portraits, on the other hand, get fewer likes.

Make Your Profile Noticeable

The easiest way to make your profile noticeable is starting with your friends. Almost all Instagram users also use some other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. So, we believe that you have many Facebook or Twitter friends who will follow you on Instagram once you message them. Use this great opportunity to gain popularity. Don’t forget to keep your profile public and often use hashtags so that other people could also reach your profile. Always keep it updated even if you are in a vocation. Try to post new photos every single day as your followers will surely wait for them. There are cases when enthusiastic followers keep up with the profiles and photos liked by them and check out them every day to take a look at something new. Hashtags and appropriate words or phrases that describe your photo will make it more fascinating and engaging.

Build a Relationship with Your Followers

Instead of just posting and checking it’s quite important to contact with your followers and sometimes even chat with them. Of course, you can’t keep up with every single message or comment, but you can answer to some of the most liked comments and most interesting questions. This will make you more popular as followers like to chat with the authors of the photos. It’s recommended posting not more than once every six hours. Share only great photos and work on the quality and not on the quantity. Your number one aim should be keeping your followers as engaged as possible. When you answer their comments they will never ever leave you. Moreover, many followers tend to share your profile and photos when they see you are not indifferent to their comments. This is how they like you and make you more popular on Instagram.

7 Ways to Style Ruffle Summer Dresses

7 Ways to Style Ruffle Summer Dresses

In the summertime, all you want to do is to wear something leisure, comfy and to try to make these looks stylish. In the winter it is easy to be creative, but in the summer you need to mix and match items and prints. However, there are easier ways. In this article, I will share some of the ways to style ruffle summer dress.

The ruffle dresses are perfect for both casual and elegant wear. They can be floral printed, bright-toned or striped. If you are following fashion news, then you probably know that ruffles on the dresses are a big trend for the summer. Let’s see how to style this lovely item.


Orange was a color of the last season. No surprise – this shade is very appropriate for summer, and it can instantly boost your mood up. This dress has maxi length, and it is made of a combination of materials. Tulle has polka dot print, while the rest of the dress is made of cotton. It is soft, flowy and chic!


Pastels are very powerful this season! All fashion girls and influencers wear pastel blue, pink, green and yellow. Aimee Song decided to go with maxi ruffle summer dress in the baby blue shade. She keeps this outfit low-key – matches her dress with metallic strappy sandals and the bag with a gold hoop.


The red floral dress is definitely something you will need to have in your wardrobe this summer. It is not only a warm weather piece of clothing. As you can see, Olivia Palermo wears it with black pointy-toe booties. It is a beautiful wrap ruffle summer dress that you will adore to wear.


Blue linen dress can be not only a casual summer attire but also your new workwear inspiration. The wrap cut is very flattering, while the neckline is not too open. The ruffle sleeves are perfect for your office hours. Style it with gold jewelry – that way you will even make the blue seems brighter and stronger.


Silk is one of the most expensive and most flattering materials. Dresses made of this material look not only beautiful, but they are also very comfortable. This peachy silk ruffle dress is perfect for formal wear. With heels and gold jewelry, you can have a lovely head-turner outfit combination. The side cutouts will provide you with an extra dose of ventilation!


Red polka dot print made a huge comeback this year. What was considered to be a retro staple, this year became trendy again. Lovely ruffle dress like this can be your first choice for casual summer days when temperature hits. Straw hat has a double function – protection and stylish moment.


Maxi floral dresses with ruffles are one of the main obsession of it Girls. Long sleeved and in gorgeous green color, this ruffle summer dress seems perfect for casual and elegant wear. You can put on a belt as this girl did. Instead of pairing this dress with high heels, you can go with beige ankle cowboy boots.



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