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Instagram Fashionistas to Follow for More Inspiration

Instagram Fashionistas to Follow for More Inspiration

Instagram is a huge platform where everyone expresses themselves and tries to gain more popularity. Only successful Instagram accounts become popular and requested in public. Today well take a look at some of the most stylish Instagram fashionistas to follow for more inspiration. If you think your style needs an update then check out the accounts of these stunners and follow their latest updates.

Chloe Miles

So, the first beauty on our list is Chloe Miles. She is a big lover of retro effects and styles and those with the same passion love the way she dresses up and styles her hair. This lady looks very fashionable even in the oldest retro outfit. The secret is hidden behind her cool art of combining old things with newer touches. She knows how to play up with retro things and makes them so fresh and interesting.

Lauren Johnson

Follow Lauren Johnson if you feel as if you need a piece of “cool girl” inspo. She will teach you how to stay free and fashionable at the same time. Her style is cozy, effortless yet so chic and unique. Her lavishing beauty inspires many women and the fact that she stands out with natural beauty makes her even more attractive. This girl has a lot to tell you about fashion.

Casey Carlson

Check out Casey Carlson’s Instagram account and you’ll like her harmonious boho style. She belongs to free people and follows up the true Bohemian chic. Her photographs are made with great passion and they represent not only her personal style but also character and energy. She shows the well-balanced harmony between a woman and the nature. This makes her so popular and inspiring.

Anine Bing

Anine Bing is a true fan of classic outfits and elegant combinations. Her modern style makes her a real fashionista. It seems as if she has a personal stylist but her way of dressing is not that unusual. It’s just neat, very well-balanced and eye-catching. She pays a lot of attention to her hairstyles and accessories, which are always matched wisely with her outfits. Anine can give you millions of street style ideas for every season. Keep up with her cool lifestyle.

Zoe Lazerson

Another representative of the beautiful harmony between a woman and the nature is Zoe Lazerson. Looking at her photos one may think that she is just a passionate traveler who likes to be taken photos. However, we see her love towards denim and the cool way she rocks it. Her hairstyles, makeup ideas, accessories and dressing trends are very glamorous and stylish. Zoe looks different in each photo and that’s her secret of gaining more followers on Instagram.

Asiyami Gold

Here is Asiyami Gold who shares her interesting lifestyle and fashion tips on Instagram with her followers. She is known as a cute blogger who grabs attention with her unrepeatable facial features and face impression. This lady makes you love the life you live and adds more color to it. She likes wearing bright hues and her dark skin tone ideally represents all the bright shades we see.

Fresh Hair Color Inspo from Instagram Fashionistas

Fresh Hair Color Inspo from Instagram Fashionistas

Silver Hair with Dark Roots

Another crazy hair color inspiration is the following combination of silver hair with dark roots. It seems as if the granny hair color trend doesn’t want to leave us. It was fashionable last year and continues to stay a big hair trend. The best part about silver hair is that it suits everyone and doesn’t ask skin tone or eye hue. Both blondes and brunettes can opt for this cool hair color trend. Just keep the roots darker as an interesting and fresh touch.


Deep Rose Gold Hair Color

If you are tired of the same pastel hair colors but want something alike, then try the deep rose gold. It’s a shinier shade of pink with golden highlights that add richness to hair. This hair color mostly suits fair-skinned women but there are dark-skinned fashionistas that wear it with great pleasure and show us how to take care for it.


Crimson Red Hair Color

There is always a single shade of red that becomes the hit of the year. This year’s most requested red hair color is the fiery tone of crimson red. It’s too fresh, too healthy and too eye-catching at the same time. What else do you need to stand out in the crowd? Thanks to its darkness and rich shine, this hair color compliments both dark and light skin tones. It demands everyday care to look so hot and fresh.


Beige Blonde with Ash Brown Lowlights

Try the well-balanced combo of beige brown with ash brown lowlights and the result with look so lavishing and cute. Beige blonde and ash brown is for women who want something between blonde and brunette hues in light tones. This is a rich mixture of dark and light shades that provide with a natural-looking effect. You can match it with light to medium skin tones.


Chestnut Brown Hair Color

One of the natural human hair colors often seen among brunettes is the soft chestnut brown. Nowadays it’s a lovely hair color trend for those who don’t want to go far from natural looks. Compared to dark chocolate and black shades chestnut brown is very sophisticated, subtle and rich in shine. It suits most complexions and eyes hues.

Gigi Hadid’s Hottest Outfit Collection

Gigi Hadid’s Hottest Outfit Collection

Young, beautiful and talented; that’s all a woman wants to sparkle in the crowd. Gigi Hadid is one of the most popular models in America and she is an inspirational girl for many women of all age groups. This cute beauty knows how to show off her true charm and femininity. Today we’ll take a look at Gigi Hadid’s hottest outfits that can leave you speechless. These are perhaps her most beautiful looks that can give you new dressing ideas for prom.

White Two-Piece Dress

We have seen Gigi in a number of white dresses from long and romantic lace pieces to two-piece combinations. White suits her skin tone and goes well with her light her. Using two of the biggest trends in fashion she has created a luxurious and gorgeous look. Here she shows off her mile-high model legs and draws attention to the chest due to the bold cropped top. There is no need to mention that her short bob haircut makes her even more attractive.


Mini Dress with Deep V-neck

Gigi was rocking a lovely mini dress with deep V-neck at her 21st birthday. This look of her is so simple yet so luxurious. It ideally brings out all her beauty and makes her so lavishing. This look is still trendy because it’s a mixture of current trends; deep-V-neck, prints and knee-length stylish boots. Her bold makeup and natural-looking wavy hairstyle soften down her overall style and make it so chic and girlish.


Mermaid Jumpsuit

Every celebrity has their favorite piece of jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are the most comfortable outfits for any occasion and the best thing about them is that you can always stand out with your unique style rocking new and trendy jumpsuits at a party. So, Gigi gives us a cool idea on how to rock a prom jumpsuit. She wears a golden mermaid jumpsuit with matching clutch and accessories. Thanks to her harmonious combination of colors, hairstyle and makeup she really looks like a mermaid run from a fairy-tale.


Two-Piece Yellow Outfit from Ralph Lauren

Everyone was talking about this look of Gigi Hadid when she appeared at London launch party for her Maybelline makeup collection. This two-piece yellow outfit from Ralph Lauren seems to be created just for Gigi. She sparkles in it with all her power and fab. Her cute updo hairstyle allows us to see the true beauty of the dress and long kimono/jacket. The created look seems to be unrepeatable making Gigi glow like the sun.


Dark Navy Blue Dress

Gigi looks incredibly fabulous eve in the simplest mini dress. Here we see her in a cool dark navy blue dress that’s unzipped at the bottom showing off her thighs. She certainly looked unforgettable during the whole evening. The simple half-updo hairstyle brings out her face and draws attention to her neck and chest.


Stained Glass Versace Gown

And we never forget about the most luxurious looks of our stunners. Look at this fantastic stained glass gown from Versace worn by Gigi Hadid. She is truly the queen of the party in this fancy style. It’s one of Gigi’s most memorable moments seen at Met Gala. It goes without saying that she has chosen the best hairstyle for this look.

Boho Chic Accessories for Every Casual Look

Boho Chic Accessories for Every Casual Look

Whatever you wear with your outfits to make them more fashionable and eye-catching, there is always a series of accessories you have never discovered. Leaving aside all your jewelry, embellishments and style statement items here we represent the best of boho chic accessories for every casual look. Boho chic has become one of the most favorite styles in fashion. It always comes with interesting solutions and accessory ideas worthy to wear in any season and for any occasion.

Bohemian Headwraps / Headbands

There are thousands of beautiful and stylish headbands in the world of fashion but women make their choice between bohemian head wraps and headbands. Many brides opt for floral and futuristic headbands for their cozy and casual-kind wedding look instead of posh and luxurious crowns. These headbands are very exquisite and feminine. They go well with subtle dresses and look fabulous for any special occasion where you want to stay beautiful and casual at the same time.

Bohemian Bracelets

The next big trend from Bohemian accessories is the lovely set of leather, turquoise and ethnic-like bracelets inspired by old Indian tribes. These bracelets stand out with their cool combination of hues, interesting patterns and mysterious details. It seems as if they come from ancient times and only the wearer owns such priceless items. You can add a personal touch to these bracelets with DIY ideas. Bohemian bracelets ideally go with street style outfits and sporty clothing.

Bohemian Rings

As for Bohemian rings, they mainly come in combinations of silver, turquoise and other expensive stones. You can find boho rings of all sizes and geometrical shapes. There are even triangle-shaped designs for these unique accessories. Some choose bracelet+ring combination as a more modern version of rocking the lovely boho chic.  Here you see some of the latest examples that grab attention with their beauty and harmonious balance. If you like wearing multiple rings at the same time, then boho rings are your cup of coffee.

Bohemian Necklaces

The many mixtures of old and new styles are obviously reflected on the trendy pieces of Bohemian necklaces. They are usually in layered designs, which give them a fascinating and attractive touch. You can see coin boho necklaces, silver pieces, well-balanced combos of various expensive stones etc. The list is endless.

Bohemian Sandals

Perhaps the most comfortable sandals you can ever meet are Bohemian sandals. From simple fringed styles to the brightest patterns there is a wide range of Bohemian sandals for summer 2018. Like the rest of accessories, boho sandals also bear ethnic designs and rich color combinations. Each can easily find the desired pair of sandals between Bohemian designs.

Bohemian Bags

When it comes to the choice of bags, we give preference to the design and coziness. Luckily, Bohemian bags are both practical and beautiful. Of, course, they can’t be called classic and formal but we wear them with great pleasure in everyday life. Handbags made of leather and styled with fringes are the most favorite trends of 2018. Other options include beach bags, casual clutches and unique wallets.

Celebrity Inspiration: Summer Hairstyle Ideas

Celebrity Inspiration: Summer Hairstyle Ideas

Whether you are embraced by waves, curls or straight hair you always need a hairstyle inspiration. Luckily our stylish celebrities often come up with new hair trends and hairstyles ideas that inspire us to change up our style and look. Here are the latest best hairstyle ideas for summer from 5 fancy celebs. Check out the list and choose hairstyles for your upcoming stylish solutions.

Margot Robbie Medium Hairstyle

Mid-length haircuts are the most popular at the moment. They are flexible and versatile cuts that allow you to change up your look in a variety of fashionable ways. Lately Margot Robbie has inspired many fashionistas with her lovely long blunt bob pulled to one side. It is sleek and dark-shaded at the roots and lighter at the tips. Her ombre-like hair color ideally works with the elegant sleek style. If you like straight hairstyles then this is the hairdo you need to try this summer.

Elsa Hosk 90’s Hairstyle

Elsa Hosk is a big fan of retro hairstyles and it seems as if she always has great solutions for any length. This time we see her in a feathery layered hairstyle with rolled ends that create a lavishing and thick effect for her soft hair. This cute hairstyle looks even better in blonde shades but you can style it on darker hair too. In order to keep some balance and elegance she has gone for the classic center parting that easily showcase her fresh bangs. The brushed out waves at the tips are so sophisticated and exquisite for her romantic look.

Hailey Baldwin Beach Waves

Beach waves are the most appropriate hairstyles for summer. They are perfect for any length and texture. Even if you have straight and thin hair you can still rock a fantastic beachy hairstyle like Hailey Baldwin. Another big advantage of beach waves is that they add volume to your natural texture and look like natural waves. If you seek for a big change you can refresh your haircut with a trendy bob and then enjoy wet-look wavy hairstyles with side parting. This style of beach waves is the most fashionable for this summer.

Jennifer Lawrence Curls

Jennifer Lawrence’s crazy textured hairstyle with frizzy curls and big volume has captured many hearts. This luxurious lady knows how to stand out in the crowd with her cool hairstyle ideas. We have seen her in many short and sleek hairstyles and we are glad she has decided to inspire us with something new and more feminine. Her layered curly hairstyle in blonde is one of the hottest hairstyle ideas for this summer.

Kerry Washington Big Frizz

And here is a glamorous hairstyle trend special for dark-haired ladies. If you are into Afro-American hairstyles then try this big frizz represented by Kerry Washington. As you see, she rocks it with great pleasure and looks even younger and more feminine. While this hairstyle is not for everyone it is loved by many women with the same hair type.

MTV Awards 2018: 5 Best Red Carpet Looks

MTV Awards 2018: 5 Best Red Carpet Looks

2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards are perhaps the most exiting events for celebrities and famous stars. Everyone does their best to sparkle with all their beauty and charm. Each female celebrity tries to create an image and look that’s unrepeatable and incredible. Starting from the hairstyle to the chosen outfit we see both creative and fashionable solutions. While some keep up with the latest trends others appear in unique and sometimes even unusual styles. Let’s take a look at the 5 best red carpet looks from MTV Awards 2018.

Kim Kardashian

Almost always Kim is among the top listed best dressed beauties at various events. This time, again we see her in a fancy and stylish look. Recently Kim shows her passion towards simple yet chic styles that highlight the beauty of her body and face. At the MTV Awards 2018 Kim was fashionable Afro-American box braids hairstyles combined by sleek and straight finishes. Thanks to her long glossy skirt and white crop top her dark hair has become more eye-catching. It goes without saying that this color combination is ideal for her tanned skin tone. As for shoes, she has kept them simple and sassy without additional accessories and eye-grabbing details.

Camila Mendes

Here you see Camila Mendes wearing a black printed gown by Elisabetta Franchi at MTV Awards 2018. This lovely feminine outfit was one of the bests during the evening. It is a cozy and beautiful prom dress you can choose for parties. Her medium skin tone and dark hair perfectly compliment the darkness of her dress and shoes. All her concentration was on the dress that’s why she has kept her makeup and hairstyle so simple yet trendy.

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore was sparkling in a mini and attractive dress from Alberta Ferretti. It seems as if she wanted to impress us with her personal style and taste. Taking into account the fact that the dress is quite short yet modest on the top part, we can say that she has found a great balance to look harmonious and no that bold. The silver shade of her outfit highlighted with glossy stones and futuristic design make her style unique and ravishing. This gorgeous low ponytail allows her to draw attention to her face and eyes.

Aubrey Plaza

One of the most girlish and gorgeous looks we have seen at the MTV Awards 2018 belongs to Aubrey Plaza. While some think that a dress is luxurious when it’s a floor-length and shiny, Aubrey Plaza prove that the true beauty is in simplicity. This stunner appeared in a short magic dress with golden prints and long sleeves that work well with silver shaded high heels. Her side-pulled waves with sleek top and elegant style looks even more harmonious with this dress thanks to her light brown hair color with some golden highlights.

Olivia Munn

And we appreciate Olivia Munn’s lavishing jumpsuits in dark green velvet fabric. This daring look of her has made her the most eye-catching star at the event. Her medium layered haircut with some loose waves at the tips looks well-balanced with the shade of outfit in its brown tone. Like the majority of celebrities Olivia Munn has also gone for a simple and gorgeous combination to keep all eyes on her stunning appearance.

New Hairstyle Trends from Celebs

New Hairstyle Trends from Celebs

Hairstyle trends come and go by the time but the best styles stay forever. If you have tried out all the possible hairstyles then you are in the right place to opt for something new for your upcoming prom look. Check out the newest hairstyle trends from celebsand refresh your prom hairstyle ideas with gorgeous touches.  Try to highlight your inner brightness and femininity with the right chosen hairstyle and makeup combination. Here are the best Cannes Red Carpet beauties with the most eye-catching hairstyles.

Kristen Stewart Hairstyle

Look at Kristen Stewart showing off her super trendy updo hairstyle that’s mingled with a kind of pixie effect. This bold and unique hairdo is typical only to this ravishing lady that likes to surprise everyone with new hair ideas. She has also added some fresh caramel highlights to her dark locks to make the hairstyle even more eye-catching. The waves on the top and sleekness on the sides create a well-balanced contrast that suits her smokey-eye makeup and black outfit.

Kendall Jenner Hairstyle

One of the most memorable hairstyles at the Cannes 2018 festival belongs to Kendall Jenner. This young beauty likes to wear simple yet chic hairstyle and this sassy updo with long face framing bangs is going to become a big trend for 2018. She has gone for a bit middle parting to get a classic touch. Her dark shade compliments her white outfit and makes her stand out in the crowd. You can rock this updo hairstyle for any occasion you like. It allows you to bring out your facial features.

Sara Sampaio Hairstyle

Sara Sampaio is one of those lucky women that enjoy healthy and shiny hair. Her long tresses look more beautiful in wavy hairstyles and this time Sara decided to go for a bit of retro. Her long finger waves ideally go with her red lips and subtly highlighted eyes. She has chosen a good shade for her dress to keep all eyes on her dark locks.

Shanina Shaik Hairstyle

We have seen Shanina Shaik in a number of hairstyles at different festivals but this time she was just smashing with her sparkling outfit and natural-looking curly hairstyle. She has kept it simple by wearing subtle makeup and messy hairstyle. The side swept bangs make her face more beautiful, and allow us to stay admired by her attractive look. As a result, her hairstylist has provided her with a lovely summer hairstyle.

Naomi Campbell Hairstyle

And here is Naomi Campbell with a classic low ponytail hairstyle. This year, the majority of updo hairstyles are matched with the elegant middle parting. So, Naomi has gone for a simple center parted ponytail with sleek and straight finishes. This is not the first time we see her in an elegant hairdo but since she has appealing facial features and beautiful eyes, she can go for all kinds of updo hairstyles to showcase her true beauty. Her soft makeup completes the desired fancy style.

Kate Middleton vs. Melania Trump: Who Wore it Better?

Kate Middleton vs. Melania Trump: Who Wore it Better?

When it comes to leaving a lasting fashion impression, royals and first ladies are doing it pretty well. Just take a look at Kate Middleton and Melania Trump; from coats to dresses, these two ladies wear a number of ensembles that are strikingly similar and we can’t decide who wore them better.

Kate Middleton is everyone’s favorite from the British Royal family, both for her lady-like behavior and her style. The first lady of America, Melania Trump, was declared as the rightful heir to the fashion style of Jackie Kennedy. So they’re both strong candidates for who gets the more likings from the public!
The two influential women are in love with the dress coat and have a very similar taste in costumes, so they’re making it really hard on us to decide who the one with better style is.
Why do both ladies prefer to go with a coat dress when attending a formal event? The coat dress is a seemingly simple piece of clothing, but makes so much impact! With the right pair of heels it can do wonders.

On April 5, 2017, when Melania Trump was about to meet King Abdullah II of Jordan and his wife Queen Rania, she once again decided that the coat dress is just the outfit. This time, she picked a green variation, a jewel-colored hue, maybe as a sign of respect for the King Abdullah, since this is one of the colors in Jordan’s official flag.

And here are the first lady and the duchess of Cambridge in a sky blue edition of the coat dress and they are both breath-taking.

To show off their bold side, the two ladies sometimes pick more powerful colors, like red. And it suits them perfectly! When Prince William’s wife was visiting UNICEF Supply Division centre in Copenhagen back in 2011, she wore a red coat dress for the event. 6 years after, the public is still obsessed with this look! In March 2017, for her arriving at the Palm Beach International Airport, Melania Trump wore a very similar red coat dress to the one previously worn by the Duchess. Not everybody can ‘steal’ the Duchess style and own it, but Melania was up to the task!

We also saw the both ladies in a plum coat dresses. While Kate Middleton kept the sophistication of the classic edition, the first lady of America went for a striking, glamorous look.

So what is it now? Are you finally convinced that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication? While Kate Middleton prefers the very basic form of simplicity for her outfits, Melania Trump likes to play with it a bit, adding a touch of boldness.


Print Trends to Wear This Spring/Summer

Print Trends to Wear This Spring/Summer

It seems as if prints never leave the fashion world. Moreover, they are always updated with modern touches and creative solutions. Today we’ll discover the best print trends for this spring and summer. If you like to refresh your current outfits that look dull and uninteresting, then it’s the high time to opt for trendy prints.

Vertical Candy Stripes

Red and white candy stripes are now trendy prints for spring/summer outfits. They are simple yet so eye-catching. They are so distinctive that designers separate them from all other stripes. Luckily, many fashion houses come with candy stripes representing them in cool and fascinating styles. Oversized vertical candy stripes are now seen on shirts, dresses, jackets and even classic trousers.


This is the idea of using logos as prints for trendy outfits. While there were some fashion houses using their own logo on all their outfits, today we see the logomania used by a number of designers. Logo prints are usually combined with fringes and other fashionable aspects. Posh fashion houses such as Baleciaga, Versace, Gucci, Fendi and Loewe make a big statement with logo prints in 2018.

Tender Floral Prints

Many of us remember large and oversized floral prints from the previous seasons. This time floral prints come in smaller, subtler and softer effects. We see super feminine outfits in tender fabrics and matching floral prints of various shades. This year Self Portrait, Tadashi Shoji, and Prabal Gurung runways are all about lovely floral prints on floating silk and chiffon outfits. Some other designers from Marc Jacobs, Marni, Miu Miu, and Thom Browne offer the 60’s style. These are more eye-catching and distinctive floral prints in bright colors.

Polka Dots

Our lovely retro polka dots are back in black and white combinations. Almost all sizes of polka dots are trendy this spring and summer. We see beautiful and stylish solutions of polka dots by Alexandre Vauthier, Carolina Herrera, Blumarine, Rodarte, and Jacquemus. They offer monochrome yet bold black and white combinations for dresses, skirts, shirts and blouses.

Rainbow Prints

We haven’t seen something new and brighter so far. Here are rainbow pints with all the possible bright colors you can mix in one style. Multicolored outfits from Dolce & Gabbana, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, House of Holland, and Libertine spring/summer 2018 collections are ready to brighten up our wardrobes. You’ll love not only the fascinating triumph of colors, but also their use on different interesting outfits.

Art Inspired Prints

From the common landscapes and portraits to the most abstract art works, art inspired prints are all the rage these days. These prints tend to showcase your individual taste, style and preferences. You can tell the world what you love and prefer by a simple outfit printed with your favorite picture, portrait or bold pattern of abstract images. Try to stand out with your unique style with the help of this big trend. The ideas are limitless and all fashion houses work on this to improve it for every taste.

Top 5 Most Followed Models on Instagram

Top 5 Most Followed Models on Instagram

Among thousands of successful models some are just the hottest, the most beautiful, the most popular and requested. Taking into account the fact that Instagram is a great platform for modeling, we can say that any beautiful Instagram user dreams of building a modeling career  just on this popular platform. While some take the first steps others gain millions of followers in several hours because they already have a worldwide fame. Let’s see who are the top 5 most followed models on Instagram that rule this online platform and make it so interesting for many users.

Bella Hadid (15M+ followers)

So, on the first place of the most followed models we see Bella Hadid. This stunner has always been in the center of attention with her sharp and mysterious face expression that attracts millions of fans. She is famous not only thanks to her beauty but also or her outstanding femininity mixed with smartness. Bella has been named Dior make-up ambassador in 2016 when she was just 20 years old. Being a famous model for rich fashion houses such as Balmain, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta she continues to be one of the most required models in the world.

Emily Ratajkowski (15.1M+ followers)

The next on our list is Emily Ratajkowski. This is another stunner with sparkling eyes, attractive smile and smashing body shape. She is also a talented actress but many know her as an American top model. Today she is the new face for the luxury hair product company Kérastase Paris. This lovely lady often shares her beauty secrets with her followers and all women worldwide.

Gigi Hadid (35.9M+ followers)

It goes without saying that Gigi Hadid is one of the most beautiful and famous models in America. Although she and Bella Hadid are sisters and both are gorgeous, Gigi gains more popularity day by day thanks to her fame. Once she told that her mother was a model too. Well, now you know the sisters’ secret to success in the modeling world. She also says “I’m not as feminine in my everyday life. I’m really competitive—I’m an athlete and played volleyball all through high school—so working out is fun for me”. All the feminine and girly stuff we see on her is mainly the result of her career and working style. Unlike her slim body shape she also tells that burgers and fries are her weakness. Fans love her for her talent of mixing the ordinary life with the luxurious modeling career. It makes her so simple yet so ravishing at the same time.

Cara Delevingne (40.7M+ followers)

The second place belongs to our unique model and actress Cara Delevingne. Her fans and Instagram followers are always entrained with her fascinating style, way of thinking and attitude. The way Cara lives and works are unique and inspiring. Would you like to know the story behind her thick and eye-catching eyebrows? Well, they make her differ from the rest and are her visit card as a unique model. Once Cara said “my favorite feature is my eyebrows. But to be honest, I was forced to like my eyebrows. I absolutely despised them originally, and I wanted to shave them off. But my mother was just like, ‘You’ll regret that for the rest of your life. Don’t you dare touch them! I didn’t”.

Kendall Jenner (83.7M+ followers)

Gigi’s bestie rocks the first place of the top 5 most followed models on Instagram. There is no doubt that Kardashian sisters are the most famous women in the world, but Kendall’s beauty is something very different, capturing and luxurious. She is not as glamorous as Kim but she is lovelier for many fans. She has a kind of unrevealed beauty secret that keeps her so requested and mysterious. Just look at her eyes. They hold all her charm.