Summer Wedding Essentials: What to Bring to your Next Summer Wedding

A summer wedding is always a fun affair. In addition to being a venue to celebrate love with your friends and family, it is also an occasion that is full of photo-worthy opportunities.

Staying under the sun for an extended amount of time will present some challenges though. For this reason, you should ensure that you pack your bag with the right essentials that will help you remain cool and fresh. Here are some things that you should bring to the next summer wedding that you will attend.


While the wedding may be happening sometime in the afternoon, this does not mean that the sun will not be harsh on your peepers. Make sure that you lug around your trusted pair of sunglasses and put them on when the sun is too harsh. An elegant pair will surely go along with your impressive wedding guest ensemble. Just make sure that you steer clear of over-the-top designs that will divert the attention of other wedding guests.


Summer weddings usually happen outdoors. This means that you should take the necessary precaution that will keep you comfortable throughout the whole event. Your favorite pair of heels, for example, may present certain challenges with walking on grass, sand, and gravel. Fortunately, this kind of situation can easily be remedied with a pair of heel covers! These covers usually come in nondescript designs that you can easily snap on to your shoes. With this simple addition, you will experience better friction on different surfaces and will be able to walk more comfortably. 


The sun’s UV rays will wreak havoc on your skin. For this reason, you have to make sure that you slather on enough sunscreen that will keep you protected no matter how long you stay outdoors. There is a sunscreen formula that offers the same SPF protection without the greasy feel! This means that you can put on any amount that you want without worrying about feeling uncomfortable. Make sure that you buy the right sunscreen for your face as well and that you find a matte formula that will not ruin your make-up.


When it comes to planning your ensemble, you have to make sure that you keep the wedding venue in mind. Whether it is a summer wedding or a beach wedding, you have to make sure that you wear the right clothes for the occasion. Keep it cool, clean, and elegant. Make sure that you do not wear an over the top piece that will take the attention away from the bride. While you are at it, find the right accessories that will perfectly complement your clothes. Wear elegant jewelry that fits the feel of the occasion and tie your whole outfit together.

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