Style Rut: How to Make Your Outfits Perfect

style rut

The sentence ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ is probably the most said one among all women. It can happen every morning, whether it is really true, or you just have found yourself in style rut.

Sometimes, your favorite sweater just feels too baggy, or your favorite pair of jeans are not that favorite anymore. Well, you can’t re-purchase your whole wardrobe, but there are certainly some things that you can absolutely do to get out from style rut.

Here are some tips that will definitely help you make your outfits perfect again.

Declutter your Closet

Spend one day in front of your closet cleaning it out. This helps to realize how much clothes you really have and which are some things you loved, but totally forgot they were there.

You should completely clean your shelves, get out all the clothes and sort it out. Yeah, those jeans don’t suit you anymore so it would be a right move to get rid of them. Donate, gift or recycle them, and you will immediately feel better.

Don’t forget to put things you really love on center shelve. It is a perfect way to first see things you love and mix them with other staples.

Find Stylish Girl You Like

Finding a muse for an extra dose of inspiration is great for all girls in style rut. Scroll your Pinterest and Instagram feeds and find influencers and bloggers that inspire you. You shouldn’t copy other’s outfits, but just seeing how they tuck in their sweater or how they pair frayed hem jeans with Chelsea boots. Make a Pinterest board or Saved folder on Instagram, so you can always find those outfits you have liked.

Have a Go-To Outfit

In those don’t-have-anything-to-wear situations you need to have a go-to outfit. What does that exactly mean? Well, you know that jacket or those shoes that you love to wear – when in style rut, always wear things for which you know surely that suits you perfectly.

Always Accessorize

Instead of wasting a fortune on expensive clothes, you should instead try more accessories. You can always invest in some chic pieces of jewelry that can make even the easiest outfits fabulous.

Also, buy new shoes and bags. They can give an instant boost to all your outfits. Pick bags with interesting details – handles, patterns, and shapes.

Invest in Statement Pieces

Every girl should have some statement piece in a wardrobe. One of them is surely a wear-with-everything jacket. Whether it is a leather jacket or trench coat, it is important to have something that versatile that goes with anything you own. You can wear these pieces for years, and never regret investing in them.

Out of Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes, we see many items that we like, but don’t have enough courage to buy and style them. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. It doesn’t have to completely crazy, colorful outfit, but start small. Buy that skirt you like and pair it with your favorite sweater and ankle boots. You will feel better, trust me.

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