Style Errors That Make You Look Older

Do you know that you can dress up to make yourself look older than your actual age? Yes, it is actually true! There are some women who purposely wear something in order to make themselves look taller, wider, or shorter than they really are.

Now, you too can willingly wear styles that can make you look older just like these women. This may sound a bit weird to you, but people do it and you too can do it, if you think that you have a childish face or if you want to look older than your age.

1. Reading glasses

You can wear reading glasses. Make sure that you choose upcoming and fresh brands, such as Warby Parker to buy your reading glasses, so that you can stay in fashion while rock this look. This optical accessory can make you look much older than your age. This will also make you look more serious like studious people.

2. Tweed

While some fabrics look youthful such as denims, there are also a few fabrics that have an older edge to them, such as tweed. This fabric is mostly associated with vintage British hunting clothe and matronly suits. If you want to wear the look of an old man, go for over-sized or navy hounds-tooth, pinstripes, rather than tweed.

3. Gray hair

This is one of the very obvious things that can make you look older. However, there is definitely a certain style and a certain look for women that can make their gray hair look chic like Nicole Richie. Additionally, you can opt for colors that flatter your skin tone, instead of opting for gray color if you are in your middle age.

4. Comfort shoes

If you wear comfort shoes or sensible shoes, then you are thought of as a mature person who prefers their comfort and overlooks fashion. You can ruin a perfect look by wearing comfort sandals. Instead, you can opt for shoes that look cute yet are comfortable. They do not have thumping soles and yet have all the features of comfort sandals.

5. Cardigans

Cardigans can add years to your age, as they lack structure and shape. This is especially for heavier women, who display their bumps and lumps by wearing a cardigan. Although a cardigan may seem a perfect layering piece, you must stay away from a cardigan.

Instead, you can opt for a blazer or a jacket with some construction, like a collar, seaming, set-in sleeves, etc. This will make up for your middle age. However, if you still choose to wear a cardigan, make sure that you do not tie it around your waist, as this will make your hips look bigger rather than hiding them.

6. Big bauble necklaces

A hefty necklace with big baubles looks very bad. Moreover, wearing too much jewelry makes you look older, particularly if it is made of gold. Nonetheless, it is so old-fashioned and looks tacky. You can wear something in silver, white gold, or platinum to update your look. Additionally, never wear a brooch; instead, opt for a statement necklace piece.

If you avoid these things, you can look much younger than your age. And, if you want to look older than your age, then you can try one of these things at a time.

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