Stop Follow-Unfollowers On Instagram with These Tricks

stop follow unfollowers

Getting 10 followers for one hour, and then losing 5 of them is a weird but common thing on Instagram. Even if you work hard on posting good content every day, this can occur anytime. Some of you might think now – how to solve this problem. Well, it is actually easier than I have considered, too. Stop follow-unfollowers on Instagram is pretty simple – all you need to do is to follow these steps that we have found. They are proved to work!


Why People Follow/Unfollow

First of all, there are a few things you need to know about this follow/unfollow trend on Instagram. Most people who do this things are:

  • Robots
  • People who use automated apps that follow you without even letting them see your profile
  • People who follow you and hope you might follow them back – then unfollowing after seeing you didn’t press the follow button

The first thing you need to do is to let go your fake followers. You know they didn’t come to check out your profile or your content. They only wanted to gain some new followers. Trust me, it is better to have 50 real followers, than 1k face ones, that are not there for seeing what you offer.

Start controlling your Instagram algorithm is a great place to stop follow-unfollowers on Instagram.

stop follow unfollowers

Check The Hashtag Pages

Before posting a photo with some specific hashtag, don’t forget to check out the hashtag page. For example, for some hashtags, you will see it is a little bit crowded, many different photos, no order, etc. On the other hand, if you opt for some less popular hashtag, you will notice a big difference – photos from the same niche, fewer likes, but bigger opportunity to be seen.


Use Less Popular Hashtags

As I have mentioned, this doesn’t mean your posts won’t be seen. On the contrary – in the sea of a different photo of some ‘crowded’ hashtag, your photo will never be eye-catching. Less posts mean less spam, so it is better to stick to hashtags that have less followers. Robots or people that automatically follow will find hard to find you there.

stop follow unfollowers

Use Specific Hashtags

Prominent and popular hashtags usually have only one word, such as #love, #business, #cat or #dog. If you would like to avoid robots, then use specific hashtags that have two or more words. For example, instead of using only #photographer use hashtag #weddingphotographer or add the location where you work #newyorkweddingphotogrpher.

stop follow unfollowers

Test and Save Hashtag Groups

Even though hashtags are a great way to connect with people, they can also bring you many automated profiles and robots. That is why you should test and save your hashtag groups. Prepare them, and check which of these groups carry more unfollowers to your profile.


So, if you are sick of many likes and follow/unfollows that you get during the day, these tricks are a perfect way to control and test hashtags and stop follow-unfollowers on Instagram.

Have you tried some of these tricks? Write in the comment section below if they work for you.

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