Spring Wardrobe: 7 Items you Need

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It’s that time of year again – transitional weather when you are not quite sure how many layers you should wear, or should you still be wearing that long coat. Spring wardrobe knows to be complicated, but beautiful at the same time. However, you can look at the situation in the other way – your outfits should show off your creative, bold side.

By wearing trends, you show off your chic, fashionable side. No matter if you have bought it in a thrift shop or in some high-end brand store, if you know how to style it, you are timeless. We will show you things you should definitely own this spring. Let’s check them out together.

Animal Print Dress or Skirt

The animal print came back in style. This time, for real, and it is here to stay. It never looked better to style that long-forgotten leopard dress that you still keep. If you plan to do some spring shopping soon, then don’t hesitate to look for animal print booties, scarves, and other details. Trust us, when they are styled properly, they look absolutely stunning and chic.

A Boiler Suit

You can call it boiler or jumpsuit but the one thing is sure – this is definitely a statement piece of spring and summer season. Believe it or not, you can wear it with heels, flats, sandals or mules and still look amazing. When styled minimalistic, this one-piece boiler suit can be your perfect workwear.

Bright Shade Sweater

Yellow, pink, and other bright shades can not only raise your mood but also make your outfits bold and super stylish. Don’t run away from colors this spring – wear your bright sweaters brave and style them with your favorite everyday staples for cool and stylish results.

Polka Dot Shirt

Fortunately for us, polka dot trend is one of those that came back every year. It is timeless and almost never goes out of style. That is why you should definitely add this print to your spring wardrobe. Polka dot shirt is a great item for refreshing your spring wardrobe.

Straight-Legged Jeans

And even though a good pair of jeans is a staple piece in every closet, this season for your spring wardrobe choose straight legged pair. Last year was all about cropped, frayed hem jeans. This year, choose a good form, that will make you feel flattered and super chic. These jeans are perfect, you can wear them from day to night and still feel amazing and look timeless.

Corduroy Skirt or Blouse

Corduroy might be one of those surprising trends that made a comeback back from the ‘90s and stayed longer than we thought. This spring, in your spring wardrobe, make sure to have a corduroy skirt, dress or even a button-down. You can style it for work, college, or simply for everyday wear.

Midi Length Skirt

Midi skirt and high boots combo is one of the It girls favorite this season. You need to embrace this trend by picking light materials such as satin and silk. Combine it with heavy knits, cardigans, and turtlenecks.

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