Fall fashion is actually all about creative items, warmer outfits and colorful accessories. Designers do their best to provide us not only with interesting and trendy solutions but also with coziness and a bit of warmth for cold and gloomy autumn days. When it comes to shoes, we make sure we have several pairs for all occasions because you never know what weather to expect for this or that special autumn day. So, let’s take a look at the best sock boots for fall as they are 2018’s most requested fashion items.

Classic Black Sock Boots

Like the classic black dress a pair of classic black sock boots is a must for this fall. Why? Because it looks polished and is warm at the same time. You can wear these shoes in everyday life and stay comfy during the whole day. Try to make your choice between mid-heel sock boots when the thing is about black ones. You can match them both with dresses/skirts and trousers of any shade and color combination. However, it’s recommended to brighten up black shoes with vivid accessories and colors in autumn.

Knit Sock Boots

If you are looking for warmer and more fascinating options of sock boots, you may consider knit sock boots. They come in a variety of trims, styles and shades making your choice as effortless as possible. These boots stand out with unique touches and details. They are all made with comfortable fabrics that “hug” your legs and keep them warm. As for matching accessories, the best options are knit designs like knit scarves or sweaters.

Sporty Sock Boots

Although not everyone likes the combination of sporty+high heels we often see this trend on the streets. You may not call them as comfortable as your sneakers but the sporty details make them eye-catching. If you like extravagant combos, then try sporty sock boots this fall. Match them with sporty items and keep all well-balanced.

Sleek Sock Boots

Special for those looking for elegant ideas of sock boots, there are sleek styles. They are usually made of high-quality leather, wash-leather, suede or denim in monotone colors. These boots are great for official meetings, office looks and just for prom dressing. You can rock them in any light, dark or bright color according to the event. Matching accessories can be chosen of the same fabric.

Over the Knee Sock Boots

The most eye-grabbing designs of sock boots are over the knee styles. They are too bold yet so comfortable. These boots are mainly worn with miniskirts or dresses. They show off your legs and make you very eye-catching in the crowd. From the simplest monotone designs to the most sparkling fabrics you can opt for several over the knee sock boots for various occasions. Women with long legs look hotter with these boots. Since they add a kind of visual height to your overall look, the choice of the height of heels depends on your preferences.

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