Sneaky Veggies: How to Trick Yourself into Eating More Vegetables

Eating your daily fill of different kinds of vegetables is a great way to maintain a healthy physique and to take care of your overall well-being. However, there are instances when you would find yourself struggling to get the recommended amount in your meals. Maybe it’s because you are craving something else. Maybe it’s because you’ve ran out of ways to cook even the vegetables that you love. No matter what your reason may be, here are different tips that you may use to get your veggies in!


When you mix your vegetables with egg, you will not only be taking in the right amount of vitamins and nutrients from your veggies. You will also be able to get your fill of protein! Mixing these two ingredients make for a wonderful dish that is easy to prepare and enjoyable to eat! Bring out the muffin pan and prepare an easy frittata. Mix them all together of an omelet. No matter how you do it, you will surely end up with a tasty and fulfilling meal that will get you ready for the day.


There are different kinds of breakfast sweet recipes that you can use to pack in your servings of veggies! These recipes yield numerous servings of easy-to-eat pastry that you can eat even if you are in a rush. Next weekend, try making a fresh batch of bran muffins with little bits of carrots and zucchini. The additional vegetables will add a nice texture to the whole thing, without necessarily messing with the taste. You may also substitute the usual nuts with bits of crispy vegetables for a healthier treat!


If you are the kind of person who is not in the habit of having sit-down meals, or if you are simply looking for better ways to take in more liquids, then you should definitely look for vegetable smoothie recipes that you can prepare home. While most people usually end up using only fruits for sweet smoothies, adding a serving of non0conspicuous vegetables into the blender will do wonders for your health! Since these vegetables will be mixed with sweeter alternatives, you will not even notice that they are there! You’ll get your fill of the good stuff and you’ll be able to load up on fiber, too.


Most of the time, pasta dishes use meat that is not only high on the calories but also high on cholesterol. If you are looking for a better way to enjoy your pasta dishes, then you should look for easy veggie pasta recipes that will be delicious and nutritious. The texture of the vegetables will serve as a nice contrast against the texture of the pasta, thereby making for a meal that will surely satiate your palate. You can mix them with the sauce or use them as toppings! Either way, you ‘ll be able to enjoy a fulfilling meal while getting enough veggie serving.

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