Slay It at Work – Beauty Tips for the Office

One great thing about being an online ambassador and model is that you still have enough time to pursue another career that you love. No matter what line of work your day job may be in, you have to make sure that you maintain your personal brand and still show up with model-worthy looks on a daily basis. Believe it or not, your office look has the same impact as the ones that you wear for your online content. To ensure that you are able to maintain a reputable image at work while still rocking your favorite looks, simply use these simple yet effective beauty tips.


While you may encounter different kinds of stress factors at work, this does not mean that the haggardness that you feel should translate to the way that you look. Even if you are going to spend the rest of your day in the office, you have to make sure that you cover up your imperfections and maintain a healthy-looking complexion. Skip the foundation though, because it will be too heavy in the office setting. Consider adding a dub of blush and bronzer too, for a pleasantly appealing look.


Knowing how to do your eye make-up for everyday office wear is of tantamount importance. You have to make sure that you make your peepers look bright and big, without using too much eye make-up of course. Use soft browns and plum shades to add color and depth to your eyes. Make sure that you do your eyebrows and put on a swish of mascara too, and you will be good to go!


Wearing too much lip gloss for your daily office look will not make for a good corporate reputation. Save the gloss for your nights out and choose to wear long-lasting pinks and peaches on your lips instead. Mattes and semi-mattes will work perfectly for this kind of environment. Simple and subtle colors will also be very simple to maintain, which means that you will not need to keep re-applying your lipstick throughout your working hours.


Nail art and bedazzled nails look fun; but there is simply no place for them in your workplace. This about the last time that you are introduced to someone and had to shake his hands. Now, place yourself in his shoes and consider how you would feel if you have to shake hands with someone who is wearing overly decorated nails. To maintain a professional look without losing your personal brand, look for solid and elegant colors that will work well with just about any ensemble. Take it a notch higher the next time that you get a manicure with gel nail polish, for a longer-wearing look.

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