Self-Care Ideas to Start Doing This Fall

self care ideas

Fall can be a tough time. Along with all pretty things in fall – pumpkin potages, warm soups, tea, and a fireplace, some things can really soak all your energy. The fact that days get short, the dark comes early, and holidays are just around the corner, can make you feel depressed and in lack of energy. Here are some of the self-care ideas to start doing this fall, that might help you feel good every day.

Clean Up Your Space

It is a fact that (whether the season is) messy house cause even messier thinking and feeling overwhelmed. Taking care of your working space, as well as for the kitchen, living room and other places in your house will help you feel better. Decorate your home for fall – add candles, warm-shaded details, and fresh fall flowers. Trust me, this will make you drink your morning coffee with more elan and good will.

self care ideas

Limit Screen Time

It has happened to all of us – we have read some sad story on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and that had an influence on our whole day. There is a way to avoid that. One of the universal self-care ideas is to limit your screen time. Disconnect from wifi, don’t look at your phone, because there will always be some notification that can disturb you. Many apps can help you in achieving this idea.

Take a Warm Bath

When fall and winter time comes, you should take more baths. Don’t forget to take a book, sip a glass of wine or a snack. You can always add some aromatherapy oils or salts to relax. Enjoy that time and disconnect as much as you can from all everyday worries – work, family, etc. Leave that all behind, just relax and breathe.

self care ideas

Transform Self-Care Ideas to Habits

For some, self-care routine ideas mean brushing their hair or taking a late night shower after a long day at the office. For some, these ideas are skincare routines, putting on your mask, and detox oil before bed. Everything that suits you is fine. Make sure to turn these ideas into regular things you will practice from now on.

Eat Chocolate

Is there anyone who didn’t crave for hot chocolate or those Ferrero Rocher balls on those cold fall days? Don’t count me there, because when I am depressed, I usually want to eat that whole chocolate box. And that is not a bad thing, you know! Eating chocolate can lift up your mood, and even scientists tell us that. Try those chocolates with the big percent of cacao or make your own brownies and cookies.

self care ideas

Start with small things – turn off your TV or disconnect from your wifi. Focus on your breathing, clean up space where you instead spend your me-time and just enjoy.

Do you practice any self-care ideas yourself? Write to us which of these ideas you liked the most.

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