How to Rock The Off-the-Shoulder Trend in 2018

Off-shoulder dresses, blouses and tops have been trendy in 2017 and they continue to stay as big trends for 2018 too. The love that fashionistas show for this trend is amazing. The reason why off-shoulder trend is so popular and loved is hidden behind its beauty and original style. Off-shoulder outfits are the most feminine and attractive styles you can find in fashion. They are all the rage these days and everyone wants to know how to rock the off-shoulder trend in 2018. Let’s discover the best styles and ideas of this big dressing trend for spring and summer.

Off-Shoulder Trench

That was Kim Kardashian who first appeared with an off-shoulder trench worn on naked body. Today, many celebrities and common stylish women copy her style. This is sometimes called a cold trench. You can wear it with your bras, tight tops or off-shoulder dresses. In case, you go for a warmer style, you may opt for classic trousers.

Off-Shoulder Printed Tops

Since prints are the most requested trends for 2018 we offer wearing printed off-shoulder tops. Choose tiny and subtle flower prints or go for tropical touches. Pair these tops with summer shorts, loose trousers, casual jeans and sometimes even miniskirts. As for accessories, girlish items go best. Opt for bracelets, watches, summer hats, sunglasses and small and cute bags. Make your choice between the latest trendy tops from the major fashion houses.

Off-Shoulder Dresses

Let’s add a seductive touch to your elegant dresses by the of-shoulder style. This year you may complete your spring/summer collection with a few lovely off-shoulder dresses that are neither too long nor too short. The knee-length is perhaps the most elegant option to pick from all of the other options. It will look very original with the off-shoulder style. Match it with classic high heels, neat bags and modest accessories.

Long Sleeve with No Sleeve

Open up only one shoulder and leave the other one under the fabric. This mixture is unique and fashionable. Instead of showing off both of your shoulders you bring up just some body grabbing more attention on your “cocktail party” look. This combination is great especially for beach parties. You can use this solution both for dresses and tops. If it’s a top then match it with fancy trousers or shorts for a better look. Opt for appropriate hairstyles, accessories and makeup if it’s a prom dress.

Off-Shoulder Outfits with a Neckpiece

Since your neck becomes more eye-catching with off-shoulder outfits, it needs some accessories to look more beautiful. We know you are tired of chokers and we are here to offer other cool solutions for 2018. It can be made of the same fabric of your blouse/dress or something more creative like a Greek-styled necklace. If you like, you can even use your common scarves. They will add style statement and will highlight your personal taste. Other matching accessories are tiny bracelets, watches, summer hats and sunglasses as mentioned above.


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