How to Rock Boho Style in Summertime

Boho never goes out of style. For some people, bohemian is the way of living their life. If you ask for a definition – everyone will say that it implies avant-garde, creative and pretty relaxed lifestyle. In the summer, all I want is to wear light, maxi dresses, and lovely comfy sandals or mules. And you can do that while still looking very bohemian. Some of the main characteristics of chic boho style are floral print, maxi dresses, chunky sweaters and oversized tops. Along with these items – turquoise rocks and oversized pieces of jewelry. I have prepared a style guide to show you how to rock this way of dressing in the upcoming summertime.



Big rocks in many different colors are what makes boho style so unique and exciting. As you can see, the main rule when it comes to jewelry is more is more! Stacked rings made of different materials and shapes in combination with many colorful bracelets and necklaces seem perfect.

This summer doesn’t be afraid to wear massive rings and earrings. They will make a statement, while you will look absolutely chic and boho.



Long skirts and maxi dresses look lovely in combination with flip-flops, mules or wedge shoes. The main moto of boho style is to feel comfy all the time. Denim is allowed as well, but don’t hesitate to show off your long bare legs. Sun-kissed skin, sand in your hair and sea salt on your skin are enough for this summer to be perfect. And when you are thinking about the way of dressing let the boho be on your mind – relaxed and colorful.

Combination of transparent lace and floral print on this lovely maxi dress is what makes it fantastic and very bohemian. You can style it for a pool party, beach walks or for everyday events. You can opt for both platform heels or modern mules.

If you are a fan of lace, then don’t hesitate to wear this transparent white crochet lace dress. It is open, but it is summertime! You can wear cutouts and deep necks for an extra dose of ventilation. Belt your maxi dress with brown boho belt and highlight your waist.

When I have said colorful dresses and skirts, I definitely haven’t meant that white is not allowed. There is nothing better than an off the shoulder top or dress in the hot summertime. This white look combined with cute massive jewelry will give you that chic boho look, that many girls try to achieve.

If this way of dressing wasn’t your thing, I hope that after this article it will be. Boho as hippie or classy way of dressing will never go out of fashion. So, you know what t do – put on your floral maxi dress, some comfy shoes and go out in nature!

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