Polka Dots in Fashion

Polka dots are our grandmas’ favorite style as they hold a nostalgic touch in them. This retro inspired style is refreshed for 2018 and we are offered a number of solutions for polka dots from fancy fashion houses. Let’s see what polka dots do in fashion and why they have become so popular. We see 2018 polka dots trends on the streets and on the runway equally and the fact is that each uses their own creativity with this cute and feminine style.

Cool Combos

Nowadays fashionable women prefer combining two types of polka dots. They differ in sizes and color mixtures. You can wear a lovely black blouse with small white polka dots along with a trendy white skirt with large black polka dots (or the vice versa. This is a pure example of a retro style and it goes well with stylish sunglasses and red lips. Try to complete it with matching mules, accessories and retro hairstyles.

Red Polka Dots

Besides the white and black combinations we meet red polka dots on different shades and fabrics. These are rather fun and eye-catching styles that you can choose for your casual looks. Many women sometimes even rock trendy swimsuits with red polka dots. You can combine them with leather belts, skirts or other accessories for a complete modern look.

Ruffle Outfits with Polka Dots

What do you think about ruffle dresses? Don’t they look too chic and feminine? Now, look at the best examples of ruffle dresses with polka dots. This crazy style is so beautiful and attractive. It carries all the charm of our lovely vintage style and tends to showcase your femininity with all its power. You can also consider shirts with ruffles and polka dots.

Pastel Polka Dots

Our favorite style of polka dots appears in pastel shades. These are mostly pastel colored outfits with white polka dots but we call them pastel polka dots. Of course, you can meet polka dots in light blue, mint green, lavender, light pink and yellow hues but in the majority of cases they are in white accompanied by pastel colored fabrics. Compared to black, red or other bright polka dots pastel polka dots are more exquisite and girlish. They are ideal for spring and summer. If you like, you can match them with suitable accessories of the same colors. Pastel colors are in thing these days and they are used quite often by stylish famous ladies.

Polka Dots Accessories

From cute earrings to subtle scarves polka dots are everywhere in fashion. It has never been so easy to find stylish accessories with polka dots. Your choice is wide and your grandmother may be jealous for you. Gift her some lovely scarves or belts with polka dots and she will love you even more. Handbag trends, shoes, watches, sunglasses with polka dots are considered as the most attractive for 2018. Just make sure you stay tender with them and avoid too much use of the same color combination or the heavy matching of accessories.


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