Perfect Morning Routine: What You Should Do

morning routine

The morning routine is so important. Everyone is talking about it, but does everyone do it properly? Believe it or not, morning routine is really important. It can set the tone of the rest of your day, so it is crucial to start off your day right, doing things that will relax and prepare you for the rest of the day.

It is known that you focus and motivation is the biggest in the morning. You can use that time for doing something creative, finish some work or train. However, if you notice that something drains you, don’t push it. Postpone your exercise for the afternoon or evening, and finish that job later during the day.

Mornings look different for everyone. For some of you drinking coffee for hours might be a perfect joy, while some enjoy in hard training, the first thing they do in the morning.

Let’s check out some of the best morning routine practices that you can try.

Have A Ritual For Day Start

This means you need to find your own ‘go time.’ Whether it means drinking coffee and checking your emails, workout or even reading a book – just make sure to make it into the habit. When you repeat it every morning, it should come more natural for you to organize later.

Keep a Journal

Whether keeping a journal for you means only writing your thoughts, or writing down feelings, to-do lists, or just your thoughts. Writing can be perfect for your creative process, feeling that you write down your thoughts can help a lot.

Drink Hot Water and Lemon

Many famous and less famous people swear by hot lemon water. They assure us that this magical potion changed their morning routine. It is good for digestion, energy, and your skin.

Yoga or Meditation

When you see your cat stretch in the morning, don’t forget the same! You should start your day with a bit of exercise – leisure yoga would be perfect for all lazy girls out there. It is also very peaceful, and it supposedly lifts up your energy.  

Listen to Podcast or Radio

Many people became obsessed with podcasts (count me there). They can be about anything. I personally love podcasts about fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. They inspire me, I love listening to other people stories. It is definitely an excellent way to start off your day.

Make Your Bed and Space

Make sure to make your bed. Also, while preparing for the day, spruce up a house a little bit. After coming back from work, you can relax and not think about house jobs. Also, if you are working from home, make sure to tidy up your desk, arrange your planner, and other documents.

Do you have a morning routine? What of these things inspire you the most? Try to incorporate some of these practices into your mornings, and trust me – you will enjoy the rest of your day.

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