Party-Ready Headpieces

Holiday accessories are always fascinating and engaging. They grab out attention and make the wearer so eye-catching. Since it’s summertime, we have decided to take a look at some of the best party-ready headpieces to make your holidays, birthday and beach parties, wedding ceremonies and special events more beautiful and interesting. These accessories can refresh your prom look and keep all eyes on your stylish appearance. It’s always great to have several headpieces and hair accessories at hand to style your locks in a fancy hairdo. Even the simplest carefree hairstyle becomes fantastic with a trendy hair accessory.

Boho Chic

We have spoken about Bohemian hairstyles and hair accessories many times because they continue to stay big trends in the fashion world. These days we see a number of boho inspired headpieces from the simplest leather and flowered options to luxurious crystal headbands. They all come with feminine touches and look lovely both on short and long hairstyles. Fashionable brides often opt for Bohemian accessories to highlight their true beauty. So, make your choice between floral, leather, svarovski crystal headbands or starbloom, pearl and feather bobbies. They are suitable for wedding, beach and other parties.

Vintage Headbands

Large, bead-embroidered, plastic and metallic, brass and ribbon headbands are making a huge comeback. They are all vintage and retro inspired headpieces that go well with matching hairstyles such as teased and textures half-updos, finger waves, pixie cuts and curly hairdos. Many stylish celebrities are big fans of vintage accessories. We have seen posh models rocking stunning headpieces inspired by vintage effects.

Butterfly Clips

Remember our childhood hair clips? They had the delicate shape and design of butterfly and looked so beautoful on hair. 2018’s biggest hair accessory trends are butterfly clips. They have kept the seam design and style but come with modern effects and high-quality materials. These headpieces are mainly sparkling and glossy. They are ideal for party hairstyles. Nostalgia-inducing hair accessories like butterfly clips have been shown at the latest London Fashion Week. They are going to become so popular, that we won’t be surprised to see them more and more frequently at parties. Such headpieces go well with frizzy, curly, wavy and textures hair.

Crystal Bow Clips

Another trend between hair clips are crystal bow clips made of various crystals of various shades from transparent white to darkest black and brightest red to lightest  turquoise. You can choose party-ready bow clips right from the latest string of hair accessories. They come in different sizes to please all tastes, hair types, lengths and styles.

Feather Hair Clips

At last but not least, we are provided with modern feather hair clips for 2018’s biggest parties. These fun and chic accessories that hold so much mystery and interest in it are also ideal feminine headpieces with bright hues and old Indian eternity. Besides natural feather clips you can also use metallic feather hair clips. They are chic, girlish and very tender. From the smallest feather clips to the largest styles there are cool ideas of this hair accessory for any special event.

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