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6 Fat-Burning Foods: How to Boost Your Metabolism

Summer is here, and that can mean only one thing – now it is time to show off our perfect beach bodies. If you think you are not quite ready, don’t worry. I have gathered some of the best fat-burning foods to help you boost your metabolism while not being in the gym....

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How to Wear Kimonos with Jeans

From mid-length to longline, kimonos are all the rage for this year. They come with millions of styles and fabrics and provide us with super stylish and attractive looks. Our simple street style becomes so versatile, interesting and fashionable thanks to these new...

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Meet Brianna Krahn

Name: Brianna Krahn What's your story? I have spent my life waterskiing, reading, writing, and just trying to enjoy life. I love to sing and dance and I definitely enjoy dressing up. I’ve always wanted to make an impact on the world and although I’m not perfectly...

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Flip Flops are Back

You may say flip flops have never been out of usage but we can say that they have been out of style for a while. People were used to wear flip flops only on the beach and no one referred them as stylish items for special occasions. Now we see flip flops are back with...

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Best Hair Highlights for Long Hair

Women with long hair always stand out in the crowd with their cool femininity and stunning beauty. They differ from the rest with their luxurious charm provided by their eye-catching hairstyles and more often with hair color choices and highlights. However, it’s...

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How to Use Face Oils: Why They Are Good For Your Skin

With the summer heat and being exposed to the sun it is really important to take care of your skin. Not only the body, but the face as well can suffer from dehydration and dryness. That is when you should start thinking about the face oils. Whether they became the...

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Nail Art Trends for 2018

Game of Letters Words or juts a collection of random letters it’s up to you. This is one of the most creative nail art ideas for this year. It is mostly created with white and black shade but you are free in your color choice. Just make sure you do it wisely so that...

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Celebrity Inspiration: Summer Hairstyle Ideas

Whether you are embraced by waves, curls or straight hair you always need a hairstyle inspiration. Luckily our stylish celebrities often come up with new hair trends and hairstyles ideas that inspire us to change up our style and look. Here are the latest...

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How to Wear Denim Jumpsuits

One of the most convenient and fashionable outfits for casual life is jeans jumpsuits. It has an old history when women after the Word War 2nd started to work in farms and factories doing manly jobs, they had to wear cozy special outfits that make them comfier to...

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Light Hair Color Trends for Summer

Summer is the best time for new hair color ideas and experiments. It’s the best season for big transformations and new looks. We are happy to share with you some of the most popular light hair color trends for summer. If you haven’t gone for a big change in your style...

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White Blouses Everyone will Rock this Year

White blouses never leave the world of fashion because they are always requested by women of all age groups and professions. Starting from schoolgirls to business women everyone likes wearing white shirts and blouses in casual life. Lately, these outfits have become...

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How to Add Safari Vibe to Your Summer Outfits

Making your outfits interesting in summer is not so hard. There are plenty of items that you can mix and patterns that you can combine. However, this year everybody from fashion industry was talking about famous safari style. Olive green, khaki and brown are the earth...

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MTV Awards 2018: 5 Best Red Carpet Looks

2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards are perhaps the most exiting events for celebrities and famous stars. Everyone does their best to sparkle with all their beauty and charm. Each female celebrity tries to create an image and look that’s unrepeatable and incredible. Starting...

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Trendy Office Bags for Women

Any woman working at an office needs stylish and comfy bags that goes well with her dress code and allows her to carry everything she needs during the day. These bags are usually large and comfortable. They provide with enough room for the most necessary essentials...

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Polka Dots in Fashion

Polka dots are our grandmas’ favorite style as they hold a nostalgic touch in them. This retro inspired style is refreshed for 2018 and we are offered a number of solutions for polka dots from fancy fashion houses. Let’s see what polka dots do in fashion and why they...

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July is a month when we search for summer inspiration. Makeup, beauty products or trendy accessories – whatever you are looking for, fashion and beauty bloggers will definitely provide you with a great amount of inspo. With these stylish and unique bloggers that I...

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How to Choose Earrings for Your Face Shape

The majority of women wear any earring style they like without matching it with their face shape. Stylists recommend choosing earrings according to your face shape like hairstyles, haircuts and makeup ideas. The right chosen pair of earrings can highlight your best...

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Party-Ready Headpieces

Holiday accessories are always fascinating and engaging. They grab out attention and make the wearer so eye-catching. Since it’s summertime, we have decided to take a look at some of the best party-ready headpieces to make your holidays, birthday and beach parties,...

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2018 Short Hair Trends

Short haircuts are becoming more and more requested in salons because many women prefer cozy and stylish haircuts. Check out our list of the best short hair trends for 2018 if you have decided to cut off your locks into a fancy style. Before choosing any haircut make...

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4th of July Outfit Ideas: Style Guide

You might think summer is not really here yet, but look it’s almost 4th of July! The celebration of the Independence day is very popular, and it is a wonderful opportunity for you to show off your patriotic/chic outfit ideas. Shades of blue, red, and white along with...

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How to Rock Boho Style in Summertime

Boho never goes out of style. For some people, bohemian is the way of living their life. If you ask for a definition – everyone will say that it implies avant-garde, creative and pretty relaxed lifestyle. In the summer, all I want is to wear light, maxi dresses, and...

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