Never Post These 5 Types of Pictures on Instagram

Not every picture is welcome in someone’s feed so be dedicated and do your best mostly for you and beware of the types of pictures that are the most disliked on Instagram.

1. Bathtub

Yes, social media is to share the things you enjoy and bubble bath seems pretty nice. In reality, sharing pictures that are pretty intimate is not very nice. Pictures taking bubble baths are all the same, bubble baths, dimmed lights, legs, and half wet hair it is nothing special.

2. Pool or Beach

The closest type to the Pool or Beach type of photo is the previously mentioned Bathtub type which is all the same again. The Beach/Pool type is more about choosing the ‘perfect’ pose to portray your body and lines or make a silly grimace. Along with the size and the silliness, there goes a description often saying: look at the tree, look at the beach, amazing pool, or boat whatever it is just by posting it you even sound dumber than ever.

These kinds of pictures often uncover the other side of the picture expressing your narcissism and how in love with your body you actually are. Do not underestimate a great mass of people, they have already encountered this kind of pictures and you will not be the one to fool them not even for one second.

3. Lingerie

Of course, it is sexy and stuff and in your mind, you feel like doing it posing in lingerie in order to get additional likes and followers. Instagram can be at times very challenging so you would feel like doing it and take some photos on your own. Everyone has a right to post whatever they want but without violating Instagram’s policy.

It is more common these days to encounter these kinds of pictures and taken even by 15 years old but the most challenging thing won’t be posting photos of your lingerie but to stay respected and also respect Instagram and its purpose of using it. Instagram is about sharing elements of your life, show others what kind of person are you, and inspire people or help them not just to be selfish marketer or followers addict and violate everything that comes in your way. So no lingerie’s off the list.

4. Post-Workout

It is not a big deal if you’ve been to the gym or not. Lately, people do not prefer to be updated if you’ve lost weight or gained muscle or even if you broke a sweat.

5. Injury

Who wants to see what do you have in your injury? There is a disgusting snapshot fever that people’s injuries are shared. Most people are using Instagram to see something cute or creative, something hand-made or artistic, second opinions and related things but no one wants to see if you’ve broken your leg or arm and how does it feel or how it looks like. These types are very similar to the 1st of April pranks which everyone avoids.

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