Nail Art Trends for 2020

During this COVID19 pandemic, we got a lot of time at home, our family and ourselves. So if you are looking for trends that will look your nails fashionable, here are some of the tips you can consider:

Game of Letters

Words or juts a collection of random letters it’s up to you. This is one of the most creative nail art ideas for this year. It is mostly created with white and black shade but you are free in your color choice. Just make sure you do it wisely so that your words or letters could be obvious and visible enough thanks to the background color. It’s one of the best ways to express your thoughts, mood and feelings.

Red Nails

The simple and classic red nails are in thing these days. They gain more and more popularity and many women start to love it as a casual choice for everyday life. Red nails grab attention thanks to their brightness and the best part about this shade is that it looks fantastic both with fair and dark skin tones. Bright and high-gloss red nails look bold but tend to keep your style fresh and fashionable.

Half Moon

Instead of the popular French nails nail artists offer half-moon nail art trend. This dark and light combination of hues and designs are met in a variety of styles. It is quite elegant and festive in its design but quite simple in its style. You can rock it with a number of colors and accessories if you choose neutral shades.

Glitterati Nails

Glitters are not only for Christmas but also for common festivals and parties. Sparkling and glossy nails with much fun are ideal for a variety of special events. If you are looking for a trendy nail art idea for the upcoming evening or birthday party then consider the glitterati nail art. From the lightest grey shade to the brightest tone of velvet you are free in your color choice. This luxurious, super feminine and fascinating nail idea is quite luscious and luminous to grab attention. It is obviously one of the most inspiring trends for 2018.  You can match it with trendy glitter eye shadow or lips and finish your complete glossy look with shiny accessories. Just keep it well-balanced.

Natural Nails

Natural or the so-called nude nails come in new styles special for those who want to keep their nails good-looking no matter what. For this nail art artists offer cafe au lait, pale peach, blush white and barely there pink shades according to your skin tone. The idea is to pick the shade that looks natural on your nails, that’s why your skin tone plays a great role. As a result, you are provided with neat and classic nail art that works well with any style, outfit, accessories and makeup ideas.

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