Model-Worthy Date Night Tips to Boost your Instagram Game

If you are an online model or influencer, you will need to be ready to share a certain part of your personal life with your fans. One of the most common things that models do online is to give their followers a sneak peek into their love lives.  It will be a good idea for you to post a couple of photos from your regular date nights, but you have to make sure that you do everything that you can in order to look good in photos and for your date, too! Here are some tips from top online models and ambassadors.  With the following secrets, you will be able to better prepare for your date and look smashing on every content you post during the night.


A warm shower will surely take less time, but going on a date should be a night of pampering and feeling relaxed and confident. A nice long bath will get you in the mood and help you prepare for your romantic evening.  Try adding some bubbles for a more luxurious feel and for a bath that will get your ready for a fun night out. A nice bath will surely get you ready for your date and will also help you look beautiful in every photo that you will take as you enjoy one of the highlights of your week.


If you are in the habit of wearing the same hairstyle every single day, then the people around you and the people who follow you online have surely grown used to seeing you a certain way.  Since you will be going out on a date, it will be a good idea to change things up and consider changing your hairstyle for the night.  Try an up do if you are always on a ponytail or try curling your hair if you normally have straight hair. A different look will also give you an added boost of confidence that will surely translate to amazing photos.



Getting ready for a date will normally have you in a frenzy to find the right clothes and to put on the right makeup.  Imagine having this effort going to waste by seeing your cracked nail polish and the middle of the night.  Save yourself from the stress by taking the time to freshen up your nail polish and to trim your nails, if necessary.  This little change will complete the feeling of getting pampered and getting ready for a fun night out.


If you’re running out of time and if you have to prepare for your date within certain number of minutes, then you have to prioritize the kind of preparation that you will do.  No matter what happens, make sure that you add color to your lips with a beautiful cheek stain or an amazing lipstick.  This simple change will help you feel confident and ready for a fun experience.  It will also help you look polished for the photos that you will take and eventually uploaded on your social media profile.

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