Meet Sage Blundell

Sage Blundell

What’s your story?
Long story short I was scouted at the Thousand Oaks mall when I was 16 by Haley Clausons father, Larry.

Why do you want to work as a model or brand ambassador?
I have been modeling and repping brands for almost 6 years now. I love to inspire people and young girls to love their bodies, never let anyone tell them they are not beautiful and to follow my dreams of becoming a model they can look up to. I have had brands wanting to collaborate together but for me I can’t rep just any brand. I want it to be brands who are helping the environment or donating a percentage to a good cause. I would never want people to think I don’t care what brands are behind me. I love nature and mother earth too much to not support those brands who do all that they can to do their part.

What are your other career goals and passion?
Straight out of High School I was going to go to Seattle to become a hair stylist and then go to school for business and eventually open my own spa or salon one day, so that’s always been a dream of mine. Also, I love animals so being a vet would be amazing too. I have always played school as a kid so being a teacher is something that interests me as well.

Tell us about your lifestyle? How do you maintain your looks and physique?
My lifestyle is very active, outdoorsy and free spirited. I love dogs and have always had at least one (if not 4 at one point) so I am always hiking, running on the beach with them or just taking long walks. I get bored and restless in the gym everyday so I like to switch it up. I also try my best to eat very clean. I am not vegan or vegetarian but I don’t eat meat everyday and I always like to know where my food is coming from. Whole Foods is basically my second home – lets just say that.

What are your hobbies? What fills your days? What do you do for fun?
What I do for fun is pretty typical coming from California. I love going to the beach, hiking, skateboarding, camping, spending time with my family and loving my dog every second!

What are your favorite brands? What brands do you want to work with? What kind of campaign do you want to be a part of?
Some of my favorite brands I have worked with are Ray Ban, Revolve, Nastygal, Agaci, La Isla Swimwear, Shoptobi, Forloveandlemons and Shop Tiki girl just to name a few. I would love to work with Free People, surf brands, Calvin Klein, Victorias Secret and Urban Outfitters.

How much time do you spend online?
Lately I have been spending a little more time online then I normally do. At times I hate it and I thrive for those moments without service but being a model you need to be on top of your social media. I mean now certain clients don’t want to cast you unless you have a certain amount of followers.

What part of this career interests you the most?
The part about my career that interests me the most is all the inspiring people I get to work with and how many different people I can be. I love having creative shoots with unique make up and just all around artsy shoots. I love to inspire and to be inspired.

What’s your personal motivation?
My personal motivation is my family. My family has been through so much most people have no idea. My family has ALWAYS supported me and shown nothing but love for my decisions in life. One day I would love to be able to care for my Mimi and for my mother. They deserve the world.

Modeling experience?
Oh yes, I have had many modeling experience. At the age of 18 years old I was pushed to the concrete jungle. NYC. I lived there for 5 months meeting clients, shooting with photographers, just learning how to really be a model and being signed with Scott Lipps (One Management) Right after that I was sent to Sydney, AUS. I lived there for almost 4 months, and let me tell you that was a life changing trip. Being signed with Chic Model Management. Meeting all kinds of models and friendly aussies. I would never take that trip back. Then lastly but not least I moved to Mexico City and was signed with Paragon. Not knowing the language, living in a models apartment with guys AND girls (14 people total) was definitely a experience. Now being in LA for about 4 years I have been able to work with dream clients and build an amazing book.

Do you have existing partnerships with brands?
I have had constant work with Nastygal, Revolve and Agaci. All super amazing brands and even more amazing people.

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