Meet Princess T22


What’s your story?
Since I was little girl I dream this day to be a model get known out there

Why do you want to work as a model or brand ambassador?
Want to influence other girls and woman’s that you can do anything don’t be afraid to follow heart and your dreams

What are your other career goals and passion?
Be a singer one day and be psychologists help people with there problems give them advice

Tell us about your lifestyle? How do you maintain your looks and physique?
Do my facial mask routine all the time, I like wearing nice street sexii wear clothing , like to feel good about myself be me

What are your hobbies? What fills your days? What do you do for fun?
Basketball,softball,watching movies and tv shows,love singing,working out, playing with my dog love animals

What are your favorite brands? What brands do you want to work with? What kind of campaign do you want to be a part of?
Victoria’s Secret ,Gucci, Apple bottoms, baby phat , JLO, Balenciga, Prada,Fence, Versace, much more

How much time do you spend online?

What part of this career interests you the most?
Influence woman and kids out there you can be anybody

What’s your personal motivation?
My dad he my hero my best friend the one made me stand up for myself be follow your heart follow your dreams to be anyone

Modeling experience?
Used to be model when I was like 12 year old , I stop when I was 19 year old because it wasn’t taking me anywhere I was working so hard to where I go , I want to go back I know I can do it I want to show the world that they can be anything they want

Do you have existing partnerships with brands?
No I don’t I was exploring different photography backgrounds poses but I would love to model different brands clothing

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