Meet Jessalynn Kenton

Jessalynn Kenton

What’s your story?
I’m just a Delaware girl that loves spending time at the beach and in the kitchen baking. I am a sophomore at the University of Delaware and I am studying Business Marketing. I used to be a blogger for Society19, but I stopped writing for them and started my own blog! I am looking to start my career as a model!

Why do you want to work as a model or brand ambassador?
I have always aspired to have an Instagram that everyone loves to check when they wake up in the morning and periodically throughout the day. I look up to influencers like Tana Mongeau and Tasha Farsaci and would love to have others feel the same way about me!

What are your other career goals and passion?
I am planning on graduating with a Masters degree in Business Marketing. I would love to work at a Real Estate agency in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware in the marketing/advertising department.

Tell us about your lifestyle? How do you maintain your looks and physique?
Healthy eating is one of my main priorities. If you aren’t putting in the right fuel, your car won’t run correctly. The same goes for your body, and I believe that fully. I am at the gym almost every night and I spend hours watching tutorials to improve my hair and makeup. I like to keep up on the trends when it comes to my makeup. I am an avid runner and swimmer, and I enter races and competitions often.

What are your hobbies? What fills your days? What do you do for fun?
This summer, I have been working as a nanny. This allows to me have time to blog and and scroll through social medias when quiet time comes around. It also gives me an opportunity to try out new recipes and post them to my blog!

What are your favorite brands? What brands do you want to work with? What kind of campaign do you want to be a part of?
I am willing to work with virtually any brand. I love companies that have clothes and swim suits. I would love to promote fashion and swim suit lines. I would love to be able to promote a healthy lifestyle, so anything regarding fitness and leisurewear is right up my alley.

How much time do you spend online?
I am constantly on Instagram and Twitter following my favorite influencers and fashion gurus. I am currently in the process of creating a theme on my Instagram. If it becomes a requested thing, I would love to start my own Youtube channel!

What part of this career interests you the most?
The part of this career that interests me the most is being able to connect with people who share the same interests as me.

What’s your personal motivation?
When I think about where I want to be in 10 years, I want to be able to provide for my family and live a healthy and fun-filled lifestyle. When I think about my future spouse and kids, that inspires me to be better every day.

Modeling experience?
I do not have any modeling experience, however I am a fun and fit person, and I live a very healthy lifestyle. Besides having a great body, and a great state of mind, I haven’t seen too many natural redhead influencers, and I think that is part of what makes me so unique. I have red hair and blue eyes, which is the rarest combination in the world. I am also able to tan, which is strange for a red head, but I embrace it happily!

Do you have existing partnerships with brands?
I do not have any existing partnerships with brands. I used to be a blogger for the online magazine Society19, but that ended a few months ago when I started my own blog.

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