Meet Delorian Burgess

Name: Delorian Burgess

Your Occupation:

What’s your story?
I have wanted to do modeling for years never pursued it

Why do you want to work as a model or brand ambassador?
Modeling is my passion

What are your other career goals and passion?
To be a famous public figure

Tell us about your lifestyle? How do you maintain your looks and physique?
I work out and eat healthy

What are your hobbies? What fills your days? What do you do for fun?
hobbies are hunting, bow fishing, traveling

What are your favorite brands? What brands do you want to work with? What kind of campaign do you want to be a part of?
I like Nike, Jordan, guidance, Louis viton, polo

How much time do you spend online?
8 + hours

What part of this career interests you the most?
Meeting new people

What’s your personal motivation?
my kids

Modeling experience?
No experience

Do you have existing partnerships with brands?
No experience

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