Meet Brittney Shumate

Brittney Shumate

What’s your story?
I am a 19 year old from Dunlap, Iowa who joined the Navy right out of high school.

Why do you want to work as a model or brand ambassador?

What are your other career goals and passion?
Makeup, Sports, I’m almost like a jack of all trades.

Tell us about your lifestyle? How do you maintain your looks and physique?
Lately my lifestyle is on a ship, moving a lot of things and working out

What are your hobbies? What fills your days? What do you do for fun?
I do makeup, and when I put together an outfit, I try to coordinate my makeup with the clothing. Otherwise I go on outings with my friends

What are your favorite brands? What brands do you want to work with? What kind of campaign do you want to be a part of?
I love Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and small brands like Teen Hearts, Rage On, etc. I hope to be apart of a makeup brand if that’s possible but all in all, this is a hobby and something I enjoy having fun with

How much time do you spend online?
Pretty much all day when I’m not working

What part of this career interests you the most?
The connections with all different people

What’s your personal motivation?
The Navy and all my family and friends

Modeling experience?
I have none, but I grew up being told my facial features would make me a great model

Do you have existing partnerships with brands?
Yes, I just got accepted to model for Teen Hearts!

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