Make your #TravelGoals Come True in these Instagram-Worthy Vacation Spots

You only have a handful of chances left before summer comes to an end, so make sure that you squeeze in an amazing vacation that will fill your feed with #travelgoals! Here are some destinations that you should consider if you want to experience an Instagram-worthy vacation. These places are so beautiful that you would be tempted to spend most of your time taking photos. Without a doubt, you would surely have a grand time as you explore these wonders and share your experiences with your followers.


Before the season of the sun ends, you need squeeze in as much beach time as you can and save up on sunny memories that will last you for the rest of the year. When it comes to spending time under the sun, and enjoying different activities on the shore and in the water, no other destination can top Hawaii. The area is known for having endless beaches and warm waters that you would surely love soaking in. It is also a very beautiful place that is filled with natural wonders in every turn, so your Instagram update will surely keep coming.



If you are a music fan, country music to be more specific, then you would surely enjoy a quick trip to Nashville, Tennessee. This is the birthplace of all things country and there is a big chance that you will run across your favorite country singers, too. In addition to its musical history, it is also known to be an amazing destination for those who want to enjoy a different food and shopping experience. Nightlife in Nashville is also one that you should not miss, because this place hosts amazing parties that you can document using non-stop IG stories.


Nature lovers should seriously consider crossing borders and going overseas, especially if you want to see and experience natural landscapes like nothing that you have ever seen! New Zealand is a treasure trove of beautiful landscapes that are made more interesting by mountains, waterfalls, forests, beaches, and lakes. As a matter of fact, those who have gone to visit the location often agree that it is an underrated vacation spot, considering how beautiful the place is. It is an explorer’s haven and you would surely love discovering its wonders, too.


There is only a handful of destinations that are more Instagram-worthy than Greece because this country holds the very beautiful and popular Santorini. The small blue and white buildings the overlook the waters is an Instagram favorite and your own photo will surely give your followers vacation envy. In addition to this favorite, you can also explore the other areas of the destination for a myriad of experiences. Food is a big factor in maximizing a Grecian vacation, and so is soaking up the locale’s culture.

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